The Elections has Cast a Shadow over Terrorism and Islam

The Elections, especially the Democratic primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has completely dominated the news. The earthquake in China and the Tsunami in Myanmar (Burma) has also been the headlines of the mainstream media.

I haven’t heard or read anything major regarding the unjust war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Islam haters are no focusing their attention on promoting John McCain (or Hillary Clinton) and trying to attack Barack Obama (and sometimes Clinton as well).

I must say I’m kind of happy that the MSM is focusing their attention on the 2008 elections. Why? Well it gives the true mainstream majority Muslims a chance to focus on their communities before the MSM resumes its attacks and bias reports. Lebanon has recently taken advantage of this. Hezbollah and the Lebanese government has come to an agreement which has brought peace and stability in the region. The American government doesn’t like this, since it shows that “militants” and “extremists” can diplomatically bring about peace when working together instead of fighting.

This is why Barack Obama is the only candidate whom I’ll probably vote for in November. He is willing to meet the “enemies” of America to bring about peace instead of fighting.

Israel and the pro-Bush government won’t like this. Why? They’ll lose their businesses (of killing innocent people). They need war to fuel their incomes and military economies. If there is no war, then they won’t be making money. If Palestine is peaceful with Israel, then Israel won’t need the billions of American dollars for their military “defense” (against rocks and rockets from the 80s).  Imagine if there is peace in the Middle East?  Who will be the losers?  Who will be the winners?  The winners would be of course the innocent people who live in the war torn regions.  The losers would be the military contractors, the governments (Israel, America, Russia, China) who profit off of selling arms to various countries and groups.

Alhamdulillah a lot of Americans are reading more and are realizing that America and Israel need to divorce each other and just be acquaintances instead of a married couple. You can see it by looking at the popluar news items from Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. There are a lot of Anti-Zionist articles that are voted up by hundreds of non-Muslim Americans.  You can also see some MSM giants like MSNBC who have news anchors (Keith Olbermann) who are very critical when talking about the Israeli Lobby in DC.

What can the Muslim Americans do right?  Continue getting closer to Allah and working to improve your LOCAL communities.  Focus locally and once we all do that, we will naturally progress to regional improvements and eventually nationally.

May Allah (swt) guide us all and protect the innocent all around world.  May Allah (swt) do what is best for the oppressors and tyrant rulers of the world.  Ameen!