First Mainstream TV Commercial featuring a Muslim

I was watching the History Channel and I saw a commercial for Microsoft Vista and to my surprise for the first time I saw a Muslim on the commercial. It’s about time more companies started using Muslims as part of their commercials to normalize and humanize us as Americans and consumers as well.

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  1. yeah, it was a bit weird when i first saw it, cause they said Mojave and I mistook it for Muhammad after seeing the brother with the beard, lol

  2. I actually saw this commercial on TV and didn’t think anything of the Muslim in it until someone pointed it out to me that it probably was the first mainstream commercial with a Muslim.

    In a way, it’s also a really smart move on Windows’ part. Muslims get excited whenever they’re portrayed positively or even neutrally these days. It’s possible it’ll be posted and e-mailed all over the place, so Windows theoretically is going to be benefiting from some free advertising. 😉

  3. Using the muslim was a good thing as a gave a different view of muslims as just ordinary people dealing with the preceptions and issues like everyone else. I feel the advert also catches on the oppurtunity to show Window’s openeness and tolerance to different communities within US society. I think they are cashing more into the diversity perception. On the other hand it could be that they wanted to represent the diversity of people actually working for windows so that muslims in that company dont feel left out. creative advertising never the less.

  4. You’re kidding right?… He may be the first Muslim with a beard portrayed positively on mainstream TV. But, certainly not the first MUSLIM on TV. We don’t know if the average Joe or Susie on TV are in fact Muslims.

    You might need to edit your title. Thanks

  5. Dude – you missed MR’s point in that everyone will see the brother as a Muslim. Not as the average joe or Suzie like you said.

  6. There has OBVIOUSLY been legions of “unvisibly Muslim” people in TV commercials… And now souly based on a BEARD your claiming the “First Ever Muslim” in a commercial!?…LOL… …Fashion is VERY far reaching you know…Maybe dude REALLLY just likes Freeway?…LOL…

  7. I am proud of brother Muhammad, who did not lie in the advertisement by refraining from saying anything positive about vista. Vista sucks big time

  8. Salaams. MR, under what reasoning do you think this man is Muslim? I’ve seen the commercial many times it never occured to me “ooh, that’s a Muslim!” and I just re-watched it here and still don’t see any reason to think he is Muslim. 🙂

    As to Vista… well, I’m on Vista right now and have been since early March because it’s what came on my laptop. I can’t tell any difference between Vista and regular Windows. XP is too darn loud, I hated that. But other than that, they are all the same to me. Maybe I just don’t use the “fancy” stuff that everyone else looks for or something, but Vista is nothing special to me. No complaints either, but nothing special.

  9. I think there have been a few “visible” Muslims on UK TV ads… I remember seeing one several months back for a homewares store. Asian bro with a beard, wearing a suit. He was the salesman – but he wasn’t the main character though. He had a nice smile, masha’Allah!

    Not sure if I’ve seen any hijabis…

  10. As-Salam Alaikum

    Subhanallah, why are we Muslims so desperate for any bone the kuffar toss at us?

  11. Revised post title: First Mainstream TV Commercial featuring a Man with beard resembling stereotypical Muslim positively.

  12. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    So Micro$oft shows a guy with a big beard getting deceived by their stupid propaganda – being shown all the Vista eye candy without the pain of upgrading to SP1 and having to reinstall the whole system, or how slow it is at startup with all the applets, or the CD-ROM drive stopping working because of registry errors, or being asked twice whether you want to do something like install a program or change a setting … of course, Vista looks cool when you’ve only used it for five minutes, but I bet they don’t get to take it home.

    On the other hand, in the UK a furniture shop commercial had a Muslim (or Muslim-looking) guy with a big beard come in with a big smile on his face while a couple were arguing in “their” bedroom (actually a shop demo). I thought that was pretty funny. And Boots (pharmacy) have images of a woman in hijab on some of their promotional displays.

  13. Salams,

    It is quite obvious he is Muslim, long beard trimmed moustache, military gear. He dresses like 95% of all the people i know. The Beard in Deen is supposed to be a clear indicator to represent one’s Muslim identity.

  14. Salaams.

    A) No, no one calls him Muhammad in this commercial. Sorry, you are hearing what you wanna hear.

    B) A beard (and trimmed mustache) do not make a man a Muslim. Yeah, he looks like an awful lot of men I know… who aren’t Muslim. Sure, he looks like a lot of Muslim men I know too. What is your point?

    C) The beard alone is NOT the marker of a Muslim man. The Sunnah includes a turban to go with that beard.

    D) I agree with all who ask why we have to get all excited that Microsoft is affirming us or “allowing” us to look good in a mainstream commercial.

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