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  1. Kinda buggy still, but not bad; it’s just a beta. Type about:memory in the address bar to see some statistics and RAM usage of every browser you have open (including Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

  2. @ExEx Blogger – Yes I was. I wanted to see your comments, but I see you commented already. JazakAllah khair! Ramadan Mubarak!

  3. Hi,

    I am not Muslim. I am a Black Republican. I saw on CNN today Sunday an interview with a news reporter and a voter of the Muslim faith. I did not get the names because I had not paid close attention. What was said confused me a little. I am new to all the politics. I vote but really getting involved and understanding the whole process was really foreign to me. I have learned so much these past few months. The question to the muslim voter was, Why is Obama keeping his distance from the Muslim community and not seeking out your vote. I thought that it was obvious. Since it was not, I wanted to say what I know that Senator Obama would say if he could. He is for Americans period. All of us. The same way he is not siding with only blacks or only Democrats. He is for us all. I know you understand about 9/11.
    I am an insider to the Republican thought process and until I looked at both candidates did I see such a difference in what I want for my furture and the future of my grandson. It should not matter the religion but is does. My party would make people who already have fears about Senator Obama and his connections because of his muslim Dad, they would not let it go. So I understand why. Americans many of us still even though in the back of our minds and some always in the forefront of our minds are still afraid. You have been all lumped together good and bad. You saw how they reacted to Pastor Wright. I heard the gentleman say “that it does not make a difference who they vote for both are against us”. I felt his hopelessness come though the screen and I almost wanted to cry. I have been hopeless. I want to say this to your community. Even though Senator Obama does not appear to be embracing your community, he is. I said I am a Republican. I am mot voting Republican this time. Why? Because Obama is for the 95%, if you are the 1% then vote for McCain but if you want your children to dream bigger than ever before, to see someone that looks more like them than not and who truely wants to support us all then don’t be disheartened. Obama is for you, people from my party would make so much of a friendship with you right now it would probably keep him out of office for sure. Pray and trust him and God, that is what I did.

    Thank you,
    Tanya Haye

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