Mohamed Elibiary – The Muslim who supports John McCain

Are you serious MR?  No way!?  A Muslim who supports McCain!? A Muslim who wants 100 more years in Iraq?  A Muslim who want’s America to become a Christian Nation!?  A Muslim!?  Are you sure?

Yes I am!  In fact he blogs at under the name ‘hamada’.  His recent blog post contained a video from FOX News in which he was shedding light on the Obama-Hijabi issue.  I never thought Muslims for McCain existed.  With all of the bad and negative aspects of Barack Obama, it is clear that in terms of Muslim blood, John McCain is much worse.  Not only in that, the Jews love McCain.  Especially the Zionists and AIPAC.  Joe Lieberman, the former Democrat now Independent (soon to be Republican) is AIPAC’s trump card in Politics.  This guy is seen with McCain in Iraq even correcting him on which country is supporting the resistance in Iraq.  He is also took McCain on a tour in Israel.  They also hooked up in DC.

It’s a shame that such a public Muslim figure as Mohammed Elibiary supports another terrorist who lies, has anger issues, want’s 100 years more in Iraq, doesn’t care about war, wants to increase the US military size, etc.  Any Muslim who supports John McCain is like supporting 10 more Iraq wars, a couple thousand more Palestinian homes demolished, an increase of anti-Islam sentiment in America and a pro-Chrisitian-Judeo state religion.

This is not a pro-Obama post either.  Obama has said that he may attack Pakistan and increase troops in Afghanistan.  He also kiss’s Israel’s you know what, even though most Jews and Zionist are with McCain.  Obama is bad, but not as bad as McCain.

I think Muslims that can actually make a difference in swing states such as Ohio, Florida or Texas should go out there and vote.  Why?  Once they see Muslims can be a major factor in elections, they’ll start coming to us begging us for our votes just like they do with the Jews, Christians, Blacks and Hispanics.

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  1. whether Obama or Mccain is president they are both like Bush, they both favor israel and they both want to attack Iran and they both like to stick their big noses in the Middle east when no one wants them there.

    we are gonna have another 4 years of bush foreign policy, no matter who wins.
    John Edwards + Ron Paul were the only good candidates, but the zionist lobbyist and politicians disliked their stance on the middle east.

    obama is a hyppocrite, who always claims that he will fight the lobbyists when he is possessed by them and funded by them.
    mccain is unfit for the job, lacks perspective and can only satisfy the israelis.

    elections ’08 = SUCKS

  2. Does this mean MM isn’t MRespected no more? 😮

    Bro this is really sad stuff…makes me glad I’m not American but at the same time sad that the one shot this brother has at major media and he totally screws it up.

    2 minutes of fame makes him infamous.

  3. whoa, Muslim Matters has a pro-McCain writer? What the heck…

    he does have some good points in his responses, but I still don’t agree that McCain is a stronger candidate

  4. cool down guys… i don’t think many will be convinced to ever vote McCain. I know this brother very well and mashallah he has done a LOT of good work for Muslims in Texas. Just look at some of the achievements of his organization, including providing scholarships to Muslim students, getting a Muslim trip (and prayer) at the Texas legislature (imagine that!), etc. My point? he isn’t a Zuhdi or other neocon wacky sell-out. He has his views and points (which I don’t agree with), but still he has a right to his opinion.

    In fact, I think such stuff helps Muslims… sometimes think outside the box and you may see a very strong silver lining here… more in my comment here:

    Why having McCain vocal Muslim supporters may actually be good

    Go obama!

  5. As my social experiment blog post at MM proved, even if you “evolve” the media’s understanding of Muslims they aren’t the only challenge. Too many Muslims still can’t get themselves to see the forest through the trees or as Amad phrased it above, “think outside the box”.

    As Muslims we talk a good game, but the reality is we’re too paranoid and insecure to lead in changing American public opinion. I still have hope that our community will get there one day insha Allah.

    To say one’s never seen a Muslim supporting McCain is to prove one’s living in a bubble. Our grassroots is truely rudderless and disengaged from what grasstop leaders in our community are doing.

    This is too hard, just give me more novicane so that I can get back feeling as powerless as Abdul Doe in this War on Islam. 🙂

  6. Basically MM=Salafis who don’t like to be called salafis.


    Salafis= Muslim version of Neo cons.


  7. ibn fellah, are you still a fallah?

    Now don’t go spreading rumors about MM being Neoconish. Policy at MM is to allow authors opportunity to post their viewpoints within Islamic limits, MM doesn’t have a political stand though I think I’m the only non-Obama supporter amongst their authors. If anything, MM’s readers in their response to my post proved that Salafi=Liberal in the Age of Bush.


  8. Mohamed Elibiary – [edited out, chill out man]

    Reading about you from what Amad has said, has shocked me personally. I can see why MR is probably shocked as I am. The pro-Obama supporter is clean shaven and appears to be the “Progressive Liberal” type, while the pro-McCain supporter (you in this case) wears a beard and represents the “Conservative Religous” crowd. As Muslims we know better, but to the average McCain supporter.

    It is very disappointing to see a brother who is somewhat appears to be on the deen and represents the traditional conservative crowd to support a member of the Crusader army.

    ibn fellah – the Salafi title isn’t worthy enough for MM anymore..

  9. LOl why you hatin’ on farmers man? Civilization arose from hunting gathering>agriculture>industrialization. Farmers played a major role 😉

    Btw I think “neo-liberal” suits salafis better.

  10. dont know nothing about american politics, but mccain seems like a dick with george bushes values. why would any muslim support anyone whos so anti muslim ill never understand T_T

  11. Stupid,

    You’re right on in a lot of ways. National Muslim groups have a really hard time finding a truly practicing Muslim to fill in on conservative media. Thought I’d be a stereotype basher to all, and seems like I did shock a lot of folks all around. Question we’ve got to answer as a community, especially the educated about their deen and practicing part, is do we want practising Muslims representing us in all media or are we simply content seeding half of the market to Islam bashers?

    ibn fellah,

    Not hating, love ’em and even picked up a complete outfit last time in Egypt. That’s my 7,000 year roots. Just playing.


  12. “The Zionists Terrorist are pro-McCain. That should tell you something right there”
    The Radical Islamic terrorists are pro-Obama. That should tell you something right there.
    Who’s side are you on?

  13. The amount our energy elitist Muslim leaders are spending bending over backwards for power brokers in Washington DC that have, nor will they ever have, any concern for Muslims is enough energy that could be dedicated to forming a counter-hegemony in the Muslim world.

    I say to hell with participation in Western political systems, real freedom, justice, and independence will only come from an Islamic hegemony.

    But thats just me.

  14. The question is ……
    Should muslims be VOTING or SUPPORTING these guys inthe first place.

    Do you know how VOTING and Democracy conflict with your ISLAMIC beliefs?

    SHould we really consider this guy a muslim? Can voting take you outside the fold of islam?

    these are the real questions…..we trust and believe in Allah(swt) and we know everything has been written so either Barak or John can ONLY do so much and Allahknows best what they will do.

    The US GOV can make it legal for a man to marry a man BUT ALLAH(SWT) has said this act is wrong…..a gov for the people and by the people will compete with ALLAH(swt) for the right to rule between right and wrong….which side do YOU want to be with? THE VOTERS who compete with ALLAH or with ALLAH his prophet and the believers?

  15. So what do you suggest we do umeezee? Be absent from the political landscape and do nothing? We are living as a minority in the west and have a “Fiqh of Minorities” (see:

    “Fiqh al-aqalliyyat has arisen in request of Muslims’ state of affairs as a minority in a non-Muslim country and not as a majority living in a Muslim country. The needs of Muslims living in a non-Muslim country, as well as their conditions and circumstances, may differ from other countries where Muslims live as a majority. In this case, the rules of Shari`ah that are not decisive can be adjusted in a way that suits them and never puts hardship on them.

    For example, voting for political parties in Muslim countries is completely different from non-Muslim countries, because in the former case Muslims have Islamic parties as an option, whereas in the latter case they do not exist. In this case, some Muslims might get confused that this can go under the category of taking non-Muslims as patrons in a way that is not sanctioned by Islam.

    However, under fiqh al-aqalliyyat, this is understood in another sense that Muslims should vote for the party that serves their issues the best.”

    – Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah, [former] ISNA President and Member of the Fiqh Council of North America (Taken from article link posted earlier)

  16. as salamu alaikum brother Asim, I understand that muslims are living in the west and want to play a role in this political process. I understand that if we don’t Vote we will not have our say. I just want to add that i plan to provide the proofs from quraan and sunnah but i later but i am at work right now. I would like to remind my brothers and sisters that we don’t or shouldn’t take the words of the scholar OVER the quraan or sunnah. We allow them to explain things BUT when the ayat is clear we leave it.

    As muslims we all believe that Allah(swt) is the best planner because he Allah said so. WE also know as muslims that we Pray only to ALLAH and seek HIS help. “to you alone we worship and you alone we ask for help” translation surah alfatiha. We know Allah doesn’t allow ANYONE torule with him in his legislation.

    Barack and John are going to do what best for AMERICA…Barack has stated openly that he might attack a muslim country (pakistan) and John plans to stay in Iraq as long as possible. Barack would not even let muslim women wearing hijab stand behind him so you know we is uncomfortable with muslims.

    Democracy is the GOV for the people by the people and the way of the muslims is SHURAH….Shurah is NOT democracy. Just after the death of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) Abu bakr took shurah about fighting some people who refused to pay ZAKAT… the majority of the people in the meeting with him including OMAR (RA) advised him NOT to fight at this time…Abu bakr listened to what they had to say and then he prepared his army for battle. This is proof for you that the companions were NOT using the MAJORITY VOTE system to when deciding between right and wrong. Later Omar (ra) said that Abu bakr was right and that if they had not faught it would have been a great problem for the muslims. The issue was that some people had refused to pay zakat. So at anytime Barack or John could make things law according to the support and votes they can get. Already today Men can marry MEN and WOmen can Marry Women because of VOTES. Abortion is legal at this time based on votes. Segregation was legal one time based on VOTES and a number of other things brothers and sisters. Allah(swt) will answer your prayers and give you the things you need and desire if you only would turn to him completely. Put your trust in Allah(swt) not in democracy. Allah(swt) has said that he alone is the ONLY law giver so DON’T vote for a man thinking he will solve all your problems. Allah(swt) has told us that WE will be tested… I remember when Bush was running for his first term and he got alot of support from FLORIDA muslims. After Bush was elected he turned his back on the muslims of Florida and even had one of his strongest supporters jailed. I saw this brother speak at DUKE university and i think his name was like SAMI alarian or something like that. Like i said the prooks are from quraan and sunnah which i hope is important to us all but i will inshaAllah provide them after i leave work today…

    Depend on Allah(swt) for your needs the way abdul Mutalib did when abrahah came to destroy the kabba…the way the people of the cave depended on him, the way Moses(pbuh) did at the splitting of the sea or the way Muhammad(pbuh) did when he left mecca for medina with abu bakr…..We believe and have full trust that Allah knows our wants and desires and that he alone is the one that answeres prayers. We understand that we will be tested with those things that are deer to us like family and money and such but Allah(swt) is THE most MERCIFUL so sek mercy from him and him alone brothers and sisters…this is where the success is…..Who is MORE merciful or more JUST than ALLAH(SWT)?

    ASK ALLAH and BEG ALLAH(swt) he is ALL you need so put your trust in him alone.

  17. “even though most Jews and Zionist are with McCain.”

    Come now, MR, that’s not fair. Actually, most American Jews would rather support Peace Now than the Israeli Likud. If we all treat Jews like they’re all bad, then we’re no better than the people who treat Muslims like they’re all bad.

    When we make statments like that, it hurts groups like Naturei Karta and Jews for Palestine, which I remember you saying you would never criticize all Jews as a result of meeting.

  18. Dude, you’re generalizing all the Jews as for Israel, and that is NOT true as Sulayman said above. Plus when you say the ‘Zionists’ are with McCain and vice versa…well same with Obama..

    I have some Orthodox Jewish friends and they are totally against the whole State of Israel idea; esp as it is right now. They view the current State of Israel as great a monstrosity as most Muslims do.

    (it’s really hard these days to become voted in to the Oval Office of the United States without being affiliated as a good friend with AIPAC and the rest of those ‘Pro-Israel ‘ lobby groups)–it’s why both Obama and McCain both made the wise jump (if they want to be addressed as Mr. President) onto the AIPAC bandwagon.

    –now I’m not talking about their personal thoughts concerning Zionism itself..maybe they really are for it, mabye not. I don’t know.

  19. so either way; voting for one or the other won’t really make a difference on the whole ‘Israel’ issue–which seems to be what you capitalized in this post.

  20. @Sulayman F and genieyclo – I said MOST Jews. Not all Jews. I am not generalizing. The Jews that are against the state of Israel are in a minority. If you go to the many temples and synagogues you will see posters and signs that say “We Support Israel”. I’ve seen them posted outside in many places in NY and MD.

    I am not saying all Jews but most Jews.

    Check this Google Search out.

  21. i want to say that Democracy is the greatest shirk and has no place in islam. Some think they are the same but Democracy is SHIRK plain and simple. Any time you allow men whom Allah(swt) created to set aside the Holy quraan and govern themselves by their own desires, this is against islam. Allah(swt) has told us that those who have and throw the quran aside and govern the people with their own desires is like the ASS carring books on it’s back.

    This means that to have knowledge IE QURAAN & SUNNAH and NOT use it is like a donkey carring you books while you never use them. We have the sunnah and we have the quraan and Allah(swt) has given us rules and CLEARLY America does not refer to quraan as a guide. This means they govern themselves and reject the clear guidance give to us Muslims in quraan and sunnah. If for some reason we don’t understand them, the scholars are supposed to help us with that. How can you vote for people who have CLEARY rejected the guidance of Allah(swt) and his messenger/ prophet. Do you think what they have is better than what our prophet came with? Are the laws of man better than the laws of Allah(swt) and his prophet. If you think so then vote otherwise consider this a test from Allah(swt) and keep you trust in him. We know that everything has ALREADY been written and this belief is a part of our religion…. Muslims are supposed to be the people who show and lead others to the right way…we need to step up and take our places…who has the TRUTH if we don’t……

  22. If America (or any other place) doesn’t refer to quraan as a guide and if you live in the midst of the greatest shirk every day of your life then why even stay?

  23. HEY…your answer… I stay for a few reasons…the first one being that this is my HOME and my people built up this place you call america for FREE….they paid with blood so I feel i have a right be here for as long as i choose…I hope that answers your freakin question…

    2nd reason America runs all the so called muslim countries anyway so how would going to SAUDI for example be better for me? shirk is BAD news anywhere you go. If America would mind her own business OR some Muslim country would get some BALLZ and STAND up like MEN perhaps i would go there for the sharia LAW which i feel is the BEST LAW. Sharia Law makes everything equal perhaps thats why you dislike it. True Sharia law as practiced by the prophet and his companions would make the strong man weak and the weak man strong… no more racism or sexism and all that jazz. You people want us to think that John or Barack has the answer? No the prophet has already given us the PERFECT example and system..perhaps we should try it. I am sorry that we have all these kafir leaders running muslim countries claiming they practice sharia LAW…they are the ones who give islam a bad name…they are NOT muslims because they MIX sharia law with the laws of the kafirs and this is a JOKE. You can’t mix the law of Allah(swt) with the law of MAN… America is a so called christian country and they let a GAY have the same say as a normal man or woman??? how can a person who disrespects GOD like that have the same say as a preacher? I hope you see how crazy democracy is…..Democracy is SHIRK SHIRK SHIRK the companions did shurah NOT democracy…

    If you muslims vote and place these two kafir men as rivals to Allah(swt) and his messenger YOU will too become the lowest of the LOW.. Allah(swt) says in the holy quraan that he does NOT allow anyone to legislate with him… the laws are set so follow them and be guided….. If Obama ever was a muslim he is NOW a kafir and you already know Panama John mCwar is a kafir and they both support the jews over muslims so go vote for the kafirs if you want. What EVER Allah has written will indeed happen so do what you want… You will be asked at a later date……perhaps when the two angles come to the grave you can discuss this issue with them….The ask 3 questions Who is your LORD? Who is your prophet and what is your religion…will you answer my God is OBAMA or John MCwar?

  24. I doubt many Muslims will answer their God is Obama or John MCwar or that there is a divine link between these secular rulers and Allah(swt). Most Muslims vote for secular reasons because they’ve accepted the division between secular and religious rule. In America, religion is kept inside the Mosque, Church, etc. Also, apparently America is less of a “Christian country” than it used to be. Meaning, or course, that it is more secular. When a country is diverse and “free”, no single religion should call all the shots. Of course, you’d disagree because you’re religious. You want the leaders to convert to Islam and follow the rules correctly or else it’s a bad environment for you to be in. That’s fine.

    I’m sure you can find some place less a little less democratic than America. I didn’t mean to sound like a redneck or anything when I asked why stay here. lol

    So, let’s be practical. For you, the best case scenario regarding Muslims and the election in America would be if they all did not vote. So they can save their souls. That’s cool. Sorry for sounding disrespectful when I first responded.

  25. Looks like someone made my point for me>>> Keith Ellison is a MUSLIM? Here is an example of how a person can CLAIM to be a MUSLIM while at the same time DO and be apart of things that are AGAINST the quraan.. Prophet LOT or LUT in the quraan has a long detailed story about the sin of Homosexuality and the others that go with it. How can Any Muslim VOTE for or be in favor of this ACT when the quraan is CLEARLY against it. My point was when you throw the boog and Law of GOD behind your back you open the door for things like this.

    Keith Ellison is Proud to be Named Vice-Chair of Bipartisan Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus
    “I am proud to join Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) today in launching the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus,” Congressman Ellison said.
    The mission of the Caucus is to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality. The Caucus will work toward extending equal rights, repealing discriminatory laws, the eliminating hate-motivated violence. The Caucus is dedicated to the improved health and well-being for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.
    “I am honored to join this caucus because of my lifelong commitment to fighting all discrimination. I believe when my gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender neighbor suffers from discrimination, then I suffer, and so does our whole community. Every member of our society contributes to the health, wealth and generosity of our community. Only when we recognize, protect, and, celebrate that will we realize all our citizens’ potential,” Ellison concluded

  26. MR, most Jews support Israel “in some way.” However, most believe Israel should hand land back in exchange for peace and most support Peace Now, over extremist ones like the Likud. I read what you wrote, and you seem to think they’re the minority. Yes, the majority believe Israel should exist, but within that majority is another that says Israel’s government isnt doing enough for peace.

    Back to the article, he seems very tepidly supporting McCain and didn’t give a reason for his support. He even discussed how the GOP convention had anti-Muslim themes inside it. Also, the people who ran Muslims for Bush are not supporting McCain, at least not out loud this time.

  27. MR wrote……patb – Actually Radical Muslim terrorists say voting is haram (forbidden).

    As a muslim, why would i vote…Do i vote because i think Obama or mccain will HELP muslims? DO i think Obama can end the war? CAn Allah(swt) end the war? Can Allah(swt) help muslims?

    Both Obama and Mccain are kufar who support a jewish state…built on land stolen from muslims.

    ?? has anyone ever seen the movie Red Dawn? in this movie the russians invaded america via some lil small town and the local HS kids took to the MTNS and fought them at night. Sounds like something i have heard here somewhere lol. BUT these HS kids were heros not terroist. The only people who called them terroist were the RUSSIANS who invaded or possibly they called them INSERGENTS lol… Patrick Swazey was the star in this film and he inspired a group of 8 or 9 others to follow his lead…It was fine when patrick did it but when MUHAMMAD or Abdullah does the same act in IRAQ or Afghanistan he becomes a terroist/ insurgent. WHen the afghan people first fought the Russians in like 82 even RAMBO got in on the action..o yeah RAmbo rode with the taliban lol watch the movie. In those days the russians were bad and anyone who fought them was good even if you were an Afghani/taliban. Even bin baz passed a fatwah with the blessing of USA that sent thousands to aid the taliban. Even the movie the war of CHARLIE WILSON speaks about how america changed the war by sending the stinger missle to the TALIBAN lol

    it’s obvious what the muslims should do if they want real change…Patrick Swazey wanted change and his movie Red dawn showed what (he) thought the best way to get that change was. He didn’t vote about it…..he got off his keester and did something about it. He was justified because he was ONLY defending his hometown against the russians and even BIN BAZ and America supported his actions lol.. so if you wanna vote for change good luck… I don’t put my trust or faith in ANY system that says “just do what makes you feel good” the problem with America is that she follows her desires thus making her desires her lord. If i were you i would not put myself in a position or encourage others toside with those who make haram halal and halal haram.. If Obama is too ashamed to be seen with muslims behind him while he gives a speech what will he do for ISLAM and muslims. Do you think he wants to end the war because he loves muslims? Do you think Mccain loves muslims or is going to make sure they get treated with fairness.

    Who is more fair Obama, Mccain or ALLAH(swt)
    Who is more just Obama, Mccain or Allah(swt)
    Who has more knowledge to set things right? Obama, Mccain or Allah(ta)
    Who created and understands and knows whats hidden in the hearts of man, Obama Mccain or Allah(swt)
    who should you put your trust in Obama, Mccain or Allah(swt)

    just remember…you will be asked BY ALLAH(SWT) about every deed little or small…..

  28. Salaam Alykum,

    We must come together as one community and speak out against this… Whether we are American’s or non-Americans because in the end, all of us will be affected… Where this idiot got his information on Islam I do not know….please forward on to everyone you know…
    ***McCain’s Pastor: US Should Destroy Islam***

    Do something about this.

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