American Soldier, “This is the way we take out our aggression…” [by shooting the Masjid]

May God forgive them and guide them to the truth! May God bring justice to Iraq and throughout the world. May God protect the innocent. Ameen!

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24 Replies to “American Soldier, “This is the way we take out our aggression…” [by shooting the Masjid]”

  1. I couldn’t even go thourgh that whole video, wallahi it brought tears to my eyes.

    Ya Allah Please Guide Them to Peace

  2. inna lillahi wa inna illayhi rajioon. This made my stomach turn and my heart hurt.

    I really am speechless. May Allah aid the muslimeen against those who oppress them and give us justice in this world and the hereafter, ameen.. thumma ameen.

    Even the title of this post i thought this video would be about shooting at the masajid. but it’s even so much more than that. wallahul musta’an. this is truly depressing.

  3. Ya Allah! I’m speechless…………………………………………………………….May Allah guide us all! Everyone needs to see this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yallah Give victory to the mujahideen. Oh allah kill them as they have killed our brothers.

  5. ya Latif
    ya Raheem
    ya Kareem
    ya Allah

    ya Muntaqim
    ya Qahhar
    ya Qabidh
    ya Allah

    ya Hadi
    ya khayru makirin
    ya khayru rahimin
    ya khayru hafidhin
    ya dhu l-fadhl ‘adheem
    ya Allah

  6. to mbslrm

    the door of tawbah and islam is always open…right up until the angel of death meets you. wallahu a’lam their futures but the hadith of the one who is killed and the killer who becomes muslim is always a possiblity considering these individuals were man enough to bring this up and put their face on the line for it

    wallahu a’lamu wa hasbunahu ni’mal wakil

  7. ayte what about if i say…this is how i take out my aggression..(shoot the church)?
    wow…….astagfirulah destroying Allah’s house of worship

    I especially like the part…when we had reporters with us, we acted differently..w0w
    and all we see on TV is propaganda

  8. Oh Allah, remove the Wahn (hatred of death) from the hearts of the muslims and remove the love of this world from our hearts and then We know that we will trample over the corpse of the aggressors, We will surely take revenge from those who have harmed our brothers and sisters, by your leave, Oh Allah keep Us firm in this determination, ameen.

  9. Brave guy for saying this, it’s horrible the kind of people who are out there trying to hurt others, this includes all mankind.

    a.k. contradictory statement:

    remove the love of this world from our hearts.


    We will surely take revenge from those….

    Revenge comes from the love of this world. It’s a condition of the heart of someone who is sinful. And wishes to stay that way.
    Leave room for God’s wrath if you say you truly believe in him.

  10. May Allah Protect innocent people from the barbaric acts of invaders. May Allah give them Hidayath and turn the table on those who send them. May Allah give paradise to those who were inflicted by this torture.

  11. Send thes pictures to every one in the USA. We muslim know these things happen, but its our fault. It is our govermentsn and our people are to be blamed, for our own intrests we let this happen.
    May God give peace to us all

  12. May Allah punish those who commit open crimes and they think what they do is right.

    We pray for the safety of humanity.

    Our Leaders have thought us that our Religion and Our Holy Book is for Mankind to bring peace and quiteness.

  13. For 35 years Saddam Hussain was collecting all sophisticated weapons and made all iraqis suffer all these years and he could not stand for more than days. No one of his family or his followers even wonded in the battle. He and his sons escaped like rats and left all Iraqis for there fate in front of his fellow Americans. may allah take our right from him and his family

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