Al Jazeera – Islam in America: The American Crescent

This is a very good documentary on Islam in America by probably one of the best News meda giants in the world.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

9 Replies to “Al Jazeera – Islam in America: The American Crescent”

  1. Thanks, this is very good.
    At the 1st sight, I have heared American national song.
    MIxed “the star-spangled banner” with islamist images, it’s novel to me.

  2. Pretty good. Not too sure about the Baptist church songs link with the adhan. That seems kinda reaching a bit. Allah knows best.

  3. Wow… Ma Sha Allah this is a nice video but two problems- I don’t think songs link to the adhaan and that Pakistani Comedian lady. That is NOT how the rest of us Pakistanis are like! The rest of the video was good, and one question: Is Rageh Omar a Muslim? He probably is.

  4. @Yousuf: He is, and he recently did a documentary with BBC on Islamic history in Europe, focusing particularly on scientific achievements. He traveled from Spain to Sicily.

  5. God bless you rage omaar you are really muslim journalis you did much better but i like you say some thing in mecca and madena where our rasuul alayhi salaatu wasalaam was born ,hope you will focus on it one day ………….also thanks to aljazeera enlish broudcast——— history of mecca and madena hope to see in future rage.

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