Amazing Story of a Young Boy from Malawi, Africa

May God bless and guide William! This is his blog here. There is about 13 million people in Malawi, which is located in the Southern Eastern part of Africa. Eighty percent of the population is Christian while 13 percent is Muslim.

3 Replies to “Amazing Story of a Young Boy from Malawi, Africa”

  1. TabarakAllah, that is truly inspirational! SubhanAllah, we should look at this and reflect on what we are doing with our time, our resources and our youth.

  2. ine ndirupo waku malawi nda kondwera kwambiri ndi dinarikunena mwana wanga kuti anthu a malawi arindi clever .am very proud that you have achieved all this and hope you succeed with your dreams, keep it up may god bless you.!!!!!!!

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