Kosher Cellphone

This is interesting:

The kosher cellphone looks like an ordinary cellphone, can make and receive calls, and may have a calculator and alarm clock.

But it cannot send or receive text messages, browse the internet or take photos – all activities that could potentially involve behaviour considered “immodest” among Haredis.

For example, SMS capability could lead to the unwitting receipt of mass text messages publicising secular events. It could also be used as a method of illicit communication between male and female teenagers.

They call it self-control:

She expresses concern over the amount of time people devote to surfing the net, wasting time they could spend learning Torah or doing good deeds.

Her main worry, however, is over the lack of control over content.

“There are many things on the internet that are not appropriate for me as a Haredi woman, things I would prefer that my family and I didn’t see or hear, like violence, pornography and inappropriate sexual relations,” she says.

For Haredis, “inappropriate” means any physical contact between a man and a woman who are not married.

But Avi, who says he needs the internet for his work in the tourist industry, has unfiltered online access.

“I’m not afraid of the negative aspects because I grew up with internet and I feel I can control myself not to use the bad features,” he says.

But when Muslims do this, it’s oppression!

Source: BBC News

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  1. Compare their approach my friend and you will see why it’s oppression when Muslims try it.

    Good job Jews!

  2. I think that is oppression when Jews do it too. And when Mormons do it. And when fundametnal Christians do it.

    I’m not Muslim, but I agree, this is a double standard!

  3. As-Salam Alaikum

    How could possibly claim that an action done by a person, with the will to do it, is oppresion? I guess “opression” by the standards of Westerners means “anything we disagree with.”

    It’s sad, no matter what philosphy the West adopts, it ends up being the same, arrogant, self-righteous entity it has always been. For shame.

    Salam Alaikum

  4. I think that is a pretty good phone to tell you the truth. Someone stretching the shariah could say that that’s what we got to use. You know shariah says things are haraam if they lead to haraam. Like being alone with the opposite gender. Or if you agree with Saudi, preventing women from driving, is also an example of that.

    although not everyone is in need of this phone but those who know they got problems should use it.

    Prevention of the bad is GOOD

  5. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Getting rid of the camera is no bad thing, because cameras are either a waste of time or a drain on the battery. However, getting rid of text messaging stops people sending legitimate messages as well – I often use SMS to communicate with family and work – but doesn’t stop them calling people they shouldn’t be talking to. It’s a stupid over-reaction.

  6. A-Salamu ‘alaykom

    it is impossible to stop the technology.
    a knife is good for cooking and also good for killing.

    it is better to educate the youth to the right path instead of preventing them an important source of communication.

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