Racism, Domestic Violence, Marriage and Islam

Warning: This short film contains scenes that have been dramatically exaggerated which may cause you to cry.
A Walk in the Park
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  1. Yeah, I remember seeing this film at the MSA WEST conference in San Jose. I think the film raises duly awareness of a couple of challenges that the Muslim community are experiencing. However, my concern is that this film really is ‘airing our dirty laundry’. I can only imagine what a Non-Muslim viewer might think after seeing this film- it perpetuates stereotypes that Muslims are abusive, backwards, ignorant, misogynist, racist and violent. Lastly, it would also be difficult for a someone not in the Muslim community to distinguish what behavior was ‘Islamic’ or what was cultural.

  2. You know Miraaj, how long are we supposed to worry about airing our dirty laundry?
    I used to have the same stance as you. But you know what? Better that we do it than they do it. And the non-muslims do air our laundry too. I know Islam is a religion where you’re supposed to conceal sins but that leaves me very conflicted. We live in an age whee the arts, movies and etc. serve as propaganda and raise awareness. Hopefully the non-Muslims will see that we are finally trying to solve our own problems.
    just my opinion, but i definitely hear your sentiments.

  3. They definately should have displayed ahadith and ayahs talking about the neccessity to protect, honor, and care for women. I agree with Miraaj, Non-Muslim viewers might not be able to identify between culture and religion.

    The prophet was the first man to explicitly say that there is no difference between a white and a black man except by piety and good action. This is extrememly progressive and astounding for that time period, considering that America had massive racism only 50 years ago.

    Also, the Prophet said, “The best among you is the one who acts best toward his wife”. wife”
    The Qur’an says, “Treat them [women] with honor.” 4:19

    Ibn ‘Abbas said, “I love to adorn myself for the woman just as I love that she adorn herself for me, since God said, “They [women] have [rights] similar to those over them, with honor.”

    It is related that that the wife of Mu’adh said, “Oh Messenger of God, what is the right of the wife over the husband?”
    He replied, “That he not hit her in the face and not abuse her, that he feeds her with what he eats, that he clothes her in what he wears, and that he not keep himself apart from her.”

    Alhamdulilah, hopefully now non-Muslim viewers wil see that Marwa’s husband was acting contrary to the values of the Quran and Sunnah (prophet practice)

    Also, Muslim men are also not supposed to use their wives for domestic service:

    The Prophet used to mend his own shoes, sew his own clothes and work in his own house just as one of you would work. He acted like a common man- he patched his own clothes, milked his own goats and engaged himself in routine work.
    -Hadith (written down description of sunnah) from Al-Tirmidhi

  4. salaam, just wanted to point out that many scholars do say its perfectly fine to look at other things like a person’s culture, background, status in society, etc besides the necessary qualities of deen and character. I remember this from Ilmfest and from many others.


  5. The video does raise awareness of the issue. To Nayyer, that is true but I believe that is only Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s opinion. He gave the same opinion at MSA East Zone. That opinion may be valid, however in this culture it isn’t really accepted.

  6. salaam,
    i thought the film did raise a gud issue that needs to be taken care of, however marriage is not always black and white as shown…as far as the west goes…the ahadith and the verse of the quran should have been related that was very important…salaam

  7. I need to get away from my husband. I have served him with divorce papers, understand my husband wants nothing to do with me. He was Muslim while he was incarcerated, I converted not for him, but from the information that he handed me. He told me I didn’t have to convert, but this was how he wanted for us to live our lives. I read the article, and knew that I was home. It was every thing that I believed in. Alhumduallah, I am very grateful to him for that. When i took my shaharra, I was asked if I was doing this for him, the answer was and stil is no. This was done for me, and my beliefs. Two days after his release from prison, on our 1st wedding aniversary he walked out on me. By Qur’an, I have gien him at the least 3 chances to be a husband towards me. He does not want me, I say that once again. He will not sign the divorce papers. I am scared, very scared at times. No, he has never laid his hands on me. But I do no what he did to his ex wife, and his ex girlfriend. And thats what bothers me. He knows to many people in the state where we live in. I am not trying to be an accident, or the murder that no one can solve. I want to surround my life with Muslims. I have been a converted Muslim, for the past three years. I still need guidence. I have done most of this on my own, and I do have alot to learn. I am not perfect, I fight hard to stay on my deen, because I am proud to be a Muslimah. I want to try missouri, but, I really want texas. And thats because they as ex convicts they know that Texas does not playaround with criminals. Missouri, because my step daughter is there and her family is willing to help me out. but if he wants to get to me he will be able to. I just want other options. Thankyou, khadizah

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