Dunkin’ Donuts Pulls Ad Because of a Keffiyah

Dunkin’ Donuts has submitted and bowed down to the right wing pro-Zionist Israeli lobbyists in pulling an ad featuring celebrity, Rachel Ray, wearing a scarf that resembles a Keffiyah which is worn by many Arabs and Muslims around the world.

So now that Keffiyah’s are in style, we should all wear them, especially when going to Dunkin’ Donuts. You can find nice colorful ones in the streets of Jersey City and Newark, NJ. You will find a lot of the traditional ones from Saudi, Yemen, Egypt and Palestine in Brooklyn.

Source: Boston Globe

19 Replies to “Dunkin’ Donuts Pulls Ad Because of a Keffiyah”

  1. This is a perfect illustration of how powerful the Israel lobby is. Its no wonder that organizations like CAIR have come under extreme attack by them – its because CAIR represents a counter-hegemonic challenge to their entrenched power.

  2. Anyway, how does that “resemble” a keffiyeh/gutra/smagh? How culturally illiterate does one have to be to make that mistake?

  3. You know what the smart thing to do now is for another donut/coffee shop like Tim Hortons or Coffee Time or Dairy Queen to use advertising that PURPOSEFULLY uses the Kaffiyah. That way, they would gain the Muslim market that is going to go away from Dunkin Donuts.

  4. Dawud – Brilliant Idea! They would also gain the market of digg.com or reddit.com and basically the majority of the population under the age of 35

  5. Can’t satisfy everyone. It would help somewhat if David Duke was in charge. There would be fair balance between Zionists and Muslims. He hates them both. lol

  6. Qustion: How do you know when the terrorists won?

    Answer: When they dictate what we wear and we listen.

    I think that by looking Chinese, Michelle Malkin symbolizes the inhuman Chinese government. Her face should be removed from television immediately! It offends me as a freedom loving American

  7. so people can have mixed feelings about homosexuality and that can be plastered on our televisions but put something on tv that resembles keyword: resembles a kefiyyah and people get all worked up…interesting

  8. if u think about this, the whole controversy only serves to make michelle malkin and her kind look even more ridiculous in the eyes of most than they already are. the counter movement and all the publicity it has garnered reminds me of when they changed the menu at the capitol from french fries to freedom fries. It just points out the immaturity and general stupidity of the crazy arguments these people make. i just feel bad for the desi uncle at the local dunkin store who has to deal with the angry keffiyeh wearing people at his store, lol.

  9. how retarded. everything that has to do with muslims seems so offensive or something. come on the scarf is a fashion trend. ever since 9/11 people have been paraniod. im sick and tired of all of this. thanks to damn osama bin laden muslims have to go through all this racial stuff. and i cant believe they are making such a big deal out of the scarf. i haven’t even had a chance to buy one and wear it. no one wears them any more

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