Lil Wayne Praises Allah in “A Millie”



Lil Wayne says “and the almighty power of Allah” in the song “A Millie” featured on one of his songs from one of his mixtapes. It is also strange how the radio versions of the song replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”. The song was so popular that it was added to his new album coming out “C3” and guess what, the album version also replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”.

Most of you probably may not know, but Lil Wayne is probably the number 1 rapper in the Hip Hop world right now. Imagine the thousands of people who will hear “and the almighty power of Allah”. I’m sure you’ve seen people on the subway or buses rapping or singing along to the songs from their iPods. They may be unconsciously saying “and the almighty power of Allah”. Now most of you probably are like, so what? Who cares if some non-Muslim rapper mentions “Allah” in his rhyme. Well if you don’t care that’s fine, but I find this interesting how Islam appears in some form in the most unusual of places. You never know if one person might be like “Why is Lil Wayne saying ‘almighty power of Allah’ in his song?”. Then that person may do some research, find some Muslims and strike up a conversation on Allah. Only Allah knows what his plan was when he willed it for His name to be mentioned in such a song.

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  1. i’m pretty sure he says “Almighty Dollar” and there’s no mention of Allah wa ta’ala in that song at all

  2. to my Mistake I heard this Song May allah forgive me for Listening to such Filth..ameen anyway So if said Allah in a Song that just means he said Allah. To be Muslim is not by name Alone and Spitting it on the lastest track but actions my friend Actions. this song will not and did not Progate islam if anything it harms us. he doesn’t set a good example nor is the Song about anything so where is the benefit. We need to Wake up.Alla most ppl doing is help this man Pay his bills and Fill his Month with Gold , and new tattoo.

  3. you people are sick i’m from Netherland but what he just rapped in his song is not good because it’s a shame wayne rap about everything and he juse the name Allah
    Allah is great and powerfull and one day lil wayne is gonne feel that he never gonna juse the name Allah (soebhana oe ta3ala) again in his songs but i never hur that song Allah in his song
    i just hear that on youtube but lil wayne wake up you think you Tony Montana (The world is yours) that isn’t yours it’s Allah who got it in his hand so don’t juse the name Allah (soebhana oe ta3ala) again one day you will be dead and then you gonna stand against Allah
    Then the problems just begin
    Not only you put the people who listen you music to
    Money feels good i know you like it
    you don’t have to fight for money but the people when they listen to you music they feel something they feel like they life in africa they got nothing
    put them against you and you see they are nothing you got everything that you can wish
    they are hongery so they kill people for fun to get massarati

    Do something good with your money don’t buy a watch for $1.000.000 but do something in africa or south america i don’t know where you come from but just you money for people who needs it

  4. America is smart
    America know’s what they do…
    Lil wayne is just a man who take money to life good
    But he don’t know how many poeple he take with him in the HELL
    America is a cover name of Isreal
    They know how to play with the Islam
    but don’t worry teh moslims know’s what happend in the world
    but the people who doesn’t got a religion they life day by day
    that people that make Isreal powerfull
    you know why?
    Jews think they are the people of earth it’s treu was the people but they was a new religion Islam why did’nt you fallow the words of Allah (soebahan oe ta3ala)
    ask yaself don’t worry
    and lil wayne just wanne live good & for his familie
    but knows the things that he do they are come slowly to the Islam and know the Americaan got what he needs the live of Drugs, Alchol, Killing people, when people do that they don’t can think about the religion
    Hollywood is burning know.
    that is the will of ALLAH SOEBHANA OE TA3ALAAA

  5. lil wayne is one of the best rappers nd that he is muslim makes him even popular..well thats what i think..:)

  6. All I hear is a retarded sounding hermaphrodite talking gibberish. Lil’ Wayne is NOT, I repeat, NOT a representative of real Rap music. You don’t know what Rap is if you stereotype Rap by listening to trash like Wayne. Wayne is by no means a Muslim. Even if he called himself one, his lifestyle couldn’t be further from that of what a Muslims’ should be.

    You’re all probably 15 if you think Lil’ Wayne is good rapper. In fact, he isn’t even a rapper.

    Worst rapper of all time – Lil’ Wayne.

    Use your brains people.

  7. And take a listen to his song with Drake called “Man Of The Year”
    At the end he says alot of normal stuff he always say i.e Young Money, Weezy, but then he says “Why would i lie?” but it sounds if he he is saying “Allah”. Very strange. take a look. salaam,

  8. “and to the almighty power of Allah”


    dont post stuff without researching ur own religion!!

    most muslim people dont even no the basic

    One day me and my friend asked this one priest lady that was selling bibles in different languages out side of the mall if she had a bible in Arabic, she said that she would have to order it for us and it would take a long time to get here ( dont no why she didnt have it? even thought our community is like 40% Arabians) but we asked her how the word God was translated in arabic in the bible she said Allah!

    ( as u can see in most of lil waynes pic his wearing a Cross)

  10. I love black people too.
    He definitly did say “Allah” . A lot of rappers have familial or friendly relationships with Muslims from the neighborhoods they grew up in, so I’m not really surprised. Remember when Kanye West said “Allahuakbar” in one of his songs. It’s actually more common than you may think

  11. I love black people too.
    He definitly did say “Allah” . A lot of rappers have familial or friendly relationships with Muslims from the neighborhoods they grew up in, so I’m not really surprised. Remember when Kanye West said “Allahuakbar” in one of his songs. It’s actually more common than you may think.

    I have to disagree with the last two people who commented. Non Muslims don’t just commonly throw around the word “Allah”. Most Christians or Jews or whatever would feel very uncomfortable using the word “Allah” as a substitute for God when they really mean Jesus or Yahweh, Buddha, etc

  12. “you have to understand Allah knows all, and lil wayne could not mention His almighty name unless He allowed it. ”

    okay, lets never blame or punish anyone ever again loll





  15. Yes definately. Some people take every word literally. I agree Allah means God and the comparison to Kanye’s lyrics are wrong. Kanye has a different agenda and Lil Wayne was not part of it so i don’t understand how mentioning Kanye’s lyric with this topic is in any relation.

  16. Yes, but that is merely an opinion. Not everyone thinks of Allah as Islam’s God. In fact our God is the same as every other religion.

  17. Yes he did kinda praise Allah (swt) but in another song called cuddy buddy he says “i become her Allah” wich we all no in the deen you cannot place yourself as or partner yourself with Allah……All in All this kafir does not know what he is realling doing and saying in his music may Allah guide him though.

  18. Allah is not only a muslim term. By definition, Allah means “God Almighty” so it could be for any religion. But as for lil Wayne. He’s talking about the Christian God and that is a good thing

  19. he doesnt say allah.. ’cause my seconds, minutes, hours go to the all mighty dollar
    And the all mighty power of that ch, ch, ch, ch chopper
    jee jee.. what you put doesnt even flow.. 😀 btw he confesses i belive in God and his Son Jesus, do you?

  20. It probably lip service like what he got going on with his stepfather lol wtf!!
    Many better muslims to admire in life! Islam don’t need him he needs Islam.
    He probably a twisted 5 percenter

  21. Well on the music vid it said and the almighty power of that chit cha cha chopper did dey change it so peps wont noe?

  22. You know, this isn’t the first time Wayne has done this. In “Cuddy Buddy” he said “I become her Allah” which in that context offended me a little, but I love how he said it in “A Milli”! But for real we should let it go and be proud he isnt an Islamophobe! It aint that serious man!

  23. Guys please wake up and smell the coffee! Lil Wayne is NOT A MUSLIM. He’s a devil worshipper who works for the Illumanti. Can’t you see the signs in his videos? This goes for all the music industry namely Jayz, Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

  24. Astagfrigllah, Music is totally haram. It hardens the heart and takes you away from Allah. You may not realise the damage it is having on your heart. Quran and salah is the only cure to soften your heart.

  25. first off, waynee is muslim. wanted to get that off my chest. second off so what if he said all mighty power of allah. allah means god in arabic right? okay so basically hes saying all mighty power of god right. so hes saying he believes in god right. okay my point proven.

  26. ok, so if he is ‘muslim’, he’s muslim by ‘name’ and not by action. Islam, a way of life….terms and conditions do not apply.

  27. Roguetazz: how do you know that? and do you do everything the quran says? and what about the people who are ‘killing others in the name of god’ ? exactly. and if he’s not muslim he’s just praising god and saying god in another language, is that any harm?

  28. Urusa,

    No. 1
    listen to his lyrics
    Does it convey a message that Islam would approve of? Does it speak out against Islamic principles?

    No. 2
    Just look at the guy!! Its plain to see, does that image say “I am a Muslim”? or I am Gangstar!!

    No. 3
    In reference to this line
    “but I find this interesting how Islam appears in some form in the most unusual of places.”

    C’mon, Islam appears in the most unusual of places? but in a rap song by Lil Wayne? pfftt..please…you looking for Islam in all the wrong places or your seeing/hearing things.

    No. 4
    Yes, Allah is the arabic word for God. Just because he says Allah’s name in a song does not imply he’s muslim. He just says God in another language. Thing is, don’t go crazy just cause he mentions Allah’s name in a song, like OMG LIL WAYNE IS MUSLIM…OOHH AAHHH…..OMW LIKE THATS SO KEWL>>>> Bla Bla Bla….

    Urusa, what i do with my faith is between me and Allah, i do not have to answer to you, questioning me about whether i follow the Quran..please….

    As for people killing each-other in the name of GOD, well, that’s their sin to carry. Its plain and simply wrong. In an Ideal world, Humanity comes first, then religion. If it were vice versa, we would all be killing each other because of the “Twisting” of religion. I quote “and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other)” Surah al-Hujurat (49:13)

  29. okay so basically ur agreeing with me. what he does is between him and god nd if he follows the quran or not. okay nd so what if he looks like a gangster and not a muslim. i look like a girl that likes to chill and relax nd im muslim. that doesnt mean anything.

  30. i cant beleive he is a muslim is it true or false cause we now cannot trust the media if he is by heart then MASHALLAH

  31. he was takin the piss outta allah

    thats why he laughed. he is a chrisitan and mocking this violent religion

  32. i have to be the biggest lilwayne fan ever. so i know all his inspirations and stuff. when he said “Cause my seconds, minutes, hours go to the all mighty dollar,And the all mighty power of ALLAH. he wanted to ryme dalla and allah…. duh but dont be hatn i still like him and i hope he has the will powe to cut all this drugs and crap. may allah lead him the right way.

  33. Yall dumb as hell…hes said the all mighty dolla..yall dumb as fuck..
    look up the lyrics before saysomthen about about a rappers verse dumb shits..

  34. umm, you do know that Allah means God in Arabic, and Christians, Jews, and Islamis ALL worship the same God, whos name in Arabic is Allah.

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