Christiano Ronaldo Wants To Leave Man U!

LOL @ all those Man U fans:

Cristiano Ronaldo has backed Fifa president Sepp Blatter’s suggestion that he should be able to leave Manchester United if he wants.

For those who don’t know the football/soccer world has been following Ronaldo around trying to figure out if he is going to leave Manchester United and join Real Madrid.  If you don’t know Real Madrid, you probably know Zidane.  Zidane played for Real Madrid.

15 Replies to “Christiano Ronaldo Wants To Leave Man U!”

  1. c. ronaldo is whack. and i dislike the portugal team with a passion. so both together is even more whack. to sum up my reaction: i dont care. too bad the netherlands had an anticlimactic end this year. lets go dutch 2010

  2. c. ronaldo is a cry baby… …a whiner…a diver.. and very overrated…and plays for the losers…ManUre… I dislike him too… Go Arsenal…. oh did I say he cries like a little girl when he loses the ball to defenders doing step overs

  3. haha… he is a lil bitch, cries every other play.

    He doesnt deserve to play for Real, only the finest have ever played for them.

  4. i totally agree wid iBO.
    mavyb c.ronaldo should stick with manure. its the perfect club for him – all losers, all divers. GO GUNNERS!!

  5. ditto – i am an idiot and i dislike me with a passion too.

    ditto – him (and the portoguese team) take dives like there at the swimmin pool [corny i know]

  6. hi ronaldo me alia FOCK DEZ PEEPZ do wat eva u want man but i think u shuld stay in man united datz my opinion u do wat eva u want dez bastards sy ur a baby cry but ur not i luv u 2 bites n i will alwayz

  7. Can you please print a retraction, cuz he aint goin nowhere, will chop of his leg if he tries to run away. GO RED DEVILS.

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