McCain’s Pastor Is Anti-American!

McCain’s pastor is Anti-American because he does not believe in freedom of religion. It is clear to as what he believes in.

McCain has not condemned his pastor’s words. Spread this to every American you know!

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  1. Someone should forward this to Barack Obama’s campaign manager. They keep bugging Barack about the stuff his priest says, what does McCain have to say about this???

  2. Mccain isnt your typical war hero… he cracked just a few days as a POW, and helped the north vietnamese by disclosing sensative and top secret information about U.S. military, just to save his own but. Never heard about this???

    “McCain had a unique POW experience. Initially, he was taken to the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison camp, where he was interrogated. By McCain’s own account, after three or four days he cracked. He promised his Vietnamese captors, “I’ll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital …

    “His Vietnamese captors soon realized their POW, John Sidney McCain III, came from a well-bred line in the American military elite. . .The Vietnamese realized, this poor stooge has propaganda value. The admiral’s boy was used to special treatment, and his captors knew that. They were working him.”

    “. . .two weeks into his stay at the Vietnamese hospital, the Hanoi press began quoting him. It was not ‘name rank and serial number, or kill me’. as specified by the military code of conduct. McCain divulged specific military information: he gave the name of the aircraft carrier on which he was based, the number of U.S. pilots that had been lost, the number of aircraft in his flight formation, as well as information about the location of rescue ships.”

    “…McCain was held for five and half years. The first two weeks’ behavior might have been pragmatism, but McCain soon became North Vietnam’s go-to collaborator…..McCain cooperated with the North Vietnamese for a period of three years. His situation isn’t as innocuous as that of the French barber who cuts the hair of the German occupier. McCain was repaying his captors for their kindness and mercy.

    “This is the lesson of McCain’s experience as a POW: a true politician, a hollow man, his only allegiance is to power. The Vietnamese, like McCain’s campaign contributors today, protected and promoted him, and, in return, he danced to their tune. . .”

  3. I don’t think we should judge McCain based on his confession. We don’t know what being tortured or being under the mercy of someone like that is like. However, we should judge him on the fact that he has not condemned his pastor’s words.

  4. I definitely agree. It makes you wonder why this wasn’t scrutinized by the press like Obama’s priests comments were.

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