U.S. Soldiers Throw Grenade at a Flock of Sheep in Iraq

May Allah (swt) protect the innocent people and animals from these barbarians. Ameen!

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  1. If you get your hind kicked by ‘insurgents’ take up the next best strategic move, that’s killing innocent sheep. Collateral damage redefined!

    With an army like that, the US of A sure as hell has no chance of winning this or any war.

  2. its sad to see sheep being killed. but i understand the frustration of those who did it.

    good people can do bad things if they are thrown into a bad situation. this hardly makes them barbarians, but just humans.

    look up the “Stanford Prison Experiment”

  3. I would like to comment on this…

    There is all this sorrow for the dead sheep what about the family that lost their livelihood. How is that father going to provide for his family. What that soldier did is the equivalent of burning someone’s factory or shop. Imagine that shop had no insurance. How is that family going to recoup the earning ability they lost.

  4. If these mainstream media outlets showed the reality of what was going on, I’m sure the American public opinion would push to stop this illegal and unpopular war.

    However, actions like on this video will now sway the US public opinion. Unfortunatley, It will be apathetic as it is now because the mainstream media does not show the full story and reality of what is going on there. I am pretty sure worse acts have been committed on Iraqi civilians. Some of these are available for view on outlets ike youtube or liveleak, but there are others not even known and may never be.

    If they know that they are in a bad situation then they should defect. (military personnel with a conscious have and knew deep inside that what they are doing is wrong) – Leaving makes them human, so I disagree – they are barbarians. Same goes for Blackwater.

  5. Yes, good people can do bad things when placed in a position where life and liberty are at peril. Keep in mind that the anger of the western world is born from the intolerance and murderous activity of certain Muslim people.

    I doubt, very much, that God approves of killiing innocent people just because they are different. There is no honor in murdering people or labeling them infidels to suit your opinion.

    To those of you who share the jihadist view, we consider you infidels and unclean. As well as murderers and psychos.

    Human beings are deceiving themselves when they purport to know what God is or wants. God never spoke a word to anyone. God gave us free will and the capability to understand what it feels like to love and hate. God wants us to decide for ourselves which is good or bad.

    Love is good. Hate is bad. Let’s all get on the same page.

  6. Saad S, whlie I agree that some on our side (Blackwater) have acted barbarically you must understand that it takes two to dance. Your side has acted in a barbaric fashion, too. Did you think that we would tolerate terrorism indefinitely? Did you think that we would tolerate the barbaric act of murder forever?

    Do you see that there are two sides to this story? We need to find common ground. That common ground must be based on reason and intellect. It should not be based upon religion. When will zealots accept that people are free to believe what they will. You have no right to push your beliefs on others. When did God appoint you boss? Uh, that’s right… never did and never will. You did not create this universe. God did. Leave judgement to God. You have no authority to judge. I imagine God will judge those who judge harshly.

  7. I am sorry about the sheep. They represent food for people in need.

    But, take a moment to consider that the sheep could have been laden with explosives. Terrorists have strapped explosives to ignorant young men and women, and recently retarded people. Why not sheep?

    Honestly, the hatred you have for different people is clouding your judgement. Or is logic not taught in your religious studies? Think for yourselves. Learn to extrapolate a problem.

  8. Terrorists are cowards by their very nature. They tie people up then cut off their heads. That kind of warfare does not take bravery. I guess you do this becasue when you meet us like honorable men on the field of battle you die like dogs. The USA wont give up. You either become civilized or die. Your choice. We will beat you. No question about it.

    Bring it!

  9. My point was to the barbaric acts of the US soldiers clearly seen here in the v-log *and* and also not seen here.

    First, if your so civil then put your name on the post. It’s more like excuse than reason.

    Secondly, these are my thoughts on the topic. I know for a fact that the majority of the US and the world is against the war. Don’t try it to play it off like you speak for the US. Speak for yourself.

    My viewpoint was for the innocent people in Iraq that are being maimed & murdered daily without any provocation to the US in any way shape or form. Do you know that over a million children starved to death before the Iraq War because of US Sanctions?

    I thought this was clear, but apparently not everyone is in the loop. Let me fill you in – The anger of the muslim world is born from the illegal occupation, the foreign policy towards them, and countless killing of their innocent by the West for DECADES. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with “oh we hate them because of their freedoms”. This has been sentiment by some politicans & TV hosts even in US – those that get it anyway or want to. It’s pretty simple – stay the FUCK out of other peoples countries. It’s not that they hate you – its just they dont want you there. If that is a problem than your welcome to kill yourself.
    Did you think that Muslim countries would tolerate the barbaric acts of murder forever? Do you think Muslim countries should tolerate US terrorism indefinitely?

    Your defintion of a “terrorist” is “someone who chops off your head” is vague and at best is flawed.

    A definition of a terrorist is one who commits violence against civilians to achieve political or ideological objectives by creating fear. By this alone – I can clearly argue that Bush is a terrorist. To further define – it includes acts of unlawful violence and war. By this the US Governent is a Terrorist Government. Do you believe that the war crimial Bush who has committed terrorist act(s) against innocent Iraqi’s starting a Illegal war should be tried in a military tribunal? should go to prison?

    I agree – it does takes two to dance. If that is what the US Gov’t wanted, then their pre-emptive illegar war is one sided. Level the playing field and give the Iraqi’s the same weapons the US is using on them and make the fight inside the United States. It’s only fair right? In fact, it still wouldn’t be – since the US pre-empted the war.

    You can read Jeremy Scahill’s BlackWater. There story/side/REASON is to profit off the war in Iraq. Blackwater has a clear connection to the Bush and is backed by the US Government. So a little FYI – Blackwater has a $300-million State Department contract, a no-bid contract in Iraq. These mercernaries as they are called or Terrorists as the defintion clearly defines them, have operated with almost no oversight or effective legal constraints and are an undeclared expansion of the scope of the illegal occupation. Many contractors make up to $1,000 a day – simply put thier side is greed.

    We should find common ground. I do not think that the US Gov’t is capable of doing such a thing because its pretty clear, washington isn’t run with reason or intellect. The Iraq War proves that it doesn’t. Or maybe it does – and the purpose is to bring destruction, starvation, and chaos. – To which I repeat again -these are barbarians!

  10. Good response Saad, unfortunately reason isnt so reasonable. as saad said, just as you dont represent all of america, neither do iraqis, represent all muslims, so theres no real sides here, reason. im a citizen of the united states and a muslim.

    i agree with you that killing innocent civilians is cowardly and despicable, it shouldnt be done. but doesn’t that hold true whether its from a suicide bomber or a fighter jet? u seem to have some romanticized notion of war from back in the day or something. the us’s military might lies in its air power, from which bombs drop, thats hardly face to face.

    you also seem to be linking the war in iraq to al qaeda and its prior actions for some reason. its been clearly proven that they had nothing to do with each other. how is going to iraq and blowing up sheep an appropriate response to 9/11. please enlighten me.

    finally, ur argument is weakened terribly when u try to justify the soldiers throwing of a grenade at a flock of sheep. one, the soldier was clearly doing it for his own amusement, evidenced by his laugher afterwards. two, i dont know if uve ever been around sheep, but people dont usually use them for carrying things, so itd make no sense for a sheep to have anything strapped to it, and it would be pretty obvious. and and three, u kinda have to beat sheep to make them go where u want them to, and they still only do it real slowly. are u proposing the iraqis have created some killer bomber sheep to kill american soldiers? that seems reasonable.

    its been brought. 🙂

  11. Sad statements from a Saad man. I have been speaking for myself. Unlike you who state that you know for a fact what everyone is thinking.

    My name is not relevant to our conversation. This is a free exchange of ideas. Oh, that’s right, you would not understant the idea of free. You need someone to think for you.

    As for your statement of the civilians being killed and maimed I have two thoughts. One, what about the innocent people being blown up by terrorists. Is their suffering at the hands of extremists any less? Two, after the main action of the war there was much civilian on civilian bloodshed. Two differing views of Islam killing each other. You can’t even live with each other without killing over the definition of God. You are primitive.

    Spoken like a true terrorist. How sad. So, you approve of tying someone up and slicing their head off while filming it? My point is made. Primitive and inhuman treatment.

    Your side attacked us. We step up the action. If you can’t handle that then act like civilized people.

    Is recruiting uneducated lost souls to blow themselves up in a crowd of innocent people civilized? Your approval of such actions shows you to be an uncivilized barbarian.

    Your use of anger and foul language show your true nature. You are an immature person who wants to have it your way. You have no concept of fairness or of tolerance. If fighting you is how we ensure peace then we will see you on the battle field. And considering our strength there is no doubt we will win. We are stronger than the barbarians.

    You are a primitive wacko. There is no common ground to be found with murderous barbarians. You claim jihad and then get mad when the other side fights back. How immature. Grow up and get over yourself.

  12. It has not been brought. You should leave this country. Go live in Yemen.

    Obviously when people are afraid and on constant guard from attack it creates a situation where civility is removed.

    You misinterpret my notions of war. There is nothing romantic about war. There is a duty, though, to protect one’s culture. That we will do with the utmost vigilance. If extremists attack us then they will pay the price. Period. What is not to understand? Extremists have used many underhanded methods to kill U.S. soldiers. How trusting would you be in the same situation? You have a myopic viewpoint that belies immaturity.

  13. Your lame attempt to make insults at my name and me is pretty pathetic, yet I’m the one that is immature? The use foul language was to
    illustrate a point that made sense with the feeling. What are you 12? You need to grow up.

    If you speak for yourself then why hide behind “reason”, write your name – afraid of a v-log?

    As for any substantive thing you mention – which is next to nothing. I never said once that I knew what everyone was thinking. I said the majority of Americans believe that the War is wrong. You can read the previous posts and the see the google “polling report iraq” since the does not allow links.

    Is gang raping a 14 year old girl and killing her family and then her civilized?
    Is massacring (Haditha Massacre) a group of people for no reason at all civilized?
    Is abuse, torture, sodomy , killing of prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison civilized?

    Don’t put words in my mouth – I never approved of choping anyone heads off. I think its disturbing and disgusting, but maybe their daughters & mothers were raped, families murdered by the US, who knows. Do you? I know if I had a 14 year old daughter and she was raped – choping the heads off would be the least of their worries and you can call me primitive wacko for it.

    Just so you know – not that I need to tell you – but I’m an American. Don’t tell people to go live in Yemen. This country was stolen from Native Americans and build on the back of African Americans. It’s great because of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s by African Americans. You should leave this country and go back to Europe if you don’t like dissent.

  14. A couple of last thoughts….

    I have enjoyed playing with you this day but will not make it my hobby. I have other things to do.

    I can see that we will never see eye2eye. Keep the following thought in mind, Our cultures differ in the following important way. While I do not believe in your opinion to the greatest extent I do believe in your right to hold and express your thoughts. That is what makes the U.S. of A a great nation. We are free. No one tells us what to believe or how to act. We are autonomous and capable of charting our own course.

    I will ask one more question of you. Are you two of the people who cheered for the terrorists on 9/11? The answer is telling of who you are and how you behave.

    As for the cowardly act of 9/11… what did you think would happen? If you poke a stick into a hornet’s nest then expect the hornets to attacke everyone in reach. Don’t blame the hornets for the carnage. Blame the fools who did not think about the effect those actions would reciprocate.

    Don’t be so foolish or naive to think that kicking an 800-pound gorilla in the balls has no consequences. The gorilla will go on a rampage. With just cause.

  15. “It has not been brought. You should leave this country. Go live in Yemen.”

    i dont know if thats supposed to be funny, but if anything here belies immaturity, that’d be the highlight. i never made any personal insults about you, all i tried to do was point out faults that i believed you had in your argument in a clear and logical way.

    you then proceed to tell me to go live in yemen and claim that i was cheering on the hijackers as i sat in school a few blocks away struck with fear and shock, with some of my dearest friends desperately trying to get in touch with their parents who worked in the WTC, how dare you presume anything about me?

    you are in absolutely no place to presume any ideas about my nationality or any of my views other than the ones i expressed. the fact that you do just shows that you think in a black and white world where apparently theres your side and theres the bad guys.

    just to enlighten you a little, im a proud american and i am fully cognizant of the liberties we enjoy in this country. my previous points had absolutely nothing to do with that. 9/11 was a horrific and terrible act. i also said nothing about that.

    all i was arguing was that our soldiers purpose of being in iraq is to protect the iraqi civilians from those who seek to do them harm in an effort to rebuild that nation, right? so shouldnt we condemn them when they throw a grenade, for absolutely no reason, into a flock of sheep? soldiers are trained to be in situations of high stress, but it is their duty to will themselves through it and accomplish their tasks.

    you also keep referring to some sort of retribution by the US after 9/11, but you still havent explained to me what that has to do with Iraq. THERE WAS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN 9/11 AND IRAQ. since this thread is about a soldier in iraq, maybe you can draw some connection with your hate rants to it? hopefully? so before you go, please try to respond to my points in a mature manner instead of telling me to get out of my country.

    and yes, in fact, it has been brought, whether you can see it or not.

  16. I was just getting started, but as I see an opening for the last word – I will keep my response simply by saying a few things, tying them together and thus making my point.

    1. The diversity of this country in its different cultures, languages, religions, and beliefs is what makes this country great. I respect anyones right to it. The war in Iraq is not defending those freedoms – no matter how one spins it.

    9/11 is not the topic here, but since you brought it up. I think 9/11 was tragedy and to this day it is surreal as it happened. There are many legitimate questions about 9/11 that are left unanswered that certain people (too many to name names) & the government passifies by calling them conspiracy theories. Here are a few questions:

    How can 7 of the “19” hijackers who supposedly should of died in the plane crash(es) – still be alive?

    For the first time in US history a Vice President was in charge of US defenses on 9/11. Why was he in charge? Why did he make NORAD stand down during the attack? Is it a coincidence that the “National Reconnaissance Office” was conducting ‘plane into building exercises’ on 9/11?!

    Who planted the explosives in the WTC buildings? They came straight down as any building does in a demolition. The residue of thermite existed on the steel, which is a by product of explosives. More than 185,000 tons of structural steel was hauled away to fresh kills land-fill for recycling which could be used as evidence. Do you thing Bloomberg knows that destroying evidence at the scene of a crime is illegal?

    Who has the most to gain from 9/11? Iraqi’s?, American Soldiers?, you? me? – The military industrial complex does, defense CEO’s do (who are getting payed double since 9/11) corporations like Bectel & Haliburton, BlackWater is, and yes so is Bush’s family – here are some of his family members Marvin P. Bush, William H.T. Bush, and Neil Mallon Bush. You can find out online how they are profiting from the War.

    There are many many more which I don’t need to get into because as far as I’m concerned 9/11 was carried out by “powerful people” in the US to go into Iraq. Gulf of Tonkin Incident comes to mind. These events are clearly outlined in the “Project New American Century” written in the year 2000. It also says the it will take control of the energy (OIL) and build permamnent basis in Iraq? Guess what – the US recently demanded 58 permanent US bases in Iraq and it has forcefully taken control over its OIL fields.

    Now that US has thorougly pissed them off with war, stealing of there natural resources, and illegal occupation of their country and everything that Bush said that they weren’t going to do – but that is a lie. One of many that has really fucked us up. So – What happens next? Well its happening now and you started it with me – fighting against people that you dont even know because you buy into the “your either with us or against us” bull. I don’t buy into it and no one should.

    The mainstream media seams to know and they have continually tried to demonize the other side (FOX News in particular) while the other side considers what we are doing demonic.

    Do your reserach and connect the dots – you’ll see for yourself.

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