No Choice, No Voice – MAS Short Film on Muslims and Voting

In my honest opinion it wasn’t that great. It didn’t really motivate me to vote. But in terms of the quality, I’m really impressed that we have Muslims who are really professional in their film making, mashaAllah.

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  1. Mashallah – great video.

    If given the current state America is in economically, foreign-policy wise, wars, etc. – we are still not movitated to vote – we as muslims have problems.

    Muslims can win this election. There are more than enough Muslims in Ohio and Florida to overwhelmingly win the election iA!!!

  2. yes, there are more issues in the world than Muslims not voting, and there’s indeed countless more youtube videos for them. What I’m trying to say is since we live in a democratic country its our duty to vote.In that case we wont be overlooked by politicians.

  3. “more issues in the world than Muslims not voting,”

    like guantanamo bay, iraq, afghanistan…right?

    To prevent this in the future, I think it is imperative that we vote for a president with a conscience so that those without one do not elect the next party of mercenaries.

    As for the video, no matter how you found it, you must understand that your vote can make a difference. America is your country.

  4. I agree with MR. This was VERY LAME. This was as lame, as the last video by MAS about “I am a Muslim” or something was good. It’s tough to repeat success I guess!

    What also bothered me about the film was the injection of the guitar/music issue… everyone knows it’s a controversial issue (I believe it to be haraam, but that’s not the point here)… so why even drag it into this? It is bound to turn off people, and making an already lame video even harder to swallow for many folks.

    The message is good… something shorter, maybe a few words from “Muslim heroes in America” like Olajuwan, Mohammed Ali, etc… would have done a better job imho

    Still props to MAS for trying to make Muslim videos relevant in the youtube world.

  5. it was sorta motivational because it puts you in the guilt trip mode. the court setting can be metaphorical and represent the day of judgment. think about it, if McCain gets voted in, and you didn’t vote for Obama, you’d be responsible for having someone like Palin in the white house.
    that should be motivation enough!

  6. lol @ Mahdi Bray trying to act…he’s a good speaker though.

    The point was made, it doesn’t really matter how, as long as it was done in an Islamic fashion.

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