“I’m Bringing Sunnah Back” – Halal Mix Tape LIVE at EZ 2008

Select portions of “Halal Mix Tape Vol. 1“, featured in Lota Pani Pictures’ “Gandaghee (Dirty)” 2004 DVD release.

Also features an EXCLUSIVE performance of “Sunnahback”, from the forthcoming “Halal Mix Tape Vol. 2” to be featured on the Fall 2008 DVD release of “Gandaghee 2: Return of the Lota”

Performed live at the 2008 MSA National East Zone USA Conference entertainment session on April 5th, 2008 in Newark, NJ.

62 Replies to ““I’m Bringing Sunnah Back” – Halal Mix Tape LIVE at EZ 2008”

  1. subhanallah its embarassing to see muslims performing such acts similar to the kuffars . Especially when the prophet(peace be upon him) said do not imitate the kuffar. How is singing and playing music bring backing the sunnah or uplifting it in anyway. People need to educate themselves. All of a sudden music becomes a sunnah whats next dating lol . Subhanallah if they claim that such vain entertainment is from the sunnah. Then they have deviated from the straight path.
    May Allah guide us all and bless the shabaab (youths). Ameen
    allahu maslih shabaabal muslimeen. Ameen


  2. everyone needs to calm down

    May 27th, 2008 at 8:08 am

    The sisters sound proper jahil with their screaming!

    ^^^^^this entertainment was for the sisters.. wat do u expect them to do? Sit down like little kids and listen?

    and having this entertainment and songs can help a muslim child to learn Islam…Thats the reason it is there for, not for imitating the kuffars

    ….you do know that in the Prophet Muhammad’s (S) time, the people were allowed to play a daff (small drum) that is considered a musical instrument.

  3. @whatsup29,

    You say the duff was considered a musical instrument at the time of the Prophet (SAW) – and you are using this to justify music are you?

    Was the duff the only instrument available at that time? No. All intruments were expressly forbidden – except the duff. And so that prohibition clearly applies today as well.

    May Allah make us understand. Ameen.

  4. Salaams,

    This is completely against the sunnah of rasool(saw). To follow the kafir in this manner is going against the rules of the shariah. Just makes me think “whos is our role model today??”
    This of mukar(evil) and as muslims we must regect this evil. Some one must give these brothers Halaqa; for them to realise what they are doing is haram.

    To imitate the kufar is forbidden. “Rasool(saw) said “dont take them (the kufar) as your example”.

    May Allah protect us all. Ameeen.

    Fear Allah(swt).

  5. “Bringing Sunnah Back” hmm lets see bringing back 50 cents old track that was real CREATIVE***** AND I WOULD REALLY HAVE LIKED TO GIVE YOU A POUND FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!. But let face it bro btsb not only is that a fanticized mockery but if you were to say that it some circles you’d be rockin a PHD halo. Sorry brother thats what it do, be cool. Salaamu Alaikum.

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