M.E.C.C.A. – Fundraiser 5/10!

Holding the rope of Allah
Sidi Khalil Moore
Imam Hamad Chebli

To purchase tickets in Advance, please call 212-354-4320 or register online

$30 Adults
$15 Students
$80 Families

Children under 12 Free

Babysitting will be available

One Reply to “M.E.C.C.A. – Fundraiser 5/10!”

  1. May Allah forgive brother Khalil Moore for what he did to Ibrahim… .Remember back in the 1990s when the three of them (Khailil, Ibrahim and Harun) did their lil promo video about coming to Islam?
    Khalil needs to spend more time with the scholars. may Allah forgive him and forgive me and guide him and guide me. and btw… You need to get back in touch with Ibrahim… for real.. .Yahya Rhodus is humble mash’Allah…. that’s why Sheikh Hamza is pushing him not Khaliil check it out… Ibrahim is coming back..peace out 99 names and 360 degrees Allah supreme mathematics!

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