Celtics – Lakers – Game 6 – Is it over? LA!

Kobe Bryant
No it’s not over! Ever since the Detroit Pistons lost to the Celtics, I’ve been rooting for the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Playoffs. I know everyone is saying that Garnett, Pierce and Allen deserve an NBA title along with the Celtics franchise. All the NBA gurus and “experts” have already declared victory for the Celtics. Me on the other hand, I’m with the Lakers. I’m with Kobe Bryant. I think the Lakers can pull the greatest NBA Finals comeback in the history of the league. Although the odds are against my view, I think Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant can carry their team to Game 7 and it is there that the true champions will arise.

Let’s go Lakers!

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  1. I like both teams..but I’m pulling for the celts…although offensively, Garnett has dissapointed me…I dont’ know why he doesn’t fight to get to the bucket like Pierce does…

  2. I think the Lakers are capable on winning the series as well.. if Lakers win tonight, the pressure shifts to the Celts in game 7.. especially since the big 3 haven’t won championships yet..

  3. Kobe aka The Rapist – doesn’t deserve another championship.

    Nobody deserves the title more than Paul Pierce!


  4. After the way Kobe has acted over the past few seasons, I hope they lose miserably. Nothing against the rest of the Lakers, but his attitude is just sickening

    I agree with Avsy, it seems like Garnett isn’t as potent offensively as he was in the past, defense is still top-notch though

  5. h. ahmed – Kobe Bryant is innocent. May God guide him. Ameen!

    Avsy – KB > KG + PP + RA + rest of Celtics

    moneysworthless – What attitude? It’s the media that always jumps on him. He’s better than the entire Celtics team. He’s the league MVP. God willing, when the Lakers win the championship, he’ll most likely be Finals MVP as well.

    Paul Pierce sucks. He’s only good when he wants to be. In game 3 he did nothing. KG was better than him, and he wasn’t that great. Pierce is on and off, never consistent, like Bryant.

    The only person that put the Celtics where they are right now is Ray Allen. Ray Allen is clutch and deserves MVP if the Celtics win.


    by the way why does mr ask for our e mails?

  7. MR: So was R. Kelly

    And you’re blaming the media for Kobe’s attitude?? omG….

    Go read The Last Season: A Team In Search of Its Soul (By Phil Jackson) – u can get a used copy really cheap online.

    After reading that (a first hand account of Kobe’s antics) – then tell me again with a straight face that Kobe doesnt have attitude issues.

  8. Abdullah – Email addresses are necessary for commenting on most blogs to authenticate the comment and also to get rid of bots/spam from commenting.

  9. h. ahmed – That was the past. The media still attacks him, but he’s changed a lot. Look at his recent interviews. ESPN keeps asking about MJ but he keeps telling them “Im not MJ, Im Kobe.”

    He’s matured. If he didn’t he wouldnt be in the NBA Finals.

    R. Kelly is innocent too.

  10. yeah, o.j. is innocent, and so is micheal jackson. cut kobe a break. sure he wasn’t convicted because the case was thrown out because the female in question was such a whore that her testimony was questionable at best. sure he had a extramarital affair because he was smelling himself. hey at least when he got caught ( for something he didn’t do) he didn’t turn around and point the finger at other high profile players. only a punk would do that. and r. kelly he’s a good christian role model. remember that gospel song he came out with after these charges were brought to light. do you really think a man who has an actual criminal history of sleeping with juveniles, who has settled out of court 3 times for this behavior, and who married aaliyah when she was 15, and who was facing 42 counts of child pornography instead of 15 but due to an illegal search those counts were thrown out would ever film himself urinating on the face of a young woman? please, stop the hating. if they were found innocent that means it never happened. i love this country’s justice system. America, F*&k Yeah!!!

  11. Lakers are a young team – they have ample chances.

    KG & Paul Pierce deserve to win it.

    Rooting for the Celtics!

    ( phew! – I needed a post like this)

  12. Salam,
    the lakers just gotta slow down their game once they get a lead or they’ll tire themselves out…..
    Lakers ALL THE WAY!!!!

  13. Celtics want it more and today they will finally reach their goal and finally three outstanding players will have their rings. After a great Season u can see the desire that BOston really has in all of their players, posey, house, brown, perkins, cassell, are all playing great. IN a series like this, desire is a big key/

  14. well well well……doesn’t seem like any Lakers fans are posting on this topic since the game…Celts fans either(me =] until now) cause we are celebrating ….I believe in talent , both teams where the same , but the Celtics were better.. do to hunger , maturity , and heart…the latter which the Lakers completely have no of….I mean come on Lakers put up some kind of fight in the biggest game of the year and most of your lives…Celtics scraped them , and as for Phil Jackson. Give me a Doc Rivers who at least stands up when his team is down by double digits in a game. congrats C’s you all deserve especially Paul K.G. and Jesus Shuttlesworth

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