To Muslims for McCain: Is this what you want?

I hope Mohammed Elibiary and the other Muslims who support McBush see this video and realize that it would be better if they didn’t vote at all.

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  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    As a non-American Muslim, I don’t quite understand – doesn’t Obama simply want to shift troops to Afghanistan (another Muslim-majority country)? What’s the big difference?

  2. Muslims have fallen for Obama’s rhetoric hook, line, and sinker. Unbelievable that we fall all over him because of his eloquence and totally dismiss his neo-socialist agenda. I’d rather have the devil we know in charge rather than the devil we don’t. Mark my words, with Obama in charge this country will fall into a severe depression.

    Grow up and learn something about the reality of the world we’re living in. It’s like you’re a little girl blinded by puppy love for some teenage boy band. Oh yeah, you do always like to promote music from Outlandish and the like. Music is haraam. Did you not know that?

    Open your eyes and start looking a little deeper at the candidates. It will do you a world of good, insha’Allah.

  3. anon,

    can u honestly say that mccain is a better candidate than obama?? what do u see from the videos that MR puts up. Obama might not be perfect but his policies are better than off Mccains and these videos prove it. Maybe u should take a closer look at our world and decide who the right candidate it.

  4. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Sorry if I caused any offence, I just wonder/ed why some Muslims seem to view Iraq differently as compared to Afghanistan/Pakistan? Again, I’m not American but I think there are legitimate reasons to vote for both candidates (and imo far more obvious reasons to vote for neither). If we take the principle of least evil, I think we have to accept that different people judge evil differently.

    For example (and this is theoretical since I don’t know both candidates’ positions), some Muslims might consider McCain’s position on abortion to be ‘more Islamic’ than Obama’s . And, to the best of my knowledge, unborn babies (regardless of parentage) are considered both human and Muslim ~4 months after conception. So their lives also need to be considered. Others might see Obama’s threat to invade Pakistan as being more costly in terms of Muslim blood than McCain’s promise to remain in Iraq for ‘100 years’ (more realistically, 4/8 – as long as his term/s last). Still others may prefer the morals of a ‘Judeo-Christian’ nation to a secular one.

    To sum up, what I’m trying to say is: if you accept voting as halal, accept that Muslims will actually vote – i.e. choose the candidate they think best. I don’t think they should be seen as traitors (not that I’m accusing anyone of labelling them thus) for choosing McCain, as long as they think the good outweighs the evil.

    P.S. I don’t think race is a good reason to vote for anyone. And I’m black so I don’t feel uncomfortable saying that. 😛

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