Barack Obama’s “Dua”

Relax people. I’m using “dua” here to mean prayer.  Here it is:


Protect my family and me. Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.


9 Replies to “Barack Obama’s “Dua””

  1. he wrote it down because it was meant to be left in between the cracks of the western wall, per tradition of those who visit that site. someone took it out of the crack and gave it to a newspaper afterwards.

  2. So now MR has admitted he’s only voting for this guy because of the amount of melanin in his skin; Barack is a fraud and some phony prayer is not going to change anything. MR don’t be a gullible fool and waste 45 minutes of your life to vote for a fraud

  3. lol Work Hard or die…das funny
    but its either between mccain or obama….im guessing u wud vote for mccain since obama is a fraud to u

    to MR…go for obama..i second that

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