US Army Sergeant shoots himself in front of his men in Iraq

…July 11 in the bright sunshine of Adhamiyah, Iraq. That day, while out on a simple meet-and-greet patrol, McKinney stepped out of his Humvee and yelled.

“—- this!”

He raised the barrel of his M4 to his chin and squeezed off one shot.

The first sergeant … left his soldiers shattered.

When will they leave the world alone and focus on America?

Full story here.

As of May 3, 139 soldiers, 25 Marines and seven sailors have killed themselves in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones, according to Pentagon data.

Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, more suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and other problems. But getting combat vets to seek help is difficult.

God is the best of planners.


4 Replies to “US Army Sergeant shoots himself in front of his men in Iraq”

  1. Wow, that’s sad. The man had just had a baby.

    And I don’t know what you’re talking about with the “God is the best of planners” BS. It basically sounds like you’re rejoicing in the deaths of others which is sick. And secondly, if there is this level of PTSD, depression, and other mental illnesses in the US military than I can only imagine what its like amongst the Iraqi civilian population. But, yeah, you’re right. God is the best of planners. I’m sure he planned this all out

  2. Killing innocent civilians has got to make you depressed…
    Watching innocent people suffer and knowing you “doing your job” is what caused that’s bound to make you suicidal.

    War is tragic for the Iraqis and it’s tragic for us Americans. But peace…is good for us all. Let us practice it, pray for it, and do everything we can to finally achieve it.

  3. Re: Anon

    All of them are there out of free will. They chose to kill; but they ened up killing themselves out of depression. ONly Allah knows.

  4. LOL!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!! at this rate the mujahideen can just kick back with some sheesha and take break from slaughtering these american homosexuals. LOVE IT!!!

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