Obama: 1,714 – Clinton: 1,589

That’s what I have to say about yesterday’s results.


6 Replies to “Obama: 1,714 – Clinton: 1,589”

  1. I dont get the US…

    So let me get this clear:

    Even if you win most states – you still have to pass these so called “SUPER DELEGATES” to be come pres?

    Bullshit, so America’s voice doesn’t really matter…

  2. actually it’s funny, a brother posted a video under the comments of my blog of basically a fox news reporter goes to one of Obama’s pastor’s friends and basically the guy completely shuts him down. If Obama’s views are onside with his pastors than he’s sympathetic to Palestinians.

    anyway it’s a good video. it’s under my Fox News uses NLP post.

    here’s my plug: http://www.egyptiangumbo.com

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