8 Replies to “WhyIslam ads on NYC Subways (Pictures)”

  1. Assalaam’aaleykum
    I was desperately waiting for this to happen. Alhamdu’lillah, message of Islam rolling on NYC subway. Keep it rolling!!!!

  2. Mashallah, one of the first ads on public transportation.
    however i feel that this ads are too simple and may lead the reader confused. There needs to be brief information. Maybe they could add a sentence fact about Islam that non-Muslims would be surprised to hear, such as the fact that we believe in all the prophets the Jews and Christians believe in.

  3. There are words in the background that describe the main word.
    This ensures a reader with some interest is intrigued enough get more info on link or # provided.

    The C&D (Concept and Design) team for this ad project researched and went through dozens of ideas for months, and alhamdulialh they were pretty sure this was a very good choice.

    The other ads can been seen at http://www.youdeservetoknow.org
    The Press Release explains the background words and why they were chosen–people identify these ‘buzz” words with them.

  4. Nice…
    But you have dirty and gritty rails in NYC with boring dark colors..
    They are not exactly keeping your mood up.

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