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Have you used StumbleUpon or heard of it?  I’ve been using for months now and it has greatly increased my traffic to my blog, alhamdulillah.  They also have many different categories and topics, one of them includes Islam.  This is a good opportunity to give a better picture of Islam to a younger audience worldwide that use StumbleUpon.  It is also a great dawah tool.  The only way it can work successful is if all Muslim Stumblers give a thumbs up for all the Muslim submitted content.  For example if you like any of my posts or any other Muslim content online, you should give it a thumbs up and submit it to StumbleUpon.   Egyptian Gumbo has written more about this.  I highly recommend you to read it here.

On my blog you can click the “Share This” button at the bottom of every post and it will allow you to submit it to many of the social networking and news websites.  StumbleUpon is one of them.

5 Replies to “StumbleUpon Islam”

  1. Jazak Allah khair! I went ahead and submitted thsi post to stumble upon under the “Islam” section and then I gave it a thumbs up. InshaAllah everyone else who reads this follows so we can definitely make this a success.

    wallahu alem.

  2. SU is so addicting I sit there for hours just clicking and reading and watching the most randomest stuff known to man kind.

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