So What if Obama was an Arab or Muslim!

Thank you Campbell Brown and CNN!

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  1. hhahaaa

    man i saw this on tv two nights ago……

    literally saw this on three other blogs…..

    and commented on each and everyone of them…..

    and i gotta say she gave it……


  3. @Obaida,

    Obama will never say this because politics is a game. If he doesn’t say this, people will still vote for him. But if he does, he will end up losing many votes because there is so much anti-Islamic sentiment.

    Unfortunately, politics is not always about doing the right thing, but instead its about winning the election and securing votes. As Muslims living in America, we have to do our part to change the attitudes towards Muslims so that whenever someone criticizes Islam/Muslims/Arabs, we will have more people like Campbell Brown speak out against such racism.

  4. Campbell Brown defends arabs and muslims coz she wants to convert o no I know she’s an arab!! Just kinding!

    Anyways thank you sooooooooooooo much ya campbell brown!

  5. poor john mccain. did you see that look on his face when she said that? it was like “Damn it, lady what’s wrong with you?” and he took the mic from her like “your done”.

  6. I saw a really funny clip of the daily show w/ jon stewart, giving the same message with that asif mandhvi dude, is what pretty funny, and to the point.

    I feel like Democrats are people with minds in the 21st century, and Republicans are still following the Geo-Centric model of the earth – or something

  7. Hey MR, bro.. check this out… COLIN POWELL ENDORSES OBAMA: Check this…. HE talks about a muslim american soldier and his sacrifice for his country!!!!! It starts on 5:08.

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