Barack Obama Willing to Negotiate with the Taliban

This is extremely good news, and makes me want to shout at all the Muslims in Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Florida and any other strong Republican states to get out there and vote for Barack Obama! The fact that he wants to leave Iraq and now negotiate with the Taliban is extremely beneficial and good news for the Muslim world.

You can listen to the TIME magazine audio clip of their personal interview with him here.

How can any Muslim support McCain now? He wants to continue the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and wants to invade Iran.

The only thing that is in the way now for a peaceful outcome in Iraq and Afghanistan are the stubborn elements in the Muslim world. The lunatics and ‘thugs’ who roam around calling for Jihad and killing of other Muslims who are “deviant”.

I personally believe that Democracy doesn’t work in the Muslim world, because every Muslim wants their own way and don’t want to compromise. As much as I dislike the Egyptian, Saudi or UAE government, you have to admit they have stability and the sqaush any type of “thug jihad” mentality amongst the Ummah.

There is no real Democratic Muslim government in the Muslim world. It’s all dictators or kingdoms. The countries without dictators or a royal family is volatile and in chaos right now (Iraq, Afghanistan and soon to be Pakistan).

Allah knows best. May Allah (swt) end the unjust wars and protect the innocent! Ameen.

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  1. AA- MR,

    Ameen to your dua’a.

    I’m not getting the gist of your post. Are you suggesting that out bars have been set so low that we should support Obama because he is merely willing to talk to Taliban (a strategy pushed by military officials way before he jumped on that bandwagon)? How is that “extremely beneficial and good news for the Muslim world”??

    This whole ‘lesser of two evils’ argument is very tiring. American Muslims need to be more proactive…anyways, I know this is an old argument, so I won’t rehash it here…

    But let us at least realize that Obama is the other side of the same coin, better known as the business elite. The sooner we acknowledge that fundamental truth, the sooner we can work for REAL change – not just the ‘change we need’.

  2. @naeem – I am not saying that everyone should support Obama. I am saying that everyone should support the candidate that will be the better option for the Muslim world. In this election, Muslims have two choices. To vote or not to vote. I am talking to the Muslims who will vote in this election, especially the ones in the swing states and the Republican states.

    Also, me personally, the Economy is not the most important issue to me. Muslim blood is more important to me personally. So Iraq/Afghanistan is what is on my mind when it comes to this election, whilst most Muslims and most Americans have the Economy on their minds.

  3. yeah, you should put a little update at the end of your post to exclude indonesia and malaysia 🙂

    npr actually did a peice about the success of muslim democracy in indonesia just this morning. i was listening to it on the radio!

  4. s/a

    Thought I’d mention that Iran is in the Muslim world and it is a theocratic democracy. I’d urge you all to vote Obama! He’s not the most beneficial candidate for Muslim however he is the most beneficial candidate for Muslims, that is likely to win. So, do get behind him, (I’d love to but I’m british I’m afraid).

  5. Bismillaah,

    well if we got different opinion about democracy , we should turn it back to Allah and Rasulullooh

    An-nisaa : 59

    If you differ in anything among yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if you believe in Allah and in the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for final determination.)(

    and whoever use law against Allah’s law than that person is kafir (disbeliever) although the kafir can be kafir akbar (murtad kafir) or small kafir (not murtad kafir)

    Al – maidah : 44
    (And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the disbelievers. (

    how the muslim choose their leader in the past?

    when Rasulullah died , how khalifah abu bakar is choosen ?

    when abu bakar died , how khalifah umar is choosen?

    when using democrasy then all people can use their voice , whether they are a bad people, kafir people, zina people, khamar people, hindu people, budha people, these kind of people is impossible want using law that will support the muslim

    and if the muslim choose the kafir to become leader , then …….

    read this :

    Al-maidah : 51
    . O you who believe! Do not take friends from the Jews and the Christians, as they are but friends of each other. And if any among you befriends them, then surely, he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the wrongdoers. (

    leave democracy and other non islamic law if we can’t do it 100% at least at our heart, since it is impossible to reach khilafah to muslim if use other law than Allah’s law

    remember , what is the first thing Rasulullooh do when he is sent?

    the tauhid matter

    Wallaahu a’lam (and Allah ta’ala knows best)


  6. You might not say it but i will everyone needs to vote for OBAMA. dont be a dumb@$$, we already voted for Bush the first time and see how many muslims have been killed since.

  7. The same argument continues.

    To vote or not to vote.

    I don’t think there’s much dispute amongst Muslims about McCain or Obama. I’m certain most Muslim Americans who decide to vote will vote for Obama.

    Rajiv, your point is clear, and I agree with you 99%. I don’t believe that voting for a Christian or Jewish politician makes us their friend. I’m certainly neither of their friends.

    As for choosing a leader, your point is valid for those living in Muslim countries. While I don’t suggest anyone do anything against their government, tyrannical or not, we Muslims in America have no ability to choose our leaders here or anywhere else via Islamic means.

    To say we should do things Islamically when the options don’t exist is pointless. Then to say that if we can’t we should just leave the entire thing alone.

    How can I do that? My country is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Muslims. My country is currently violating the rights of hundreds of innocent AMERICAN citizens, many of them Muslims. My country is spying and eavesdropping on Muslims and non-Muslims here in America and abroad.

    How can I just sit here and not do anything? Not even vote for someone who at least promises to correct some of these wrongs.

    If I lived in a Muslim country that did not run the government in an Islamic manner, I probably would divorce myself from the entire process. But I don’t.

    I live in a country where I am a minority within a minority. So I have double the risk of oppression, suspicion, and false imprisonment.

    I’m not advocating voting. I’m just totally against “doing nothing”

    And Allah knows best.

  8. Obama is a Politician. At the end of the day he going to fold to the people who keep him in power. I mean he talking about attacking Pakistan. Further read this from Imam Zaid’s blog

    We need to put our faith in Allah and not on who is elected in some country.
    I pray to Allah that Muslims gain honor and justice (from Allah and Allah alone) Ameen.

    P.S. and it really seems to me if our brother Malik El-Shabaz was still alive he would call Obama a House slave. but that is my opinion.


  9. I just left my undergrad college’s seminar entitled “Global Issues” and today we talked about global freedom in terms of political and civil rights.

    Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, and India has a huge amount of Muslims as well (more than Pakistan), and both are listed as “free” countries. However saudi, iran, and iraq are listed as “not free”. You can find these values at Freedom House.

    Anyway my point is: The “Muslim World” is NOT limited to the Middle East and therefore you cannot conform to the stereotype that you wrote: “There is no real Democratic Muslim government in the Muslim world. It’s all dictators or kingdoms.”

    less than 20% of the Muslims live in the Middle East. Why are you neglecting the other 80%??

    Please consult Rashad before you make posts like this.

  10. To rajiv:
    Be careful with English translations. I don’t think the term “friend” with all of its western connotations is the right word to use. Your comment will definitely not be effective in promoting good relations with people of other faiths. I’m disappointed at your post.

    Our religion is a continuation and completion of other faiths, not an eraser…

    Dr. Abdul Hakim Jackson once said in his Seerah class that the Prophet (pbuh) trusted his life to a non-Muslim when he was leaving Makkah to find safety away from the people who wanted to kill him. The non-Muslim was a skillful desert guide and protected the Prophet well. Wasn’t the Prophet (pbuh) trusting and tolerant towards his guide?

  11. Assalaamu’alaikum

    relating to the translation of Al-maidah : 51 that i stated previously from this link:


    which means:

    . O you who believe! Do not take friends from the Jews and the Christians, as they are but friends of each other. And if any among you befriends them, then surely, he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the wrongdoers.

    see the arabic word for “auliya” , it is not actually means: “friends” , it also can refer to “protectors” , “trusted guradians” and etc,

    see this link:

    i copy paste part of it:

    “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya(1) they are but Auliya(1) to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya(1), then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun(2).”

    One of the many beauties of Islam is a miracle in that the Quran is still complete, whole and in the original language (Arabic) as it was when it was sent down to the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, 1,400 years ago. Another miracle of Quran is, no one can ever bring a book like it. For centuries the enemies of truth of Islam have attempted to duplicate or produce a book like it, yet they are unable to do so. The Quran is not to be translated or interpreted according to prevailing meanings or understandings of words in a given society or time frame. Rather, the Quran is to be understood first and foremost by comparing meanings within the Quran itself and then referring to the meanings offered by the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    There are verses like this in the Quran, such as in chapter 5, verse 51 (Surah Al Ma’idah, 5) clearly instructing the Muslims to avoid taking on the Jews and Christians in positions of allies thereby replacing the allegience owed to Allah (see ref. surah Baqarah, 2:257) and thereby offer confidential authority or trusted guardianship (sometimes wrongly translated as “darlings”). The word “Auliya” has been simply translated as “friends” in the past, due to a lack of exact translation to English. However, the usage of such a simplistic term would be most inadequate when other verses talking about the relationships between Muslims, Christians and Jews are taken into considerations. This naturally necessitates a more in depth explanation and understanding of the term “auliya” when used in the context of the verse or verses.

    Both at the time of revelation and in modern times, we can see clear evidence of what happens to the condition of the Muslims when they turn over control of government and place total confidence of the disposition of their affairs in the hands of others. From the evidences provided by Quran in Arabic and hadith (teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him), we conclude the best interpretation of the word “waly” is “ally” and “auliya” is “allies.” This clearly shows Muslims not to give their pledge of authority and leadership to other than Allah, even if it is to those who are the closest to the Muslims in their faith. See the reference to this relationship in surah Al Imran (3:110) and other places.

    It must be mentioned however, this does not preclude assigning key positions to qualified individuals from the Jews and Christians when warranted. This is demonstrated at the time of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and in the Islamic governments that followed after him, even up until the fall of the last Islamic empire under the Ottomans in 1922.

    Wallaahu a’lam (and Allah Ta’ala knows well)


  12. So much unhappiness in the muslim community. When we live in
    muslim country we complain how much corruption, poverty, despotism, no hope’ no future. That means the nation is unislamic.
    Now we left islamic country behind and living in land of kafir for material benifit. yet we are unhappy. We are angry to blame how unislamic the kafirs are, Everywhere we are looking for islam but nowhere to find. May be will of Allahta’la.

  13. Assalam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakathuhu. On the eve of Obama’s historic inauguration tomorrow, don’t you think that the President-elect will try to open a new front in the War on Islam – in Pakistan? Now I’m not from Pakistan, but as a Muslim from India I do have sympathies for my brothers and sister that live across the border. Pakistan is an “Islamic Republic,” though not an Islamic state, which has great potential for success. The “land of the Pure” is now #9 on the list of failed states, and probably the next target of the globalist elites. America’s growing alliances with India, the attacks in Mumbai and the increasing focus on Afghanistan all seem to be hinting to how Obama will betray his electoral promises of peace and prosperity. Just as Bush betrayed the conservative agenda, B.O. will probably betray the liberal – and more importantly the Muslim agenda. It’s been a miserable 8 years under “W,” but having an inexperienced stealth Marxist Clinton re-hash is not an improvement to a capitalising cowboy Crusader. Obama has great rhetoric (though disagree with a majority of his views), but that doesn’t mean that he should take the Muslim vote for granted. Obama didn’t do a thing about Ghazah, and that means that he supported Bush in approving the Zio-Nazis’ genocidal actions that occurred there. May Allah help re-vitalise the ummah and help us to work to re-establish the Khilafah through peaceful and just means.

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