Depressed … not at ICNA ’08

Update: Live Webcast here!

I have been going to the ICNA conventions during July 4th weekend for the past couple of years.  I’ve been to more ICNAs than ISNAs and RIS’s.  The best part of ICNA is the parallel Youth Conference organized by Young Muslims.  I am proud member and was former active youth coordinator.  I love helping out with the YM Security and ushering people to each session.  It was my favorite part greeting everyone coming into the lecture hall.  I am not sure who replaced me this year as head, but I’m really depressed that I’m not there this weekend.

The lectures were always amazing and inspired me, but what made my day were to see so many young Muslims, especially the high school age group, coming.  I give them a lot of respect and props for even coming to the convention even if their parents forced them.  High school years for any young Muslim is probably the most “fitnatic” time of their life.  At ICNA they get to hang out with their Muslim friends and walk around the bazaar looking at Muslim media, food and other Muslim vendors.  Although they might be up to mischief (the typical teenager) they are in a pretty Islamic environment.  Unlike ISNA with their notorious late night lobby clubs, the YM youth, especially the security, would completely shut down any type of late night fitna within the convention boundaries.  Of course we couldn’t stop anything outside in the public streets or a few blocks away.

Another aspect is the Midnight Basketball Tournament that is the highlight of many young brothers coming to the YM Youth Conference.  Although there are many controversies, it is still better than what other conventions plan for the Youth.  It is simply the most spontaneous on-the-spot organized basketball tournament.  It’s amazing what YM puts together for over 40 teams.

The YM brothers only entertainment session and the family entertainment session was another highlight during the conventions.  I was usually part of the YM skit and was the MC for one of them.  The YM skit was always fun to be in especially in the brother’s only one.  See when it’s just brothers, we go crazy. Halal crazy of course, but it’s halal for the brothers.  When it’s with everyone, the brothers and sisters are limited to their fun and also maintain a shyness (hayaa), mashaAllah, which is good.  When the sisters have their own and the brothers have their own, it’s a more relaxed environment for eachother.  The family entertainment sessions were always good too and it has become more conservative than ICNA or RIS in terms of music.

For all those who are at ICNA this year, please comment and let me know how everything is going.  Also I heard that they will have a live feed for free (Yes FREE!) for the Youth Conference.  Please post any details on this so I can update this post.

May Allah (swt) bless YM.  May Allah (swt) continue to guide them.  May Allah (swt) give all their efforts, projects and events successful.  May Allah (swt) increase their donations.  Ameen!

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  1. May Allah swt reward you for being depressed about not being with Muslims/ at an Islamic event, and replace your feeling of depression with contentment in knowing that insha Allah you are in the best place you could possibly be in right now, for Allah swt in His Infinite Wisdom has a perfect plan for us all. HasbunAllahu wa ni’mal wakeel.

    And Ameen to your du’aas!

  2. Inshaallah, you will be at ISNA this year, Amir. we are all missing ICNA for a very good reason.

  3. I hadn’t been to ICNA in 2 years, though my family has been going, and although I was busy with other things I did get to attend one main session and one YM session yesterday and the YM, ma shaa` Allah, did a very good job in choosing relevant/pertinent topics [I attended the session with Khalid Latif, Yasir Qadhi & Imam Siraj] and their overall organization which is not an easy task. I was at the main session last night and as always, Shaykh Mokhtar is awesome, may Allah increase all of the scholars, organizers, anyone who helped and participants in goodness and in guidance and may Allah reward you Amir for past help by drawing you closer and closer to Allah and with all goodness. See you soon sidi!

  4. ICNA Conference 2008 Pics – Taken with a 8.0 Megapixel Camera –

  5. Yeah, man- alhamdulillah, it was a pretty amazing Youth Conference this year, and I gotta say, this year’s entertainment session was one of the best I’ve ever seen-

    But hey- you got a shout out during it, so it’s aaalllll good! Hahaha!

  6. @Azeem – I only got to see part of Sh. Mokhtar Maghroui and then the Entertainment session. The video quality was okay. The sound quality was not that great sometimes, but it was okay.

    In terms of the content, good stuff, except how come no YM skit?

  7. Nobody replaced your job of greeting everyone that walked through to the Ym Conference, you were missed :).

  8. my brother did though chill at the ym stand for like forever doing the shirts thing so i guess you were semi-replaced by him this year in that regard 😐

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