John McCain: “America is a Christian Nation”

InshaAllah, he will not win the election. Ameen!

Obama said the opposite:

5 Replies to “John McCain: “America is a Christian Nation””

  1. well, they’re both right. it’s just the historic time line of this nation. and let’s be honest america doesn’t want to be considered a judeo-christian-islamic society. at least from what i’ve experienced. off to the masjid!

  2. politicians are liars, profesional liars and actors
    the lessor of two evils is still evil.
    in the end your either serving allah or shayton
    im not trying to be his judge just not ignoring whats right in front of my face.
    obama is a pawn and puppet of the empire and if you cant see that then i have a bridge to sell you.
    wake up the years to come are all ready planed out by these neo fascist rolling out the red carpet for the dajjal in jerusalam
    he is a slave of zionism, he is ready for more empire expansion, little we see that the eminent collapse of our empire is what makes room for the next stage of globalization, when the world will be ruled from jerusalam. pay attention and dont forget all of us speaking the same message to u obama supporters to wake up….remember this when he starts eating muslims like candy and dont get bit twice. the system is designed to fail.
    ron paul was the only candidate with integrity, honestly, he wanted to save the constitution, preserve our liberty, save the dollar and stop american terrorism all over the world, he would have pulled funding for isreal and outlawed aipac, and we PATHETICALLY MISERABLY FAILED HIM AND THE CAUSE mesmorized by the color of obamas skin and his eloquince…..tribe doesnt matter in islam….what happened to the better man? and princepals? so what if he was white. he had real courage more courage than most muslims in america sad to say. im soooooo disapointed …….didnt we learn form 2000 king bush vs. the vice president wearing the yamica? george bush was the lesser of two evils and guess what happened ? what did we learn? NOTHING… not blaming the young twentys generation cause they really dont remember and dont have the point of refrence but the rest of us…..its a shame, may allah forgive us…

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