Obama officially marries Israel

I’m here on this trip to reaffirm the special relationship between Israel and the United States, my abiding commitment to its security

Looks like MR is NOT voting in the 2008 election. Check out what the Arab News media have said about this here.

Edit: I will vote still, just because I want to see a Black man become the President of the United States.  Other then that, both candidates are not in the benefit for the Muslims in my opinion.

Source: BBC News

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  1. I honestly believe alot of people vote against a candidate, rather than for one.

  2. It seems to me that there’s a lot of emphasis on the whole ‘foreign affairs’ issue on all the Muslim blogs when talking about the ’08 or any other election. In fact, the majority of them-if not all-talk only about this, on who goes for Israel, or who is going to stay in Iraq. No talk about the other things that are essential in any election; economy, taxes, health care, etc.

    It’s true, however, that if all you’re going to base your vote on is if someone’s married or engaged to Israel-then I’d suggest never voting if you don’t want to counteract on your single idea of what’s worthy in an election.

  3. I’m having trouble getting too excited about this. In one direction or the other. The U.S will probably always be a terrorist nation and will keep supporting governments that remind them of themselves when it comes to having aggressive military and the common goal of policing the middle east. If I was pissed enough, I’d leave the U.S.

  4. Muslim should VOTE…Every 4 years this is how it is. Pick the best of the worst….do we really have a choice?

  5. Every person should vote based on their own weighing of good vs. bad and not on what they “should do” because of their culture or religion.

  6. you’re funny MR. I bet you saw that photo of Obama with the kippah and just lost it. You flip flopped more times than IHOP. haha j/k bro

  7. Could the above picture be to balance things out a little? I mean the picture with the turban didn’t do his credibility any favours. Can we soon expect a trip to a hindu or buddhist temple where he’ll perhaps dress in their garb?

    Having said that, I’m no fan of either candidate. As one wants to get his hands dirty by ‘erradicating Islam’ the other is prostituting himself to Israel and the Zionist cause.

    I have no issues with protecting the Jews as they almost always had protection under the Muslims, but when you are protecting and empowering Zionists, this becomes problematic.

    Last night Obama spoke in Berlin of how his father was given a chance to go to America from Kenya after having written many letters to the colleges/universities there. Eventually one took him on. By his father getting a chance, he has now been given a chance. I really like the way he relates these stories to win over crowds. But does he really mean it? If so, why are the Palistinian people not getting a chance?

    Sometimes an evil has to take place before something good can come out of it. I pray and hope that Allah (jalla jalaalu hu) unveils that good in our time and through this man – as I believe he is the least worst of the 2 candidates.

  8. At this point, when half of the Jewish population lives in Israel, Palestine or what ever you want to call it, how can we protect the Jews while ending Zionism? There are people who believe there is no such thing as a peaceful zionist when all it means is that they want to keep what they consider home and are still against the Israeli government just like of Americans reap the benefits of the U.S but spit on the government here. Peace is not enough for a lot of Jews and Arabs/Muslims. Peace would mean Zionism that only lacks terrorism/war coming from either side and probably more sharing of land. A lot of people would love that, but we all know there will be enough who will want to spoil it because of their pride, stance, etc.

  9. Every four years we go through this argument about who is better for the Muslims, when deep down, we all know that neither candidate will be good for Muslims and the Middle East. In terms of Foreign Affairs, the Democrats and Republicans will always be “two sides of the same coin.”

    But as genieyclo mentioned, there is a lot more to a presidential election that the candidates’ views on foreign affairs. How about we start considering how these people will affect us in America, the country we actually live in? One of these men will have a direct impact on our lives in terms of the economy and health care, among other aspects.

    I am not saying to forget our Muslim Brothers and Sisters (May Allah have mercy on them), but why waste time and energy on this specific argument? And for those who say this is a reason to not vote, just remember that you will still be directly affected by this.

  10. That’s right. It’s always good to forget yourself sometimes and think of others. But can only take it so far. Year after year it’s been futile. It’s not that bad at all in America. If I was more humble maybe I’d wish I could live where attacks take place so i can know how it feels and take a stand in person. I’d more than likely die, but it would have a better chance of making the news than continuous rants in my room or Starbucks. 😉

  11. i personally don’t see any problem with this. as akhan said, he probably wouldn’t stand any chance in this race unless he did support Israel.

    so how does this benefit Muslims? at least it may lead to racial desensitization.

    if he was blatantly pro Muslim i don’t believe he would have gotten anywhere near this far, at least it opens the door for future candidates to be from different backgrounds, a break from the traditional pattern.

    Its a start

  12. Race is no reason to vote for Barack.

    I dont really support him, but my motivation is Iraq and Iran and my fear of what McCain might do with them.

    The Israel problem will not be solved any time soon.

  13. I challenged the world and it proved too strong for me; I despised other men and they are taking their revenge.BenitoMussoliniBenito Mussolini

  14. There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it.ChristopherDarlingtonMorleyChristopher Darlington Morley

  15. When Obama was invited to AIPAC months ago, that was the proposal. His speech was the the Nikah.
    Now his visit to Israel is the Walimah.

    They only consummate the marriage when he advances their causes.

  16. politics is the art of making the people believe they are in power when in fact they have none.

    so dont believe the hype. and MR, much love akhi but a shayton is a shayton no mater what shade of pigment his skin is. either candidate is a shayton and just paving the way for the dajjal.

  17. haha, reminds me of a great daily show bit on the AIPAC speeches: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Xy1dL2p1lJY&feature=related.

    it’s unfortunate that some think the candidates are equal with regards to Muslims/ the Muslim world, and also unfortunate that some Muslims are practically single-issue voters.

    a few years ago at the RIS retreat in Toronto, Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah was speaking about participation in the democratic process. he argued that Muslims shouldn’t try to ally with one party alone, or set up a Muslim party, but there are advantages in the various parties, so individual Muslims should get involved with whichever they think is best, even if they can’t find a party with which they agree absolutely. (after all, very few can.)

  18. I’m not sure why there was such a problem with this picture. He is most likely in a jewish temple. Men are not allowed inside the temple unless they are wearing one. My very Egyptian and very nonjewish father went to a Bar Mitzvah and even he put one on. I have pictures and found it to be quite funny. Does that suddenly make him an Israeli lover? Grow some brains people

  19. The problem is that ppl are not listening to what the man has to say, the look at him talk and hear whatever they want, dude been saying from day one that his gonna lead from the center, sure he went to israel but he went to Afganistan, Iraq , and Ramallah too. Plus why are ppl suprised his a political.

  20. Obama hates Israel, Jews, and Christians. He loves gays, abortions, and infanticide. He is only pretending to be Israel’s friend because they guy is a two faced jerk. He just really wants to head up the United Nations and have a global socialist society. I am sure he probably thinks nothing of what the Chinese do when a white government van pulls up to your house to kill your grandfather because he cannot work and they kill him to sell off his organs. Obama is Hitler reincarnated. I can understand why Muslims say they hate Christians, almost 80% of the American population say they are Christians because they think that “if I did not kill anyone I must not be a bad person.” Only about 1% of the American population is truly a Christian and Muslims do not see those people. They just see what Christians are pushing through the media in terms of porn. God save us all!

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