12 Replies to ““Why Do YOU GUYS Chop Peoples Heads Off?!?””

  1. Too apologetic … a little outdated and Muslims need to stop playing the victim already. They should’ve sent a message to the extremist Muslims, not to everyday people.

  2. i understand the concerns, and i actually wrote about that in my post on my blog (see link above)

    however, after seeing the comments from non-muslims, although people arent really talking about it anymore, doesnt mean they dont think it or still have this stigma. So i think inshaallah it’s effective in what it’s trying to do.

    people are so quick to criticize, yet we dont see anything coming from them. why dont you guys do something instead of complain all the time?

  3. So I guess the point was that people dont understand islam and hence are offensive to it? I mean the obvious solution seems to me to be, hey lets to do something good enough to get peoples attention and change their minds. But I think the point fails incredibly when the participants in this video believe that I, and people like me dont deserve to live because of our views (apostacy). Or perhaps they dont, I would love for them to actually say this is what we believe, truthfully, about all the views that they hold. What are their views on homosexuality, apostacy, the idea of jihad (the islamic concept and what it means to them). Why dont you spread knowledge of who you are if you want people to get to know you?

  4. sure. an apostate under an islamic government is subject to the rulings of shairah, which is death.

    a homosexual also is subject to that ruling,

    and jihad is too big of an issue to discuss one shot.

    those are no secrets lol. happy?

  5. “But I think the point fails incredibly when the participants in this video believe that I, and people like me dont deserve to live because of our views (apostacy).”

    I agree, especially in the beginning with the guy says: “I advise you NOT to speak”

    I thought the overall tone of this video was tense and angry.

    Nonetheless the video was a good start, but can be redone.

  6. Very good points, and totally understandable, However, if all the good Muslims would get together and strongly condemn what Muslim extremists do and say, I think you’d get much more understanding and support from others. It’s seems so hard to find a Muslim coming out and agressively condemning what the extremists do and what they stand for. That is beyond my understanding. Not doing so says you condone it. It seems like they are too scared to say anything, yet they willingly lash out at non Muslims. I guess that is the safer thing to do. Less chance of losing body parts.

  7. what if this is all a ploy?
    the muslim extremists are actually paid by the CIA to do what they do so that America can once again create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation and otherworldliness just like it did in the 60s vis a vis the communist scare. The wars, the economy, everything is connected. The fight for control over resources. I aint no communist or socialist but let’s face it, government create the media and create what people want to hear.

    Even if muslims are saying loud and clear that these extremists have no part of islaam(I dont even wanna call them muslim extremists, because khwaariji have left islaam when they kill everyone like that).

    Even if muslims say that clearly, no one is listening.
    All the legitimate scholars across the world have spoken against them. The haters love to listen to the few voices that support these people.

    Maybe you should start listening to the rest of us because we have been condemning for a while incorrect and evil actions of all humans muslims and non-muslims alike.

  8. @understanding
    Since were making up stories, how about Muslim extremists are actually using oil money to pay bush and co to piss off all Muslims and hence get Muslims to be more radical so Al Qaeda can take over a country.

    You see anyone can make up bullshit. The fact is both of us know that there are Muslims today who would love to kill and die in the name of Islam; it is what Islam teaches.

    Do you realize why intelligent people in the world will continue to make judgments on Muslims now? If you are willing to kill innocent people for your superstitions how can you possibly ask for respect and civility????? Also I didn’t want you to discuss jihad, I wanted to ask you if you think it is justified to kill people for their beliefs and the country to which they belong.(I am sorry my original question was less than clear)

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