5 Replies to “US Soldiers Learning about Islam in Jersey City”

  1. As Muslims living in America and being against such an unjust war, these are some of the ways we can counteract the negative impacts of what’s going on between the Muslims and non-Muslims. Some of them probably won’t take away anything from this, but think of the few that might, won’t that be worth it? I think that whether we like it or not if we’re a Muslim (hijabi or non hijabi, practicing or non-practicing etc.) they’re gonna look at us as representatives of Islam. Period. We’re gonna be held accountable for how we lived in a non-Muslim society and what we did to uphold Islam and give good dawah, and this is such a positive act from the Muslims in NJ.

  2. It is said, that in Jennah the two brothers who will be closest to eachother is the Muslim that was killed a shaheed and the kafir that killed him, that later became a believer and accepted Islam.

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