Remake of the 1970s Movie, “The Message”, soon to be produced

I’m sure everyone and their entire family has seen the movie, “The Message”, about the birth of Islam in Arabia. It is sold at almost any Islamic conference that I have been to and bootlegged to the point that no one cares. You can watch it on Google video here. It is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it.

DUBAI (Reuters) – A movie drama about the life of the Prophet Mohammad is to go into production soon, and will be only the second English-language film of its kind ever made, its producers said on Monday.

“The Messenger of Peace” will be a remake of Moustapha Akkad’s “The Message,” a 1977 Hollywood classic starring Anthony Quinn which is often applauded by Muslims as an example of how commercial Western cinema can respect Islam.

“We have only the utmost respect for Akkad’s work but technology in cinema has advanced since the 1970s and this latest project will employ modern film techniques in its renewal of the first film’s core messages,” producer Oscar Zoghbi, who worked on the original, said in a statement

Source: Reuters

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  1. So does that mean there will be excessive CGI and “bullet-time” ala The Matrix or 300?

    I know no one’s going to portray the Prophet (pbuh) or any of the major Sahabah (Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali), but what about some of the others?

    Don Cheadle as Bilal
    Oded Fehr (Yes, I know he’s Jewish) as Khalid ibn Walid

    For the Quraish:
    Sean Connery as Abu Talib
    John Hurt as Abu Jahl
    George Clooney (I know, ain’t never gonna happen) as Abu Sufyan.

  2. hahaha don cheadle performing the adan like bilal impossible i’ll get a stunt double for those parts.

  3. subhan Allah, a little side note here. Moustafa Akkad, who made this movie, was actually killed in 2005 in a suicide bomb attack by al-qaeda. his daughter was there and died with him. (may Allah bless them and raise them, ameen).

    it is ironic to think that the producer of ‘the message’ died at the hands of people who misinterpreted it.

  4. I heard that actually this film has no connection with the original Message and is an independant project, not linked with the Akkad’s. The original message team are claiming this project to live off the publicity of the first film, yet they have no budget yet.

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