The First HD Quality Amateur Comedy/Spoof Muslim Video – SunnahBack

This is the first peek in to G2: Return of the Lota. As everyone expected, one of the many scenes that G2 will feature is the Halal Mixtape 2 scene, and this is the video for the song “SunnahBack”, one of the parody songs from the Halal Mixtape 2. This song is about how we need to get our sunnah on in our lives. Enjoy this video and remember, this isn’t a real song, we’re just acting, and its comedy, with a message! Enjoy!
No musical instruments.
Click here to watch in HD quality

Sunnah Back – G2: Return of the Lota from LotaPani Pictures on Vimeo.

Sneakpeak to Gandaghee 2: Return to the Lota.

29 Replies to “The First HD Quality Amateur Comedy/Spoof Muslim Video – SunnahBack”

  1. I like it. It is good but if Justin Timberlakes song didn’t exist i would have liked it even more. I think it is great but is inspired by a haram song

  2. haha loved ittt… it came on islam channel [UK] when these bros entered the nasheed competition… shame i watched it after the comp had ended or i wouldav totally voted for them!! so artisticly unique.

  3. wondering if anyone else also thinks this is just a cry for attention and a desperate display of talent or are they really sending a message or simply just made a “fun” video

  4. LOL @ people who think we are actually serious and think that this is really a song. Its a comedy video! If you dont know the context check out the halal mixtape 1 on youtube.

    Amir: I think you should change the title of this post to “first HD quality comedy/spoof video”

  5. Astighfirallah, how can these people call themselves Muslim? This is a shirk and a haram act. Islam doesn’t allow this type of crap. May Allah SWT guide these freaks. Ameen.

  6. Justin Timberlake Deserve To Know too…

    Great job MSA guys (don’t know your names)

    and guys, dawah has to be dynamic

    some say wrigglers juicy juice gum is haram but yet we have rip offs of that in a halal flava; does it make it haram to opcy harm in a halal fashion?
    the point is this: teach the masses in a way that promotes understanding.. …We/ I need to analyze everything before saying it’s forbidden.

    In dunya matters, all things are halal unless you have solid proof it’s haram.

    my small 2 cents : excellent dawah guys kudos

  7. @Real Muslim

    Uhh, whether this is mubah or not, might be a valid question and one could ask a faqih. But how on earth can you actually call this shirk?!

    Perhaps you should enlighten yourself with the dangers of accusing others of shirk as it’s not something one can do for a hobby.

  8. Some Muslims need to lighten up and take an enema or something… STOP trying to show and tell the world that your Islam is better than anyone elses. What you really have is spiritual arrogance and pride, which may be Haram in itself.

  9. Well kids a very nice job on your second edition, may Allah SWT bless you with success in all your endeavors.
    After you folks are done with this project I encourage you to come up with something titled, “All things considered Haram by less than knowledgeables”.
    Dont be discouraged by those who consider this shirk, haram and all else since they need to learn how to react in a halal way before doing so.
    Halal yani!
    Congratulations on a great start.

  10. Even if it’s a spoof/comedy, there’s good intentions behind it inshaAllah. I prayed 4 rakaahs of zuhr today and was about to get up and leave, and then remembered the song and prayed my sunnahs.
    Seriously. Barakallahfeek

  11. “Astighfirallah, how can these people call themselves Muslim? This is a shirk and a haram act.”

    Lol…since when did listening to music make you a mushrik?

  12. “Astighfirallah, how can these people call themselves Muslim? This is a shirk and a haram act.”

    Music requires instruments?
    So…..where do you hear any instruments being played?
    none at all that I notice.

    Give up your cockeyed tunnel vision and being first to point fingers & declare another believer of Islam as or their act as kufr or shirk, may Allah SWT guide those who are unable to understand their very own faith, ameen.

  13. I liked how you are trying to get people to start praying their sunnahs again. Very funny. But the song chose , im not a fan of. May Allah bless yoou for your intentions. But one thing i know this isnt is SHIRK. Shirk is to assosiate anything with Allah(SWT). And i think but insulting people and calling them “freaks” isnt going to make them want to be better muslims. Take the Prpohets companions for example. If they saw someone doing something wrong they wouldnt insult them, they would tell them what they have done wrong so that they may learns from their mistakes. And please when you make du’a for someone, take the exaple of the prohet(saw) and dont insult them in your du’a for guidance.

    Assalamu Alaikum

  14. realmuslim, who are you to judge wether or not these people are muslim? is it in your hands? no. so sitdown.

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