Earth’s Last Uncontacted Tribe in South America

Earth\'s List Tribe in South America shooting at helicopter

Skin painted bright red, heads partially shaved, arrows drawn back in the longbows and aimed square at the aircraft buzzing overhead. The gesture is unmistakable: Stay Away.

Behind the two men stands another figure, possibly a woman, her stance also seemingly defiant. Her skin painted dark, nearly black.

The apparent aggression shown by these people is quite understandable. For they are members of one of Earth’s last uncontacted tribes, who live in the Envira region in the thick rainforest along the Brazilian-Peruvian frontier.

SubhanAllah! I never knew these type of people still existed today. With the invention of electricity, the radio, the TV, the Internet and satellites, you would think that the entire Earth was covered and everyone knew everyone.

I have to give a lot of respect to these people. For probably thousands of years they have successfully boycotted the entire modern world.

Only Allah knows what will happen to them or what happened to them. How can Islam reach them?

Dunkin’ Donuts Pulls Ad Because of a Keffiyah

Dunkin’ Donuts has submitted and bowed down to the right wing pro-Zionist Israeli lobbyists in pulling an ad featuring celebrity, Rachel Ray, wearing a scarf that resembles a Keffiyah which is worn by many Arabs and Muslims around the world.

So now that Keffiyah’s are in style, we should all wear them, especially when going to Dunkin’ Donuts. You can find nice colorful ones in the streets of Jersey City and Newark, NJ. You will find a lot of the traditional ones from Saudi, Yemen, Egypt and Palestine in Brooklyn.

Source: Boston Globe

To the Hacker called “Ghost61” from Turkey

I want to say thank you for not deleting anything from my sites. I really appreciate it. I also want to say I apologize if I have offended you that made you hack my sites. If I did, please contact me and let me know.

Turkey has a predominantly majority Muslim population, so there is a good chance that you may be a Muslim. If you are not, Muslim, then I invite you to listen to this lecture here and talk with some Muslims in your community wherever you live in Turkey. You don’t have to continue reading this post. Thank you and may God guide you!

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Israel is not a Democracy, but a Zionistocracy

Israel has denied entry for the Jewish American author Norman Finkelstein with no charges. He was put in prison and will be deported. Where is the Democracy in Israel that America claims it has? Norman Finkelstein is known as a harsh critic of the Israeli government and the Zionist terrorist organization. This is proof that if someone criticizes Israeli terrorists aka Zionists they will do anything to stop them.

Israel Arrests Outspoken Academic Norman Finkelstein

And the American academic Norman Finkelstein has been arrested and ordered deported from Israel. Finkelstein arrived in Tel Aviv earlier today on his way to the Occupied Territories. He was immediately detained and told he is banned from Israel for ten years. He’s expected to be deported tomorrow. Finkelstein is known one of the most prominent academic critics of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

Source: Democracy Now! (via DesertPeace)

ISNA EZ this weekend in Baltimore

InshaAllah I’ll be attending the ISNA Eastern Zonal Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s from May 24-26, 2008 and the theme is “Civic Responsibility and Our Faith” which is an appropriate topic since the elections are this year and this country is in dire need of help from Muslims and Islam. Speakers include Imam Zaid Shakir, Bro. Altaf Hussain, Shaykh Abdalla Idris Ali, Shaykh Ninowy and others.

I am really looking forward to this conference because many of the sessions have really interesting titles such as: “Building Entrepreneurial Spirit”, “Shaykh Google, A Reliable Source?”, “HALAL.COM”, and so much more. The Shaykh Google one and the Entreprenuer are at the same time, so I’m not sure how I can manage to go to both. Here is the program guide in pdf format.

Anyways, holla at me if your going! I know Umar Lee will be there inshaAllah.

The Elections has Cast a Shadow over Terrorism and Islam

The Elections, especially the Democratic primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has completely dominated the news. The earthquake in China and the Tsunami in Myanmar (Burma) has also been the headlines of the mainstream media.

I haven’t heard or read anything major regarding the unjust war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Islam haters are no focusing their attention on promoting John McCain (or Hillary Clinton) and trying to attack Barack Obama (and sometimes Clinton as well).

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Israeli Jews Burn Hundreds of Bibles

American Christians love Israel, but Israelis don’t love their holy book.

Or Yehuda Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon said missionaries recently entered a neighborhood in the predominantly religious town of 34,000 in central Israel, distributing hundreds of New Testaments and missionary material.

After receiving complaints, Aharon said, he got into a loudspeaker car last Thursday and drove through the neighborhood, urging people to turn over the material to Jewish religious students who went door to door to collect it.

The books were dumped into a pile and set afire in a lot near a synagogue, he said.

The Israeli Maariv daily reported Tuesday that hundreds of Jewish religious school students took part in the book-burning. But Aharon told The Associated Press that only a few students were present, and that he was not there when the books were torched. Not all of the New Testaments that were collected were burned, but hundreds were, he said.


Open Letter to all Islamic Lecture Providers

In the name of God

To Alhambra Productions, IlmQuest, MeccaCentric, SoundVision, Astrolabe, and any other Muslim media company that provides Islamic video lectures.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts and work in order to provide high quality lectures for the Muslim Ummah to benefit from. Before I begin discussing Islamic video lectures and the Muslim community, I’d like to spend some time discussing the broader scale of videos, movies, etc. and the common practice of downloading using BitTorrent or other file sharing protocols.

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