Teacher Calls 6th Grader Muslim Student a Terrorist

A teacher at Brentano Academy in Chicago uses a Muslim student as an example of a terrorist and all they do is move her to a different school.

A Chicago teacher is under fire for singling out the only Muslim student in her class while talking about the Middle East. The teacher has now been reassigned to another school. However, the young boy’s family is demanding answers.

“She used the example of if Saleh were to go on to an airplane, put his backpack down and put two wires together and the plane were to blow up – and she didn’t make a point,” said Christina Abraham, Council on American-Islamic Relations.

God willing she loses her job as a teacher.

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  1. I’m originally from Chicago, and I’ve moved out to Washington DC where I work for the gov’t. A lot of my colleagues are Muslim Americans who perform invaluable services translating helping us understand the social and cultural aspects of the Arabic/Persian countries that we are dealing with every day. I hope that racism like this doesn’t convince too many recent immigrants from the Middle East that the US has no place at the table for Muslims. Please exercise your freedoms and demand your rights. This country is a gift for all the displaced peoples of the world. Religion doesn’t/shouldn’t matter under our laws nor should the color of your skin.

    When my own family immigrated to this country from Ireland more than a century ago there were also implicit and explicit obstacles. Please don’t give up on us. The promise of America is only realized through your participation and integration into our evolving culture.

  2. The definition of terrorist is someone who uses intimidation or fear to achieve a political or a social goal. In my opinion this teacher used fear to achieve a political and social goal. The teacher, therefore, is a terrorist.

  3. What this woman said was hardly racist. Islam is not a race, so her comments cannot possibly be racist. Was what she said ‘insensitive?’ Quite likely. Did she use a bad example and make the student feel uncomfortable? Yes. Does she deserve to be fired? Probably not.

    Also, it was funny that Sarah tried to equate this woman to being a terrorist when her act clearly did not resemble anything remotely equivalent to terrorism.

    You can try to manipulate and stretch the definitions of words from their original meanings, but that doesn’t make your definitions of these words true.

    So, don’t compare this woman to the likes of Nasrallah, Hamas, and bin Laden.


  4. Muhammad ibn al_Wahid you sound like a moderate. Actually more rather a neo con. The teacher’s comments has set off a chain of retarded yet typical ignorant behaviour (what seems to be her personal opinion that all muslims or arabs are terrorists). This type of hateful behaviour isn’t welcome at all yet its obscure its only being surfaced now.

    And what’s this you are saying the teacher’s act isn’t equated with a terrorist mindstate? “The teacher singled out the child….and never made a point.” You sure you are who you say you are?

    Unless she has changed her ways since the incident (changed perception) then she needs the boot.

  5. i just found it hilarious that theres a online commercial for ISRAELI HOMELAND SECURITY. on the top of the screen ,anyone catch that loool

  6. What does the phrase “neo con” have to do with this situation? Nothing at all.

    The teacher should not have said what she said. It was a mistake. Yet, has she actually stated, “all Arabs are terrorists or all Muslims are terrorists”? If she has, then it is clearly wrong for her to do so.

    Everyone that is a reasonable person knows that Muslims are some of the most peaceful and kind people on the planet. Sure, there are so-called “Muslims” that are bad people, but they are in the minority.

    They do not represent the true faith of Islam.

    I am not sure if she should be fired. Obviously, she should have been given a stern warning about making students feel uncomfortable. There is no place for any sort of negative discrimination in schools, especially from teachers toward students.

    If it is really true that she is xenophobic, then she has no place as a teacher.

    I do not want to condemn this woman because she could have honestly made a mistake.


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