9 Replies to “Tomorrow Never Comes”

  1. Put a warning on this that it contains Music.

    It’s a change from Baba Ali’s fast-paced energy so it’s different. But it came out much better than the script. The acting was amateur but cinematography was reallly well developed. Masha Allah, start small–end up big, Insha Allah.

    I love how the Ummah Films shirts are used as subliminal advertising.

  2. It seems like it was intended to invoke some thought and reflection, but they literally spelled out the moral of the story … boring. Tomorrow never comes?… Isn’t that biting off the desi movie title “Kal Ho Na Ho”? lol… At least that movie actually made me cry. Who cares if that punk died, I wasn’t sad about it. Viewers have to relate to the main character, I can’t relate to that fool.

  3. I think deep down we all know we’ve been like that with someone, taken someone for granted or thought ourselves better.

    I love it, there’s so many subtleties in the film. To say tomorrow always come is such a bold statement and in the end he was proved flat out wrong. And it’s not like other short films I’ve seen where the person usually is in a coma and then comes back to life again and has an epiphany or something like, tomorrow never came for him, literally.

    The acting etc could have been better but for something that was unedited, it’s pretty good.

  4. if Hassan was a real person they did some serious backbiting.
    and why did omar distract him at the end….thats what killed him.

  5. The movie was pretty good. I though it shouldve been a little longer to get everyone to know Hassan a lil better and what kind of person he was.

    Lol major backbiting thatws what my sis said. I know i was like he shouldnt of talked to him made it look like he was tryin to kill him,jk.Hassan shoulve acted better though.

    Keep workin at it Ummahfilms…

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