In my opinion, the Best Muslims and the Worst Muslims live in America

The Muslims in Muslim countries have the greatest advantage over the Muslims in non-Muslim countries and that is the fact that Islam is not strange in those lands (although some may beg to differ). Muslims in Saudi Arabia, in Pakistan and across to Morocco can pray, fast, give zakat, marry, get zabihah food, take off for Ramadan, Eid, make wudhu and perform the many other actions and obligations in Islam and the Shariah with ease. With ease I say!

On the other hand Muslims in non-Muslim countries, for example in America or Europe, find it much more difficult to simply do the basic obligatory acts. Why then do I say that the best Muslims live in America but also the worst Muslims? In America we are surrounded by a society with decaying morals. The diseases of the heart thrive in American society. Popular culture is fueled by the whispers of shaytan. With all of these great fitan (trials) there are thousands of strong Muslims who hold fast on to the rope of Allah. There are brothers who wear their beard consistently. Sisters observing the hijab and niqab without any hesitation. There are probably those who wake up early in the morning for tahajjud when the rest of us are sleeping. There are Islamic centers and schools within neighborhoods infested with crime. Yet they continue to thrive calling people to the truth. There are Muslim figures, speakers and scholars who do not fear anything but Allah and speak the truth.

Then there are those who are the worst of this ummah living in America. Those who claim Islam but yet accept homosexuality. There are those who say “it’s all about the heart” and completely eliminate the sharia from their lives. There are those who are simply “Muslim by name” and have no desire to live a Muslim life. There are those who love this dunya and the so called “American” lifestyle that their hearts have completely forgotten its Creator.

May Allah (swt) make us all under the shade of His Mercy. Ameen!

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  1. idk, there are some pretty bad Muslims in the Middle East. Is it worse when you are a horrible person in America where everyone else is bad or when you are rebellious superbad in a Muslim country where you’re atmosphere makes being good easy?

  2. Dawud – Allah knows best. 😀

    Chuck – Good point, but I still think the worst Muslims live here. I mean, WE ALL know Muslims in this country from both sides. The really really good MashaAllah ones and then the really really AstagfirAllah may Allah guide them ones.

    Muslims in North and East Africa, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, and South-East Asia have it better off in so many ways. From the availability of halal food to masallah’s to burying their dead in accordance of the sunnah. Islam is not strange in the Muslim world.

  3. how ironic…we were having this same exact discussion on the way back from MR’s wedding…lol…subhanAllah

    personally, I think that Allah (swt) puts Fitan in every society…for example, in the West you can’t go a block without finding it difficult to lower your gaze, whereas it is (relatively) easier in the ‘Muslim world’…on the other side, in Muslim countries nowadays, many of them are so impoverished and economically destroyed, that people have to resort to bribery and extortion even to get the simplest and mundane matters taken care of, so only the really strong Muslims deal fairly with people yet the urge to simply ‘get it done’ through a bribe here and there is ever so tempting…so, there are fitan and temptations in both societies every single day, all of them equally as ‘strong’

    yes, it seems easier to practice Islam in those societies simply because there are more Muslims there, but the truth is Islam started out as something strange and will end as something strange, so no matter WHERE u go, the true Muslims will always seem wierd/strange/different, simply because the Muslim spends his days away from vain talk, gossip, and such…the Muslim spends his days in fasting and remembrance of Allah, and his nights in long prayers while the vast majority (the “normal” people) are sound asleep

    The Prophet Muhammad (saaw) had a vision for his society. With the help of Allah (swt), if he could take the Makkan society which was noted for:
    -practicing shirk, worshiping idols made from wood and stone
    -enslaving and torturing everyone and anyone who was ‘different’
    -burying their daughters alive

    if THOSE people, who lived in the most barbaric of societies, can be shown the light of Islam…then surely Islam can thrive in the West which isn’t even a fraction of what Makkan society was.

    We, as Muslims living in the West, need to have a vision for our society, very much like the Prophet (saaw) had a vision for his. May Allah (swt) help us to be strong, Allahuma Ameen

    (sry for the long comment, got a bit carried away, lol)

    Once again…great post MR!

  4. when u stay in a muslim country you are natrually expected to be good muslims. sadly that’s not true. people in the west are so much better off cuz they realized the evils of the society and took steps against it. in a muslim country everyone thinks “we are living in a muslim country. what wrong could our kids do?” the result is sumthing like MR said in his previous post about Egypt.

  5. the abdaal of syria and the people of yemen remain to be diamonds in the rough, even when the rest of hte middle east is just blah nowadays. but regardless, those dont mean the society can still fall apart, ive heard from people (of Damascus) that damascus now is not as great as it was even 10 or 15 years ago but there is that barakah factor. but in general i think MR and anwer make great points. Ah.. I still miss Syria though.

  6. I’m thinking of converting to Islam for a while. Well, that’s not a great way of putting it. We’ll see how long it lasts.

  7. Western practicing non-arrogant not-looking-down-upon-people Muslims are much better than Muslims in Muslim countries.

  8. lol I know MR online. He went to my university and we met on facebook.

    The problem is that I’m not always serious about converting. I’m just open minded and enjoy trying things. I also have a lot of Muslim friends. Another problem is that I’d only feel comfortable telling my family and friends if I was 100% serious, and when I am, it’s usually for the wrong reasons. lol Religion is more than just having something in common with your friends. I’m Jewish and my dad is Roman Catholic btw.

  9. Dawud – “hey” is actually very knowledgeable about Islam more than many Muslims I know.

    the funny thing is “Dawud Israel” and “hey” have something very common between each other. hahaha

  10. MR- that is soooo not funny! LOL

    hey- email me and we’ll talk, no pressure just whatever you feel you need
    As the hadith goes, “Astafti kalbak”–consult your heart!

  11. One advantage to living in the west – when your child asks why so-and-so person is doing something haram, it is usually something blatent (like dating or drinking) and you can explain to him that that person is not a Muslim, and he is different from us – he is not on the right path of Islam, and we are so fortunate to know what that person does not know, since our path leads to jenna (inshaAllah) and his path leads to hellfire.

    But in a Muslim country, when he asks why “Aunty” doesn’t wear hijab, or “Uncle” is drinking, it is more difficult to answer. When you see non-Muslims behaving badly, you can say it is because they are non-Muslims, but when you see Muslims behaving badly, it’s harder to explain why.

  12. “Dawud – “hey” is actually very knowledgeable about Islam more than many Muslims I know.”


    but yo, I’d stop using the name “hey”, but since my name is David, I don’t want to be confused with the crazy guy. I guess I could try being a little more creative. Someone give me a Muslim name.

  13. “hey- email me and we’ll talk, no pressure just whatever you feel you need. As the hadith goes, “Astafti kalbak”–consult your heart!”

    Thanks man. Sure, I’ll email you sometime.

    When ever I talk like that, the common Atheist, agnostic, or not seriously religious person puts me down by saying I’m lost and confused, or don’t know who I am. Even ethnically because I’m from a mixed family.

  14. As a member of the former ‘christian majority’ in America who one day woke up as an instant minority in America, I think it’s about being a minority.

    If you are the only Muslim for miles, and have to struggle to eat halal when everyone else isn’t, and have people define your whole person as “a Muslim” or “a Christian”, I think that gives you some inner strength and prompts you to study the religion more.

    I’ve noticed that Christians from muslim-majority areas are more practicing than the average Christian who lived in a christian-majority country. The same for Muslims, it seems like American Muslims grew up in a minority environment and it made them more committed to it. Please note that I don’t mean everyone, I know Arabs and desis who are from abroad and more religious than many Muslims here.

    This is just an attempt to find it, is it the Western-Muslim minority experience? Mush has been written about the black experience in America and the black Muslim experience, but the Muslim community only got scrutiny a few years ago.

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