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Dave Chappelle’s Block Party 2 in Dubai?

Dave Chappelle who is Muslim as you know (also his brother and most of his family is as well) had a block party in Brooklyn for free a while back. Now rumor has it he wants to do a second one in Dubai.

According to New York Magazine, ?uestlove (of The Roots) recently spoke with the comedian, who has maintained a low profile as of late. “He wants to redo ‘Block Party,'” said ?uestlove, referring to Chappelle’s 2005 documentary which chronicled the process of organizing and throwing the block party. “I saw Dave the night of Erykah [Badu]’s birthday party in Dallas.”

?uestlove elaborated, revealing Chappelle’s desired location for the project. “Over in Dubai,” he explained. “Except he wants to spice it up a bit and have us perform with a 60-piece orchestra. He’s just like, ‘Promise me you’re going to rhyme over ‘Star Wars,’ that’s all I want.’”

Dubai pays more than the U.S. nowadays. Although the rappers and singers at the Brooklyn Block Party weren’t the typical commerical (c)rappers and singers. Groups like The Roots and rappers like Talib Kweli were the main performers. There lyrics are much better that than of Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne (although he’s currently the killer MC in the game).


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