11 Replies to “If I Were A Terrorist…”

  1. “I hope no one actually does do this.”

    I’m assuming that was a sarcastic comment, hehe.

    Because we should know this is already happening by the very people who run this country. This video was simple yet tells us so much. Thanks for posting.

  2. Go to http://www.aqidah12.wordpress.com and write thousands of comments.

    Jazakallahu Khayra.

    Redwan, you post that on just about every Deenport linked blog I’ve seen. It’s basically comment spam. Think about other ways to drive traffic to your redundant and questionable fiqh blog.

  3. “I hope no one actually does do this.”

    umm, more like this:

    “I hope no one actually does this.”

    and, like Anonymous said, this is an implicit finger at the American government…so it isn’t a matter of if they do it, it’s that they are already doing it…

  4. Hey MR, didn’t know where else to post this, here’s some funny stuff north of the border


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