Only 4 Arab Prophets in Islam

Did you know that there are only four prophets in Islam that are Arab?  All the other prophets are non-Arabs.  I learned this while taking an Arabic class with Bayyinah institute taught by Nouman Ali Khan (I highly recommend his classes and Bayyinah institute).

The four Arab prophets were Muhammad, Shu’ayb, Salih and Hud (peace and blessings be upon them all).

This is surprising to me, because this completely destroys the idea that Arabs are “more Islamic” even though we have the most popular and widely quoted last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) saying “an arab is not better than a non-arab nor is a white greater than a black except in taqwa”.   The fact that the majority of Prophets of Allah are non-Arab is also proof that Islam came for everyone and is for everyone.

I know many of you will be like, wow big deal, but the way Bro. Nouman explained it made my eyes wide open.  He also said a lot of other amazing stuff which I may or may not share inshaAllah.

Check out this lecture by him entitled: Why Study Arabic & How?

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  1. Its not because all Arabs think Islam was based on their history/ heritage its because the whole middle eastern region is where most of the great Prophets were brought down its not just arabs its all semetic people north and east africa , middle east etc who hold this view. though we make up small % of population of muslims today.

  2. That’s great to know. I already knew that the Arabs were not superior, but why do I still feel that most Muslims would lick their feet if they could?

  3. Ismael (AS) is the father of arabs, but he isnt arab.

    Lets go back to History a little (Listen to Anwar AlAwlaki’s CD set on Lives of the Prophets)

    Ibraham (AS) came with Hajar to Makkah and he left her and Ismael there.

    Then a group of people came from Yemen (The Original Arabs) and they stayed in Makkah

    Then you had the decent of Ismael and the decent of the trip of Adnan and QahTan … thats were all the genetically pure arabs come from..

    About the actual topic tho… its interesting always to see that non Arabs look at arabs as more islamic… like the author commented… in reality tho.. I see it the other way around.. Desi people (in particular) are much more incline to be more religious than Arabs.. i mean come on.. look at the masajid.. look at the conferences.. look at any Islamic event… 7 out of 10 are desi and 1 arab and 2 (others).. haha.. (okay that was a joke.. dont shoot )

  4. @haytham – My wife has said the same thing about Arabs being less active in the Muslim community. (She’s Arab so it’s okay for here to say that, haha). In my opinion, there is just not enough Arab Muslims in America or maybe there is and I don’t see them?

  5. LOLOL.. I am an arab too so its okay for me to say that haha..

    As for the “not enough arab muslims in america” excuse… I donno man.. lets look at it this way..

    When you are born and raised here in the states.. you are still affected by your parents culture.. from an Arab point of view, they just dont care about the community at large as much as they care about their own well being.. its a fact.. unlike desi people..

    Dude.. I am surprised that your inlaws allowed you to marry her… (soon on my blog i will talk about interracial marriages inshaAllah) because not only do arabs dont marry outside their race, they have other issues marrying “brown, black” hindi 2aw bakistani (Indian or bakistani lol)

    Just my 2 cents.. this is a very general view .. i am sure there are a lot of exceptions.. but the majority (in my opinion) follow this theory

  6. Furthermore (advertising for Bayyinah) Brother Wasam teaches Bayyinah Tajweed corse. Teaches you everything he learned in 6 months in egypt in 10 days!!!!!!!!! and then you practice with him on tele-conference.
    As for br. wasam’s class my parents took it (dad is a friend of his and both are members of Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Tanzeem -i-Islami) and said they have a much easier time memorizing the Quran.

    IMO Bayyinah has been more beneficial to me than Zaytuna and Al-maghrib put together.

    If you doubt what I said just read Nouman’s blog where he breaks down Quranic Arabic and show me who else (any sheikh, imam etc.) has done what he has done. (that’s my challenge)

    P.S. for those who are not fimiliar with Dr. Israr Ahmed or the Tanzeem visit
    or just search pages application of facebook for Dr. Israr Ahmed (he was a direct student of Maududi, if you don’t know him SPECIALLY of you are from the indian subcontinent then be ashamed, and he was part of the jamatal islami movement before he made his own tanzeem-i-islami. (He was in the cabnit of Zaiyul Haque and realized Pakistan can’t be changed by neither the bullet nor the ballot but only by dawah)

  7. As-Salam Alaikum

    From what I’ve seen, non-Arabs hate Arabs, and blame them for the problems of the Ummah (i.e. greed, gluttony, westernization, pandering to the West/kuffar). Not to say that they are correct, but this is what I usually hear from non-Arab brothers regarding the Arabs.

    Salam Alaikum

  8. well arabs think they are better than everybody else, i hate them. them getting the last prophet is a more a sign of how they sucked and needed to be saved than how great they are. all the things which are said to be prohibited have come from arabs like alcohol and whores. arabs in the west don’t really follow their religion and those back in arabia sucks as well. with their oil and stuff. why don’t they all just go away. eh?

  9. LOL… dude.. i really hope you are joking.. coz i think you are border line racist LOLOL….

    umm on a more serious note tho…you are quite wrong about almost everything you said ..

    You said:
    1- Them getting the last prophet is a more (of) a sign of how they sucked and needed to be saved than home great they are
    >> Not really true.. because of a few reasons.. one of which is this deen wasnt sent to the arabs.. it was sent to the whole world.. the arabs were just picked due to some characteristic they possessed… again.. listen the the Seerah CD set of Anwar AlAwlaki.. He ll tell you a little about htat..

    You said:
    2- All the things which are said to be prohibited have come from arabs like alcohol and whores
    >>Umm.. i m not sure if you are kidding or are you serious… but this made me smile and think that you have mental issues (wallahi no disrespect intended). Whether the arabs drank alcohol and practiced fornication or not.. these things would have been prohibited anyway. Its not prohibited due to the fact that they (the arabs) did it.. but its prohibited because they are evil. Is it a little clear now?

    You said
    3- Arabs in the west dont follow their religion and those back in arabia sucks as well.
    >>umm.. there are some truth in this.. but your tone is full of hatred .. not sure what did the arabs do to you man.. but let it go.. hatred isnt a good feeling.

    You said:
    4 With their oil and stuff why dont they all just go away eh?
    >> haha… where do you want them to go to? Mars? LOL

  10. Arabs were the 1st to reject Muhammed pbuh and the 1st to accept him. And me from Staten Island, an all white neighborhood, one of the 1st times a young child (myself) felt racism towards himself was in an Arab Masjid (masjid where the predominate attenders and organizers are arabs). BUT at the same time it was an Arab family back in 1993 that got my mom to wear the hijab and got me a 6 yr old to pray fajr. And after reading the book by Imran N hossien (a tanzeemi memeber just liek Nouma Ali Khan) titled “The Caliphate- the Hejaz and the Saudi-wahhabi Nation State” I saw the BETRAYAL of the Arabs against the Muslim Ummah. Given me EVERY reason to HATE, but I don’t hate. After the racism towards me when I was ONLY 11 yrs old I am WELL within my rights to hate but I don’t. After Realizing that it was because of these Arabs I grew up in a time that had NO Islamic government (ottomans fell in 1920’s), I was well within my rights to hate. But then remeber Taif, Muhammed (pbuh) had EVERY reason to destory the town but he didn’t. And great scholars and Muslims came out of that town. Similarly out of the Arabs you had great revivalists.

    For those who have wrong you, just patiently wait till the day of judgment and ask Allah for your right from them. But in this life, meet with them with the best of etiquette.

  11. i was joking a bit, i was just kind of angry at arabs cause they suck, and what characteristics did the arabs have that were good?

  12. LOL… well.. now that you said you are joking.. i can actually laugh at the post.. it was kinda of funny anyway..

    as to your question about “what characteristics did the arabs have that were good” there are plenty..

    I dont want to sound as if I am boasting about Arabs… coz thats not islamic.. this sense of being “nationalistic” isnt something that is encouraged anyway..It always reminded me of WWII and how nationalism was promoted through out euorope and caused millions to die and millions of dollars worth of damage..

    But if you google the life of Muhammed (the Makkan Period) by Anwar Alawlaki (i am sure you can find some free download some where) he explains this in details… i just wont give this topic its proper right if I sum it up in on post…

    Keep up the sense of humor … i like that 🙂 mashaAllah

  13. mashaAllah br Nouman is awesome! I’ve been posting the gems he shares in class, and he commented on one of them. (really, that made my day alhamdulillah)

    To the comments above…lol come on people, we’re a nation wasata, keep it balanced!

    inna akramakum ‘ind Allahi atqaakum: the best amongst you are those who have taqwa…not those who are or are not Arab. 🙂 walhamdulillah.

  14. I’m a lil confused, wasn’t Ismail (as) considered like the father of the Arabs or something?

    And didn’t Shu’ayb, Salih and Hud (as) all come before Ismail (as) so there were no Arabs at that time?

    Does this also then imply that the people of Aad and Thamud were also Arab?

  15. Salam everyone,

    Thats true about only 4 Prophets being Arab. When I heard it I was surprised too.

    Correct me if I am But there is also an authentic hadeeth where the Prophet said that whoever speaks Arabic is an Arab.

    Which means that “Arab” is not a race….but a language.

    Here is the hadeeth:

    A man once visited the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah. There he saw a group of people sitting and discussing their faith together. Among them were Salman (who came from Persia ), Suhayb who grew up in the Eastern Roman empire and was regarded as a Greek, and Bilal who was an African. The man then said:

    “If the (Madinan) tribes of Aws and Khazraj support Muhammad, they are his people (that is, Arabs like him). But what are these people doing here?”

    The Prophet became very angry when this was reported to him. Straightaway, he went to the mosque and summoned people to a Salat. He then addressed them saying:

    “O people, know that the Lord and Sustainer is One. Your ancestor is one, your faith is one. The Arabism of anyone of you is not from your mother or father. It is no more than a tongue (language). Whoever speaks Arabic is an Arab.” (As quoted in Islam The Natural Way by Abdul Wahid Hamid p. 125)

    And Allah knows best

  16. @ good

    I also strongly recommend the Seerah CDs by Imam Anwar al Awlaki. If you can’t take seerah studies, then that’s the next best thing! You can listen to them as mp3s on your way to where ever.

    The arabs received the last Prophet, the best of Creation, Muhammad (s) because of all the other nations that existed at that time they were best prepared to received him. It is also foretold in the Bible that a Prophet like unto Moses shall rise out of [their] brethren (ie/ the brethren of the Children of Israel (children of Isaac), who are the Arabs, children of Ishmael. There are several passages that give this foretelling.

    Gems like Abu Bakr Siddique, and a few others like him readily accepted Islam. The last Christians who knew of the coming Prophet were now passing away; most Christians were now giving Divinity to Isa (as). The Jews knew of the coming Prophet which is why they moved to Arabia (the foretold region), but when Islam was presented to them they rejected it.

    Ultimately, why question the fact that the Arabs received the Seal of Prophets? Allah knows best! Who are you to criticize that?

    If you want a better explanation, download the lectures by Imam Anwar.

    Ultimately, the Arabs were chosen because the city of Makkah belonged to them at the time; Makkah is holiest place on Earth and required liberation from idolatry.

    I don’t know why you hate Arabs so much. I’ve met good and bad people from all backgrounds. Don’t let a few bad impressions spoil your view of the whole bunch. By that logic, all Muslims are terrorists, right? There’s scum in every religion, every race, every background. Don’t let that scum get under your nails!

  17. As Salamu Alaikum,

    I was as taken aback by this fact that there were only 4 Arab Prophets. However were Prophets Musa and Harun not Arab? Because they were from Egypt if I am not mistaken, which is technically still an arabic speaking nation. Or would they be considered African? I am guessin Prophet Isa also falls into the ‘came from a country that speaks Arabic’ category?
    Another interesting fact that I have just learnt. The people of Mauritania have a 1000 verse poem highlighting all the grammatical rules of Arabic in its entirety. The Arabs of the Gulf seek them out to learn them. Would this mean that the Mauritanians have a better claim to the old and therefore pure and original Arabic?


  18. Ashraf,

    At the time of Propher Musa and Harun, Egypt was NOT an Arab speaking nation. Egypt only became Arab speaking relatively recently with the Muslim liberation of the region during the rule of Umar. Similarly, Palestine at the time of Jesus was not an Arab region. The region at that time was occupied by the Greek speaking branch of the Roman Empire. (Jesus, Harun, and Moses were all considered Israelite (not Israeli) Prophets–the Sacred Book of Moses was in Hebrew, and the Book of Jesus was in Syriac. Also, keep in mind that Ibrahim was not an Arab, although he came from Iraq; Iraq at that time was not an Arab region.)

    Regarding language, MANY of the Arabs speak a very sloppy and ungrammatical form of Arabic. However, in some parts of the Muslim world, the Arab is superior. I know that it is said of Mauratania that the people there have a better command of the classical Arabic than most other places.

  19. @al-suyuufi

    No, it’s not debatable because the Prophet (Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) listed the four Arab prophets and Isma’eel was not one of them.

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