Earth’s Last Uncontacted Tribe in South America

Earth\'s List Tribe in South America shooting at helicopter

Skin painted bright red, heads partially shaved, arrows drawn back in the longbows and aimed square at the aircraft buzzing overhead. The gesture is unmistakable: Stay Away.

Behind the two men stands another figure, possibly a woman, her stance also seemingly defiant. Her skin painted dark, nearly black.

The apparent aggression shown by these people is quite understandable. For they are members of one of Earth’s last uncontacted tribes, who live in the Envira region in the thick rainforest along the Brazilian-Peruvian frontier.

SubhanAllah! I never knew these type of people still existed today. With the invention of electricity, the radio, the TV, the Internet and satellites, you would think that the entire Earth was covered and everyone knew everyone.

I have to give a lot of respect to these people. For probably thousands of years they have successfully boycotted the entire modern world.

Only Allah knows what will happen to them or what happened to them. How can Islam reach them?

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  1. I read this somewhere but they believe that there are more creatures out in madagascar that they have yet to discover!! i think the number was 80% of that island has not been discovered yet properly

  2. I don’t respect primitives. Let evolution do it’s work. If their very survival is threatened by logging and mere contact with outsiders, they are not robust enough to bother worrying about.

  3. bj and the bear, mabey you just dropped into this site to harass muslims or mabey u are a paid instigater, deffinitly your heart is similiar to a stone. and people like u are a test for the rest of us so al hamdullelah for being a means for us to practice patience, becuase if not i would like to tell u a few things and introduce you to my stick but your game is for you, and allah will reward you, and those people are probably better than you.

  4. how can Islam reach them? I took a class on Native Americans. I had also thought whether prophets were sent all these different tribes. Allahu Alem.

    Rafael, please tell us more about it.

  5. Few points:

    1. Our primary concern re. da’wah should be our locality / neighbourhood. I would be suprised if this is being fully addressed.
    2. They will die of simple illnesses to which they have no exposure / immunity if put in contact with outsiders.
    3. They are not accountable for that about which they know not.

  6. I’ve briefly lived with or visite several tribes in Central and South America, mostly in Ecuador or Panama. Many of them still keep to their own livestyles by choice, and sometimes do not speak Spanish. If you wanted to give them dawah you might want to start learning the basics of one of the larger indigenous languages in the region (Aymara, Quechua, Mapudugun).

  7. ya dave, speeking of ignorance look at yourself first, man the mujahadeen ryders doing good he has alot of haters coming around it seems. and dave who ever believes they have discovered the truth they want to share it with others out of love…thats why i respect all the people who knock on my door. they are trying to help me they think. so we have a real nice and long conversation, and usually they run away when i ask them to explain the dozens of contradictions in the bible that even the biblical scholars dont deny, thats why its the word of man they say, but explain this too me if your christian. which do you beleive? that god prayed to him self and commited suicide? or god was a helpless little baby, that a man like you or me killed with a stick? a stick? a stick?the cross is a large stick either way you look at it and a spear is made of a stick too. if your christian explain to me how to understand that, i was christian most of my life so im not ignorant of the bible or what they say, but how do u understand that, because i dont know what could be more arogant than that. islam is the message of jesus peace be upon him and all the prophets, if you dont know of the huge amount of miracles of the quran and its sublime perfection then now you do. and if you dont research it, its cause you dont want to know.find one mistake in the quran and prove me wrong.

  8. Muslims always bitch about Christian missionaries, but the mentality is the same as the one I’m seeing here. They seem to have done quite alright without Islam for quite some time now, why the arrogance? Do Muslims appreciate people with animistic and other primitive spiritual systems proselytizing to them? Oh, haha, silly me, people like that get killed in most Muslim countries.

  9. How am I being arrogant? And of course everybody thinks they’ve “found the truth”, and they’re always going out to make sure you think exactly like them instead of taking care of their own shit. In Arizona, where I live, there are still people alive who were taken from their families and sent to “Indian Schools” so they could be stripped of their culture and identity and “saved” by the Christian missionaries, because of the exact same sentiment MR is expressing. And there are many, many instances in Islamic history of people being converted via the sword, slavery, etc. I’m not a Christian, so I don’t even know why you’re bringing this up. As for the Qu’ran, it’s got good parts and bad parts. I don’t hate it, I even find some of it inspiring, but the whole “it’s a perfect infallible uncreated word of god” dogma is silly. Anyway, it doesn’t even matter. I’m not talking about theology, I’m talking about the bizarre need Christians and Muslims (and really, as far as I can tell, no other religions) have to convert everybody else. You didn’t even address a single point I raised, you just threw a bunch of scattershot Islamic talking points about Jesus, which means nothing to me since, as I stated, I’m not a Christian. If these people survived millennia without facing a city on the other side of the planet five times a day, or being taught that eating with their left hand was imitating the devil, I think they’re doing alright.

  10. dave; none of us believe we have to convert everybody. obviously, as believing muslims, part of that belief is that we do believe that the quran is the infallible word of god. thats what differentiates your point of view from mine. Theres no question that alot of muslims have a lot to work in their own lives, in their own communities, and in their own nations, and maybe that should be our primary focus, but that doesnt preclude any of us from having the desire to try and educate people about islam. Part of the faith is to invite others to it. After that, it is their own choice to believe whatever they choose. You may look at it as arrogance, but the sole purpose of exposing people to islam isnt only to convert them. there are alot of people who have little to no knowledge of what islam teaches and base their viewpoints on those ideas. Educating people leads to a more tolerant and knowledgeable society, regardless of its beliefs.

  11. Dave,
    I understand your sentiments: you’re essentially saying, “Live and let live.” And I agree with you, but to a certain extent. Tell me. If you saw a man about to kill a woman and you had the opportunity to maybe stop him, would you? Or would you still, “live and let live”? Or if you saw a man walking into a ditch that he was oblivious of, would you yell and tell him to watch out for the ditch…or would you “live and let live”? Before you roll your eyes at my analogy, let me explain this to you a little further.
    The Qur’an does not tell us to force anyone into converting to Islam. Really, it is not of benefit to US if they convert, but to themselves. Let me quote some verses (though, understand that it is translation, and that translation only scratches the surface of Divine Revelation):

    “Say, “O you who disbelieve!”
    I worship not that which you worship.
    Nor do you worship what I worship.
    And I shall not worship what you worship.
    Nor shall you worship what I worship.
    For you, your religion. and for me mine.” (Surah Kafirun)

    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” (Surah Baqara: 256)

    Dave, as someone above already pointed out, if you are SINCERE in believing that your religion is the truth, and that those who purposely disobey God will be punished, why would you not want to guide other people? Part of being a good human being and a good Muslim, is to desire for your brother what you desire for yourself. If you are a Muslim and know with all your heart that Islam is the truth, and those who worship false Gods will be punished–don’t you want to save them from that? Or at least TRY to? MR didn’t say “How can we shove Islam down their throats?” He basically said, How can we give them the message? It is up to them whether or not they wish to accept it and follow it, and it is only of benefit to THEM if they do.

    If a building was on fire, and people were unaware and walking into it, would you not run upto them and atleast try and give them the MESSAGE that the building was on fire, and to save themselves from it? Wouldn’t you be blameworthy if you knew and DIDN’T give them the message?? Similarly, it only our duty to relay the message and at least TRY and save people from the Fire of the Hereafter. The rest, is between them and God.

    May God guide us all and forgive us.

  12. dave please bring one example of islam ever being forced on any people by the sword, that is hearsay and not the truth. let us examine history in the light of modern tecnology in a way that no people has ever imagined to do? let us examine this history in a light that has never been shed in past generations, let us find one example of this myth.
    and your other points are very good, and i would agree with you in the context of half of our declartion of faith. la ellaha…….ill allah. not that you said that exactly but coming from were you are it makes sense what you think, you just dont have all the pieces of the puzzle, mabey you do but your not ready to have your heart open completly and thats fine. we believe allah has sent prophets and messengers to all people in all tounges, and that prophet muhammad was sent to all of humanity from then till the last day. so we belive that he was sent to them, doesnt mean they have to be musim or that the message has to reach them, common sense says that contless people have lived and died in the last few hundred years that never heard the message, how could that be held against them.
    all messengers had miracles and the quran is no doubt a miracle. how could any being other than god create it?its not possibe. check if examined thoroughly, in a literary sence, mathmatically, historically, predictions, science, ect…and the parts that you dont like, could be that you dont have the proper context, you need to read a book of biography of the prophet muhammad may allah shower him in peace and blessings, if you do you will understand the book many times more clearly. not to mention that he is unarguabley the most famous,beloved and sucsessfull person in human history. martin lings has a good book, tariq ramadon has a good book, there are many, and what translation of quran do you have? because they vary in quality big time, yusuf ali is great with the footnotes and thomas cleary is good in my opinions,
    i have been harsh earlier and i appologize, you deserve alot of credit becasue you have gone and read quran, so my hat goes off to you for that. im just curious wich translation, and let us discuss history of your claim. thanks

  13. assalam ‘ala man ittiba al huda,

    I rarely read the entire string of comments in depth after theyre more like 5 cause it becomes tiring and so if I repeat something or miss something I apologize. But what I was going to say was already aptly said by sr. doa but wanted to quickly point out something by samieh tha we should be well aware of history before we assume too many things. I am not blaming her or anything, but our belief in Islam isn’t contingent upon what Muslims do or don’t do throughout history – they’re human and we’re human. As such, one cannot deny that mistakes have been made – the Armenian Disaster and some others – but even with those few mistakes the vast majority and the default of islamic hisotry is one of tolerance and live and let live rather than the crusading, destructive, white man’s burden mentality of our brethren. Wallahu a’lam. hasbunallahu wa ni’mal wakeel

  14. Oh, and I hope that wasn’t to be taken as an attack sr. samieh or anything of that sort. Her comment just triggered a few circuits that led to that comment. Just for food for thought. Wallahu a’lam

  15. salam wa laykum, point well taken sidi yaser. and agree with you on those historical facts, i was refrering to conversion, there is no compulsion in religion. no wether lands were fought over is another story, but as far as i know, people were never givin the choice of shahadah or the sword. another words yes islamic government was forced by the sword, but never the religon on individuals. so egypt and lebanon are prime examples with still huge chrisian populations that were never givin the sword, how about the jews still living in yemen. so i think it is just a misunderstanding. ps, i am a he not she, but no way for you to know with out me saying. jazakallah khair

  16. woah dave my dear dave…damnnn i cant realy pik up from ur side…but i can agree..everyone thinks their religion is the right one….islam in its form has many things for humans to contemplate on…
    i mean look christianity has 1 god divided into seriosly if god is so great and this powerful thing then y would it need to be split into three things…god is great as one…
    …and as a muslim, the quran and sunnah are standards set for if ur saying that it has good and bad parts..and that it isnt perfect thing on earth.then something is up….
    ..try making a chapter equal to that of the quran, you cant..thats y its called perfect…may allah help us all ameen

  17. woops sorry – i actually started with sidi – then im like way what if that is like a sumayyah (in farsi its actually pronounced much like samiyea) so my mistake. khayr in shaa` Allah

  18. voice of reason….i think you have voices of reasons in your head
    well coming from you that must be you trying to complement? lets look at history.
    -primative?poorly informed and warlike? hmm well your people used to take showers once or twice a year. you still dont clean yourself fully after you releive yourself. try some water afterword. while our women were teachers yours were being debated over if they were devils or not. your people sent a childs crusade, and killed more people than the world today can imagine the british empire enslaved and raped the world.and then the private for profit bank of england enslaved the english………. and you think god is suicidal, or your predicesors the romans killed god with a stick…….so mabey you aught to thank the muslims for civilizing you all these years.and for your couches,beds,surgical tools, hospitols, schools, algebra, and hundreds and hundreds more things u enjoy everyday that you would have never thought of. besides stuff to enslave people and kill them.

  19. Samieh, I understand you’re trying to argue with idiots. But your logic leaves much to be desired. Based on VORs comment you have somehow inferred that he or she is a. white and b. christian. How can you do that with a 1 sentence comment? REally, all it does is make you look just as stupid and defensive as VOR. You did the same thing with Dave. You inferred that he is Christian just because of 1 comment and were so busy attacking his perceived religion you responded to absolutely none of his points (which were completely valid btw). If you actually briefly peruse his blog for not even 30 seconds it’s fairly obvious that he recently left Islam. I think some lessons on how to properly argue/debate your point are in much need order

    “mabey you aught to thank the muslims for civilizing you all these years.”

    LOL, it always amuses me how followers of various religions always sound exactly the same. The christians used to think they were civilizing the world. Its obvious that muslims feel the same. And really muslim and christian arguments and tactics to make people convert are one and the same. They just have a few different words thrown in here and there

  20. lets look at history.

    Isn’t that just the problem ?, none of us are responsible for history, some terrible things happened historically none of which any of us are responsible for. The here and now is whats important

    you still dont clean yourself fully after you releive yourself. try some water afterword.

    🙂 … are you kidding ?, how do you know, have you been following me to the loo ?….. I think it fair to say most westeners *do* actually understand you wash your hands after visiting the smallest room in the house.

    while our women were teachers yours were being debated over if they were devils or not.</i?

    History history history. Remind me, what religion is that the *today*

    1) Makes woman hide themselves behind a Burka to avoid tempting their men
    2) Genitally mutilates woman unfortunate emough to live under its influence
    3) Kills woman who have been brutally raped

    british empire enslaved and raped the world.and then the private for profit bank of england

    I think the British middle class are far too hard on themselves when talking about the British empire, at the time the British saw it as their duty to go to these far flung places with a genuine (if misguided) sense of making things better for the inhabitants.

    If you go to many of the ex-colonies there are still many many positive hang overs from the ex-empire days, rail / postal networks, democracy, law and order etc etc.

    enslaved the english

    Huh ?

    ………. and you think god is suicidal,

    Big difference between sacrific and suicide. You think God messenger would violently kill those who disagreed with him. Don’t even get me started on the ‘prophet’ fantisising about pre-pubesant girls.

    besides stuff to enslave people and kill them.

    Is that aimed at you or me ?


  21. samieh don’t pay attention to VOR.

    VOR – please share this blog with your family and friends. Send them all to comment and entertain me while I’m at work.

    Thank you!

  22. samieh don’t pay attention to VOR.

    Yes Samieh me old mate, don’t listen to nasty old me, open your mind too much and your brain might fall out 🙂

    VOR – please share this blog with your family and friends. Send them all to comment and entertain me while I’m at work.

    🙂 Only too pleased to brighten your day

    Thank you!

    No – thank *you* have a nice rest of your day

  23. VOR, Iets have an “open minded” discussion. Although I really don’t agree with most of Samieh’s approach or arguments, your’s might be just as flawed. First your claim that history isn’t important strikes me as a cop out. History is vitally important in understanding the here and now because historical events dictate future events. Just as 9/11 has enormously impacted American foreign policy and will do so for years to come, so have the events of the past had enormous impact on every society all across the world.

    Second, although the entire point is slightly retarded, I think Samieh was talking about washing the umm nether regions with water after going to the bathroom, not washing your hands.

    The Burka: the essence of the hijab is modesty, and modestly applies to both men and women. The fact that women have alot more to be modest of leads to their having to cover more.

    FGM: If you actually do a little research on FGM, one you will see that amongst the societies that practice it, many are actually non-muslim which leads us to believe that it is an ethnic practice rather than a religious one, which is reinforced by Islamic religious scholars condemning the practice as completely unfounded in Islam. Additionally, it is the women in the society that push their daughter to have the procedure rather than the men because they believe it is aesthetically unpleasing, heres the link:

    Now, when looking at honor killings, its pretty much the same as the case with FGM. Does it happen in Muslim lands? Yes. Does it happen in non-Muslim lands? Yes. Is it wrong in any case? YES. And the vast vast vast majority of muslims agree with that.

    Finally, the point that I wanted to bring up the most was this one. Where you get that the British, or any other colonial power went about colonizing nations all over the world for the good of those people is beyond me, but thats an extremely skewed view of that history thing you thought so unimportant earlier. Colonies were money making machines for the British Empire, and they were abused and looted for all that they could before the end of Colonialism. The excuse of making life better for the natives of the colonies was an easy excuse to take over and exploit the people and lands of these nations. The positive externalities that you bring up like railways/postal networks could have just as easily been introduced to the nations without taking them over and milking them for all their worth. And where in gods name do you think that the British Empire went about promoting democracy in its colonies? Ever wonder how all these Arab kings got their thrones? How about the dictators that ruled Africa for decades? They were all put in place by the British to assert some facet of control over the colonies even as they left and the people of those nations were much much the worse off for it.

    I look forward to you open minded response.

  24. First your claim that history isn’t important strikes me as a cop out.

    I think there is a big difference between 911 and things that happened 100s of years ago, I think we’d all agree that the crusades were a bad bad thing, but as *no one* in this conversation either perpetrated nor suffered under them its irrelevant.

    I have heard many Muslims go on about the crusades; to me it just seems like an opportunity to feed their victim hood

    Second, although the entire point is slightly retarded, I think Samieh was talking about washing the umm nether regions with water after going to the bathroom, not washing your hands.

    Ahh, thanks for ‘clearing that up’, can see what he means now, and can kind of see his point 🙂

    The Burka: the essence of the hijab is modesty, and modestly applies to both men and women. The fact that women have alot more to be modest of leads to their having to cover more

    To most western eyes its looks like a thing of oppresion and is a barrier to integrating into society. In western culture covering ones face is a very threatening thing to do, modesty is a good thing, but it has limits, and is only valid if the woman chooses to be modest rather than if forced to.

    I the UK there was a big case where a muslim woman tried to sue a school for stopping her wearing a full veil. The fact that she did not where a veil to the interview was one point. Being interviewed later (with a veil on), her eyes, the only part of her you could see, were possibly the most heavily made up eyes I have ever seen ….. quite amusing, but a different point

    I genuinely believe the motivation for most of the people who went out to colonise other countries was a honest, if in retrospect misguided, belief that they had a God given duty to go out and help the people of those countries.

    Its easy in retrospect to look at what happened harshly, but I honest suspect that the majority of people living in the ex-colonies were better off under British rule.

    If you look at most African countries, their governments are a joke, corrupt to the core.

    but thats an extremely skewed view of that history thing you thought so unimportant earlier.

    I was simply replying to a point made, it is not important, just its easy to jump on the popularly accepted view without thinking it through.

    Colonies were money making machines for the British Empire,

    I’d agree, the government saw a money making opportunity and took it, but I think its simplistic to simply say it was all bad, many many people gave up very comfortable lives here because they genuinely wanted to help, not simply for profit

    The positive externalities that you bring up like railways/postal networks could have just as easily been introduced to the nations without taking them over and milking them for all their worth.

    Ahh you accept there were positives ?….. it was not a simple one way street

    And where in gods name do you think that the British Empire went about promoting democracy in its colonies?

    You look at the parliamentary and legal systems of those countries, ring any bells ?.

    Ever wonder how all these Arab kings got their thrones? How about the dictators that ruled Africa for decades?

    Off course, in retrospect, by modern standard mistakes were made, but to paint the British Empire as simple money making exercise for the British at the expense of the colonies is simplistic and wrong in my view. I suspect most people in Zimbabwe would be much better off under British rule for example.

    Don’t even get me started on America 🙂 ……. our most way ward ex-colony 🙂

    I look forward to you open minded response.

    Oooh good Line 🙂


  25. Thanks for replying with logical points. Still I completely disagree with some of those arguments. Although I def do agree that the crusades are used my Muslims as a scapegoat kind of event, theyre magnitude and effect on Western-Islamic relations has been very important. To understand this effect that theyve had is to understand the history of European and Christian views of the Islamic world, and that is relevant. As much as you may think these ancient ideals play no role in current European society, you’re wrong. Many Eur. nations aren’t outwardly religious, but the culture of Christianity is embedded in these societies and it shows to Muslims and others who live there. If you don’t believe 9/11 applies, we could look at the Holocaust. Despite the fact that there are very very few remaining survivors of the holocaust, how much does it dictate the thought process and actions of Jewish people in general and the state of Israel? Events of history don’t die away that quickly. And rightly so.

    We could go on for days about British imperialism, so I’ll just agree to disagree with you on that. But I will say that what I meant by positive externalities was that the certain positive aspects of imperialism and its aftereffects could have been greatly enhanced if done in a manner excluding the taking over and looting part. Additionally, the breaking up of the colonies into nations with simmering ethnic and cultural tensions (ie Iraq) has been a huge problem in governmental efficacy in these countries.

    Finally, with the burka, youre absolutely right, it shouldnt be forced upon any of the women. But I’d encourage you to look beyond the western view of it and take note that many many women do it for themselves and see it as liberating from the eyes and pressures of the objectification of women in society. Just because western feminists choose to view freedom as being able to show their bodies to whomever they please doesn’t make it a universal or even correct way of looking at it. Different people have different value systems, and diversity including burkas, is an extension of that.

  26. thankyou for those who explained the details of what i said. and to set the record straight, i really didnt use proper wording, although i used ”you” in my discourse i was refer to english, western, european society. and anon is right there is no point in arguing, my reaction was from the statement that refered to islam as primitave, poorly poorly informed and warlike. and that would indicate that muslims or nearly 1/4 of the world is primitave poorly informed and warlike, so i was pointing out the irony. wich in that context couldnt be more logical . but then again its not to them becasue they have eyes but cannot see and ears and cannot hear. might as well be talking to a wall. and yes i was a bit reactionary and am using poor grammar at best.
    and history is proving my acusations completly

    so i dont know the belief or religon of the other people who commented by i know that people that use the word ”chap” come from a society that is christian, and either belives that god commitied suicide or that he was killed with a stick….its not an insult or ment to be, thats what most of them belive, i know i used to be christian, i am arab/european . i have family thats christian and muslim, i was raised christian and was guided to islam alhamdullelah. so i know what they belive, and mabey they use different words and some dont believe in trinity, but the majority do. and if god is a trinity then jesus is god ….son or not…..they cant expain it because it doesnt make sense……and if anyone is insulted then they should use there god given intelligence and look into there heart……if bluntly stating there creed is an insult then there is a problem here. and its the belief not me merely pointing the belief of a society that accepts that. the same society that acusses muslims of such horriable things historically….not saying muslims are perfect especially today with those who do bad in the name of islam,,,,,but islam is pristinly perfect. and who ever doesnt like islam to bad for them because they will have to find a planet where there is not god, and good luck
    its funny how pointing out history is an insult
    people need to wake up and read
    not that i am an authority
    but we live in a society thats the most ignorant of societies to walk the earth so far, in relation to info available and whats the common knowledge.

  27. Yeah use of the word “Chap” gave me away a bit 🙂

    ….not saying muslims are perfect especially today with those who do bad in the name of islam,,,,,but islam is pristinly perfect. and who ever doesnt like islam to bad for them because they will have to find a planet where there is not god, and good luck

    There is a fundamental flaw in your logic, assuming that if there is a God he must be your (Muslim) version of God.

    And Samieh either you were not a Christian, misunderstand the Christian message or don’t understand the word “suicide”, its not an arguement I have ever seen put forward by anyone else.

    I kind if wonder if there is any point disucssing religion with other people of faith, whenever my door gets knocked by someone flogging what they believe in I always chat with them, but it never gets anywhere.

    We all claim to seek and have found the truth. If you or I debate our beliefs with someone, even if they could absolutly run you into the ground and “disprove” what you believe would that change what you beleive ?

    Honest answer ?, no, because you’d simply think they were a better or more articulate debater, not that their belief system (or lack of it) was correct.

    Take Care


  28. “There is a fundamental flaw in your logic, assuming that if there is a God he must be your (Muslim) version of God.”

    why do you have to assume. everything that exists is a proof of god. mabey it doesnt make sense to you. but it makes sense to me.

    i beleive that there are truths to every religon. but i have found that islam is the only religon that aknowledges this, and has the complete truth. doesnt mean i have a monopoly on the truth. my understanding is not infallable and i do not claim to be. only god can judge in the end and he can do what he wants. i just think that its importaint to compare all the religions with the same ruler. predjudice = prejudging. when i want to learn more about a religon i go to the web true and research. but i also go to people who belive in that belief and examine their opinon.

    the question is are we sincere with our own souls even. are we really after the truth, another words hypothetically. if i felt that your view was proven to be true would my ego and desires stop me from admitting that and take that opinon? and vice versa…….forget what muslims and my self claim. forget what you have been told and read for a min. and ask yourself. if you came to the conclusion that god existed and he was one in his attributes and essence(neither male nor female) , also that saiyed muhammad (peace be upon him) was a prophet from god. would to admit that? i am saying if? hypothetically , i know you dont belive that to be reality. but if you found that it was true would your ego stop you? or would you become muslim?

  29. and i disagree with the end of your last statement. although you have a point in that some are better than others in debate.

    i think we are givent the abilty to determine truth from falshood if we are sincere. and that if we are looking for the truth sincerly then you can be a phd debator but if you theology is flawed then it will be obvious. also if your debating skills are poor but your saying the truth it shows because the truth stands out from falsehood when preconseption and predjudice is left out.

    and i like chating with people at the door, and everyone that brings the bible ends up running away, even though we have a nice conversation.
    end the end i point out one or two or three of the dozens of bible errors. they have never heard of these before and think i am mistaken. so we open the bible and they agree that it doesnt make sense and clearly is an error. i ask how we are to understand this? if there is a mistake or dozens then that means it has been altered. god doesnt make mistakes, he is not the author of confusion. we usually dont make past that. they turn around and run away never to come back?
    there is no debate. find one mistake in the quran and bring your evidence. yes there are things that to us who are not scholars can be misunderstood. and then we ask for clarification and what the opinons are. then scrutinise them carfully and make our judgment. now that is a fair challenge. bring one error, anything. one mistake and you prove all muslims wrong and debunk islam.

  30. “There were various sects such as the Nestorians, Monophysites and others in the vicinity of Arabia who had confusing beliefs about God, Jesus and Mary but none of them represented the Trinity as consisting of these three. You can see why Muslims think our beliefs are based on the Egyptian Father-Mother-Son family of Osiris, Isis and Horus. What is most probable is that Muhammad was totally unaware of the actual Triune God of the Christian faith and simplistically confused it with pagan beliefs in a Father-Mother-Son triad. If God was indeed the author of the Qur’an it is hard to see how he could make such a mistake and not even remotely represent the Christian doctrine, held to by all the major Christian churches of the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox traditions, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in one eternal Supreme Being.”

  31. the trinity is mentioned in the quran. and it was not a part of chritian doctrine until the council of naciea. you probably will disagree but thats what i think is historically factual. but what is your answer to what i stated above. if god was one in his essence and atributes. and the prophet muhammad( may peace and blessings be upon him ) was a messenger from god sent to all humanity . would you follow him?

  32. I have no clue man. I don’t follow any religion actually. I just thought I’d do a search on google. I am aware of the major differences between religions and I think it’s clear enough that they all have one eternal supreme being. All I hear about is all the different interpretation of the major religions’ holy books. The Bible and Quran too.. sunni, shi’ite , etc. Some even interpret stuff in an effort to prove it wrong.

  33. Salam everybody

    I didn’t have time to read through all the comments so i don’t know if this is mentioned or not.
    I will write it with capitol letters. Here goes:


    Thats what my dad told me. And i have heard that the Aboriginals faith was somewhat the same as the Muslims faith and had the same concept about one god and stuff. It is your environment and parents who makes you a Christian, Jew or whatever. So thats kinda the explanation or solution i think
    Here are some links to explain better:

  34. those people are not the yajuj majooj, its clear now that the allied european nations are since the hadith says they will wage war against God(Secularism) and have unparralelled military power
    Meaning we are in the end times now— you should google Imam Soheib Imran he has many books and evidence for this

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