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Remake of the 1970s Movie, “The Message”, soon to be produced

I’m sure everyone and their entire family has seen the movie, “The Message”, about the birth of Islam in Arabia. It is sold at almost any Islamic conference that I have been to and bootlegged to the point that no one cares. You can watch it on Google video here. It is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it.

DUBAI (Reuters) – A movie drama about the life of the Prophet Mohammad is to go into production soon, and will be only the second English-language film of its kind ever made, its producers said on Monday.

“The Messenger of Peace” will be a remake of Moustapha Akkad’s “The Message,” a 1977 Hollywood classic starring Anthony Quinn which is often applauded by Muslims as an example of how commercial Western cinema can respect Islam.

“We have only the utmost respect for Akkad’s work but technology in cinema has advanced since the 1970s and this latest project will employ modern film techniques in its renewal of the first film’s core messages,” producer Oscar Zoghbi, who worked on the original, said in a statement

Source: Reuters

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