Azeem Khan of ICNA Defends Imam Siraj Wahhaj against Peter King

Go Azeem!

Peter King is an idiot!

25 Replies to “Azeem Khan of ICNA Defends Imam Siraj Wahhaj against Peter King”

  1. He did an excellent job, and definitely got the point across.
    I’m getting so sick of King and everyone else like him…

  2. Man when I read Peter King, I thought it was the sports writer from SI. Thank god it wasn’t! lol


    finally, a Muslim on CNN who knows how to speak, alhamdulilah.

  4. i think out of all the news channels who covered this story, cnn actually did the best job – now im not being a racist here, but i think its because the news guy was black, and the congressman wasn’t as bad as the other people we’ve seen talking there.

    if you see the vids from here (, you’ll want to punch something. But alhamdulillah, we got a nice brother here smacking down the smack!

    I feel like the video has been cut out though, right after azeem finished talking, i want to see the whole thing so i can see the congressmans red face, im not even in an American but i don’t care i need to see this!!! If anybody has the full video please post a link.

  5. mashallah…..getting the words straight across..thas wat i like..promote Islam!
    the brother did an excellent job


    May Allah bless Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Azeem Khan

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