The 2008 Ramadan Olympics! Get a head start!

Why start off Ramadan on day 1, when you can get a head start?  Ramadan is like a race.  A race to get blessings and forgiveness.  Most people start the race on the 1st day of Ramadan, thus the day before they are still in there ready position.  Ready to jump off and start running.  With the start of the 2008 Olympics in China, I thought it would be appropiate to compare the two.  Specifically the running races.  If one was to get a head start running say 10-15 feet before the start line and begin running, as they pass the start line, the would already have a head start then those who jumped from there ready position. They would theoretically win the race since they were already running.  Although this is illegal in the Olympics, it’s not illegal to get a head running start before Ramadan.

Start reading more of the Qur’an (practice for MR’s Online Quran Reading Contest coming up), fast a few days, and pray that extra sunnah and nafl prayers.  This is your head start in the 2008 Ramadan Olympics.  Why settle for bronce and silver when you can get gold?  Have you ever seen how the participants of the Olympics cry and are extremely happy over a gold medal?  Our gold medal is even greater and is ever lasting.  Our gold medal is given to us by our creator and it is not man-made.  Our gold medal is greater than all those gold medals the Olympics has.  Our gold medal is heaven.

The month of Ramadan is the best month to increase your chances of winning the gold medal.  So let us all try to get running start and beat the rest of the participants while they are still in the ready position.

Bismillah, let’s go!

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  1. Bismillah

    15th of Shaban is around the corner as well…and alhamdulillah people are taking notice–I know this because they are arguing it’s bidah hahahaha

    Look it up on facebook for more details on the significance of this night.

  2. “Why settle for bronce and silver when you can get gold? ”
    Spelled “bronze” wrong.

  3. Jazzak allah khayr for the encouragement, as we all know our prophet muhammad saws used to fast a large amount in the month of sha’baan. plus it is a head start and a little training it makes it much easier for the long haul of ramadan…may allah increase us in good

  4. Assalamualykum, maybe you could post this Ramadan series by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar for the Olympics – lol. The more you know about Ramadan, the more you will appreciate every moment spent within the sacred month. His lectures are really in depth about Ramadan, and its many different aspects, and they are free to listen to at his site, or from the radio player of this free islamic toolbar (

    Anyways it is the perfect time to start listening to them and you could probably finish them, or atleast listen to most of them by the time Ramadan starts. I highly recommend that you take notes while listening, it helps you concentrate, and not get lost into a daydream or something, and it helps you reanalyze and sum up the information needed for Ramadan.

    Here’s the link:

    It’s the one titled “Ramadan Series” – i highly recommend you listen to the other ones after Ramadan.

  5. It’s funny how this post has gotten barely any activity, but the most commented posts are the ones about music, non-music issues – i guess that shows where the priorities of the youth are.

    anyways i got another link here for ramadan, for a quick motivational list of things to pump you up for making this the best ramadan of your life, a life changing ramadan.

    try to really appreciate the message, not just accept it intellectually

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