Etidal Abdullah – Missing Muslim Sister in Lackawanna, NY – Action Required Now!

Friends and family of 21-year-old Etidal Abdullah are asking the community for help in finding the missing woman. Etidal was last seen Friday afternoon, September 05, 2008 in the Save-A-Lot parking lot on Abbott Road, Lackawanna NY. Etidal is described as being 5 feet tall and an approximently 95 lbs.

Her family is offering a $15,000 reward for any information leading to her whereabouts. Any information will be greatfully appreciated and will remain anonymous. Please call (716) 826-1145 with ANY possible leads. Anyone with information is also asked to call the Lackawanna Police Department at 822-4900.

What you can do?

  • Make Dua!
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  • Call these the Lackawanna Police and tell them to continue the search and increase efforts. Some people on Islamicaweb Forums have posted in this thread that the Police have been lazy in terms of action. It took them 3 days to actually get started.
    • Lackawanna Police Department
      (716) 822-4900
    • Lackawanna Chief of Police
      Dennis J. O’Hara
    • Detective Department
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20 Replies to “Etidal Abdullah – Missing Muslim Sister in Lackawanna, NY – Action Required Now!”

  1. innalhamdolillah. bismillah. hasbonAllaho wa ne’mal wakeel.

    i pray that the sister, her family, and her community are safe, and strong in their Iman during this time. may He make clear what is still in doubt and resolve our distress.

    i make this post only because there are numerous follow-ups to the links given, and these follow-ups indicate that someone, whose voice has been recognized by the family as the missing sister, has called police, spoken to them for seven minutes, and assured them that she is well and left voluntarily.

    it is important that at least one source at the police told reporters that they are not sure whether the call was coerced or not, and they are still investigating.

  2. isalamo 3laykoom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatu…innalilah wa ina ilayhi raji3oon…nothing can be sadder than this..fil shahir Ramadan almubarak and this happens..May Allah be with the family and etidal wherever she may be…i just heard about this from a family mem in michigan yesterday and the family name seems familiar..may Allah be with us all and protect everyone from awlad al Haram..wheather the family understands whats going on or not..inshAllah RAB AL3LAMEEN will bring whats good..everythings in HIS will..inshAllah shes found soon and in perfect condition…come safely and sound..AllAH MA3A ALJAMEE3…my prayers are with u all..salam

  3. salamualaikum

    Alhamdulillaah she is alive … family members confirmed that it was her voice on a 7-minute phone call to the police that was recorded.

    Apparently she ran away from home, and was not kidnapped.

  4. salam….may allah bring peace to her family and bring their daughter home safely…..i am very disappointed of the police and of the terrible situation and just wanted to ask if there is an update on what has happened or whats going on..its been a week already?!!!!!

  5. Sounds more and more like she ran away from home. What a shame! Wasting taxpayer $$ and the time of many many people and agencies. The statement that she is not a “white good lookin blondie” is whack! People are just so ignorant.

  6. They found her. And I am hoping against hope that she would be taken under coercion or force, but running away may be the case. Subanallah, how do the children find this much courage to break all ties for some stupid reason. Parents are equally responsible for raising a child without the proper tarbiyah. I fear it might be marriage issue. Sometimes our sisters are not comfortable to be married to anyone. They are raised here and get constantly brain washed with the standards of this environment. Parents have made it difficult to listen to their children in making decisions about them. Now we can only wait and hope other girls don’t get encouraged to pursue such a humiliating route. We are all responsible for not educating the parents and the children. This is fitna. This is not from Islam but our desires are our worst enemies. I hope the father has some sense and fears God before acting out like an animal.

  7. Maybe she was unhappy. When you are displeased with your husband and he is with you (for whatever reason, God forbid) do you two not seperate for a while? I think she just needed space to clear her head.

  8. did anyone of you asked himself or herself why she did that? did you all know familys in usa acting stupid with thier ( teens)kids? do u know we yemenis are not the same yemenis anymore? i mean why when guys from yemen ( poor or rich ) ask for girls hands , they have to go through a lot of craps just to get married.? girls now date because familys say no no no mostlly brothers and uncles not even the fathers. so it is normal if she ran away..she is not the first nor the last ..salam and kulman ma3ah shubaak yegh6eeeeh webas.

  9. Did they really find her? Force marriages is not allowed in islaam. The family should let her marry whoever she wants. So many girls go through so much nonsense by being forced into a marriage or even the lesser form which is coercion. It is like going through a psychological hell.
    It takes a lot of sabr and tawaqul to ‘alal Allaah to stick through a coerced marriage for whatever reason. Subhanallaah, may Allaah protect that sister and give her sakinah and peace and eemaan in her heart to go through the difficult time. May her family forgive her for running away and Allaah open their minds to understand her and not force her to do something against her will, ameen.

  10. I dont blame her for leaving… Alot of people talk about how she is wrong leaving her family like she did, but no one knows what she have been going through. I dont know the girl but i knew another yemeni girl who ranaway over something similar. their parents force them into marrying someone they dont want to, they dont give them any type of freedom and they dont have trust. All muslim families are not like this but the ones who are maybe they will think twice about makin decisions for their children. Im muslim and im fine my parents trust me i go ot school, work and im able to hang out with friends and half of them aren’t even musilm.. they taught me the wrong and right decisions to make and they trust me .maybe thats what more muslim families should do ecspecially in america…

  11. inshaallah the girl gets home safe and sound.. hopefully her family just tries to forget about everything and just get on with their lives..

  12. As of Oct 10th, she was still missing. And only Allah knows if she actually ran away. Make no assumptions, just make dua for her safe return, and pass no judgment, inshaAllah

  13. In all likelihood, Etidal ran off with her boyfriend. She this is a domestic issue, one where her family disappoved of her choice of spouse.

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