Khalid bin Waleed’s Love for The Prophet (s)

The story of Khaled Ibn Alwalid’s famous love to the Prophet (pbuh) moment in the battle of Al-Yarmouk when he lost his helmet. He always had few strands hidden in the helmet. Shot by Oscar winning Director Stephan Ruzowisky.

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7 Replies to “Khalid bin Waleed’s Love for The Prophet (s)”

  1. I was gonna Islamify this but I hesitated because of the portrayal of a companion by an actor.

    The story, by the way, goes like this. The sahaba saw Khalid b. Walid recklessly charging the enemy lines by himself time after time during a battle. This upset them because it seemed careless on his part.

    After the battle they confronted him and he said that he had some of the Prophet’s hair, peace be upon him, sowed into his hat under his helmet and during the battle he lost it. So he was trying to recover it. They all then deemed his actions appropriate.

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