Muslim Superdelegate – Awais Khaleel

University of Wisconsin-Madison student Awais Khaleel, 23, became the first superdelegate in the country to use the popular Web site to announce his endorsement of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Khaleel, a Wisconsin superdelegate, posted the video late Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning it had already been viewed more than 2,900 times.

Awais Khaleel, if you see this, please comment and tell us how more Muslims can become superdelegates like yourself.

Source via Adeel R.

5 Replies to “Muslim Superdelegate – Awais Khaleel”

  1. salaams,
    Don’t mean this in a snarky way, but I suspect that if you don’t know how to become a superdelegate, your chances are nonexistent. I assume that only seasoned party activists become SDs. Politics is all about doing and accumulating favors b working in the trenches in the local party machine.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum

    I met the brother at the 2008 MSA EZ Conference while chilling at the Project Downtown booth. Great guy, Masha’Allah, even though he foolishly tried to argue that Wisconsin (WISCONSIN!) was better than Canada. If I remember correctly, he told me he became a Superdelegate because he was/is the Vice President of the National College Democrats of America, something a quick Google search of his name seems to confirm.


  3. Is it a joke? How about not-voting instead? I think that would reduce the chance of more muslims being killed…

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