The Ignorance and Hatred of American Republicans are Beyond Scary

If you live in Strongsville, Ohio I feel sorry for you:

I’ve got those blood lines too and so do every human being in the world. The bloodline of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him).

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  1. Oh my God!!
    I cannot believe there are people out there that actually believe this stuff…

    May God help us all

  2. These videos were brought to you by Lena Khan. She raised money from her family, friends and community to make these, in hopes that you will watch them and vote smarter on November 4.These commercials are not official commercials of the Obama campaign, nor are they affiliated with any non-profit or political organization

  3. What the hell was that??!!
    How stupid were those people. If they represented the rest of the people who voted for McCain I would think they were all monkeys with a brain the size of a chick pea.

  4. It’s like those who voted for Bush. Look at how stupid he is.
    That’s why he was chosen in the beginning. Because there’s so many eeh… now i should be careful not to generalize but i think that there are many Americans who are, not dumb, but undereducated and kinda ignorant and easily influenced by propaganda.

    That’s why it went so wrong and bush got elected last time ;P.

  5. this is why some people in America piss me the f*** off. what a shame. Jahillia to extreme in a sad mob mentality that only knows what’s fed to them. They even turn to skew the facts when they don’t like them. Sad, very, very sad.

  6. As-Salam Alaikum

    Don’t worry, Obama supporters and the Democrats have people just as stupid and hate-worthy as those in this video. Come to California (or any University, really) to see how all the liberal atheists like to flout their “superiority” over everyone else. Of course that “superiority” stems from their lack of caring for matters such as morality and dignity.

    Don’t vote for McCain
    Don’t vote for Obama
    Just Don’t Vote

    UnDecision 08

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