Samir Kuntar and the Israeli Government are both Terrorists

Any person, group, organization or government that supports and orders the murder of innocent children in the name of their own benefit is a terrorist in Islam.  The Islamic ruling is very clear on killing children.  It is forbidden (haram).  You may have read about one of the prisoners that was returned to Hezbullah from Israel by the name of Samir Qantar (or Kuntar).  Out of everyone that was returned, his name is the most popular since he was doing his jail time for killing a man and his daughter.  Samir denies how the young girl died but he proudly claimed he doesn’t regret doing it.

Now for all those people who think Samir is a monster for committing his crime.  What about Israel?  How many rockets, bullets and bombs have killed 1,000s of Palestinian babies and young children?  It is very sad to hear that this young Israeli girl had to face such a tragic death but we should not forget the 1,000s of other children on both sides who have suffered this and much worse.

If Samir is a monster then the Israeli government is an even bigger monster.  Samir is like a gremlin while Israel is like godzilla.

May God bring peace and stability to all those who are suffering from the evil monstrous oppressors.  Ameen!

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