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Ray Allen & the Celtics – 2008 NBA Champions

The Lakers were completely crushed by the Celtics who are now the 2008 NBA Champions. Ray Allen by himself thrashed the Lakers with 3 after 3 in the 4th quarter. KG and Paul Pierce also dominated offensively. Rajon Rando was the defensive player of the game for the Celtics with over 6 steals.

The game is not even over and I’m writing this post.  Anyways, let’s go Knicks 2009?

Celtics – Lakers – Game 6 – Is it over? LA!

Kobe Bryant
No it’s not over! Ever since the Detroit Pistons lost to the Celtics, I’ve been rooting for the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Playoffs. I know everyone is saying that Garnett, Pierce and Allen deserve an NBA title along with the Celtics franchise. All the NBA gurus and “experts” have already declared victory for the Celtics. Me on the other hand, I’m with the Lakers. I’m with Kobe Bryant. I think the Lakers can pull the greatest NBA Finals comeback in the history of the league. Although the odds are against my view, I think Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant can carry their team to Game 7 and it is there that the true champions will arise.

Let’s go Lakers!

US Army Sergeant shoots himself in front of his men in Iraq

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  • Date: Jun 16,2008 | 03:17 PM

…July 11 in the bright sunshine of Adhamiyah, Iraq. That day, while out on a simple meet-and-greet patrol, McKinney stepped out of his Humvee and yelled.

“—- this!”

He raised the barrel of his M4 to his chin and squeezed off one shot.

The first sergeant … left his soldiers shattered.

When will they leave the world alone and focus on America?

Full story here.

As of May 3, 139 soldiers, 25 Marines and seven sailors have killed themselves in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones, according to Pentagon data.

Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, more suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and other problems. But getting combat vets to seek help is difficult.

God is the best of planners.


U.S. Soldiers Throw Grenade at a Flock of Sheep in Iraq

May Allah (swt) protect the innocent people and animals from these barbarians. Ameen!

Al-Albani’s Revolutionary Approach to Hadith

Nasir al-Din al-Albani

By Stéphane Lacroix

When on the first of October 1999 Shaykh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani passed away at the age of 85, he was mourned by virtually everyone in the world of Salafi Islam. To many, he represented its third main contemporary reference, after ‘Abd al-‘Aziz bin Baz (who himself had died a few months before) and Muhammad bin ‘Uthaymin (who would pass away in January 2001), both leading figures of the Saudi religious establishment. Salafi newspapers, journals, and websites celebrated this Syrian son of an Albanian clock-maker—whose family left Albania in 1923, when he was nine years old, and re-established itself in Damascus—who had become known as the muhaddith al-‘asr (traditionist of the era), that is, the greatest hadith scholar of his generation.

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Lowering Your Gaze Is Not Enough In This Heat

The past few days we’ve seen 96 to 108 degree weather and I’m sure many khutbahs, halaqahs, and recent Islamic email fowards discuss the heat and the Quranic ayah of lowering your gaze:

Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do. (24:30)

This is definitely one of the top 10 ayah that is used in many lectures and discussions in the young Muslim community.

Reality Check:

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If I Were A Terrorist…

I hope no one actually does do this.

George Galloway Refutes Barack Obama

This disappoints me, but yet the sad reality is, if you want to become president of the U.S. you have to suck up to the terrorist state of Israel.

It is safe to say that Barack Obama is good on everything but Israel.

Tomorrow is ‘Wear Your Keffiyah With Pride Day’

Wear it on Friday June 6th, 2008!

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