ISNA Video Blog – Day 1 (Friday)

Here is a raw un-edited video of my review of the first day at the ISNA convention:

Here is the video of the brother, Faisal Mirza, from the Netherlands:

He has his own website here. JazakAllah khair Faisal for the message!

InshaAllah I’ll post up my Saturday video tomorrow.

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  1. Imam Suhaib webb said a good thing (in many many others of course! lol) : about america and muslims. As european muslims, american muslims we have to remind that we born and raised here in a non-muslim country. So we are european, americans citizens and we have rights but duties too! And yes it’s dificult sometimes but al-hamdulilah more and more people around us accept us!

    We don’t have to integrate us coz we are yet integrated! And I think we can be proud to be american or european muslims!
    We are a part of our country and we have to live with the others not only with muslims.

    And I think we have many oportunities to be in peace with the non-muslims. We can use this month of Ramadan to show to the non-muslims what it’s our religion. How it’s so important for us and the signification of fasting during one month.
    In a khutba, a imam explains the benefit for all of us (muslims and non-muslims) to for exemple invite a non-muslim in our home, one day, at iftar.

    We can stay only in our community and after say ” the others hate us”.
    We have to do the first step towards them!

    Apologies for this long comment but it’s difficult to hear brothers and sisters who said many many critics for the non-muslims. They thing they are best than the non-muslims but Only Allah knows our future and if yes or no we will die as muslims.

    And Allah Knows best!

    Ramadan Kareem!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!

    MR you are so jokes on camera…uh uh uh…bwahahaha..I’m nervous !
    Aight, I’ll stop messing with you. You got better and more comfortable as it went on. Try and have some fun and goof off…like Baba Ali. We all know you so chillax b.

    Come closer to the camera, make sure the light is not behind you or to the side because it casts a shadow on your face–make sure it’s in the front. And bro, smile more.

    Otherwise, this is tight, insha Allah–keep the vids coming and so we all can see more of your nur. 🙂

  3. Very cool! Jazakallahu Khair MR for the summary of your experiences and learned lessons at ISNA. Keep them coming 🙂

  4. I think it would have been interesting to meet this brother from the Netherlands. I visited the Netherlands along with Br. Khalid Latif at the end of May and the beginning of June and we got to meet with people and experience how life is for Muslims in the Netherlands. Dr. Altaf Husain went to the Netherlands right after we did.

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